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  1. Just completed this modification on Sue’s 1986 Turbo Esprit and it made a huge difference. previously the windows struggled up painfully slowly and without the engine running and revving the driver side refused to move. took the 12v feed to the relay from tapping into the cigarette lighter feed. very straightforward even removing the door card was easy (certainly easier than a lot of modern cars!) John
  2. Hi everyone, Yup, ice blue, 12 years ago she bought it and sold it 8 years ago. new one is one of the Essex blues, not sure of paint code. I’ll let sue post some pics. we are all keeping well and look forward to seeing some familiar faces when meetings return in some form. John
  3. Ok did the motor come out without having to remove the tube and the wheelbox? If so, how did you manage that?? do me a favor, take off the tube nut and then the plate off of the "gearbox" and just make sure that the cable is still attached and that by moving the end of the cable in and out that the spindle at the wheel box turns. the original symptoms you reported where exactly the same as when Sue's cable snapped john
  4. From your description it sounds like the mechanism that powers the wheel box has snapped i replaced Sue's with one from a Land Rover was about £10 and a bit long but a hacksaw soon sorted it out. I went for the Land Rover one as the area where it had snapped was reinforced on Sue's 84 car it was quite easy to remove. Remove the wiper arm undo the wheel box (nuts are accessible by reaching up under the dash) Remove the C clamp holding the motor ( the nuts are inside the wheel arch) Disconnect the electrical plug then wiggle out out the whole assembly. The large tube nut comes off and this should reveal the snapped "Bowden cable with bumps/teeth" is the only way I can describe it. Sue's motor got extremely hot as without the mechanism attached it just runs and runs john
  5. Hi Scott, its a while ago now but I'm pretty sure it was as simple as using a thin bladed screwdriver to prize them out (inserted top and bottom- not the sides) and yes they were removed from the front. When the switch came out it left the wiring plug in the hole good luck john
  6. My wife (Sue) loved the car, an 84 Turbo Esprit. It was her pride and joy for 4 years. She sold it to buy a BMW 840, just as angular with pop up headlamps, a little faster, more power but also more modern and reliable. She dislikes most Porsches as they are too rounded and curvy, apart from the 944 which may one day be hers when she tires of the BMW. She has already said that she will go back to an Esprit at some point but likely an S3 hc next time. John P.s. Mark B Sue says (and this is a direct quote) "bloke's car my arse"
  7. Agreed, ignore front pulley. The woodruff key can open up the slot if the pulley bolt is loose and so it can flap about a bit. My 2 cents
  8. From SJ Sportscars : SEAL RING for OIL COOLER ADAPTORPhotograph of seal ring for oil cooler adaptor A907E6167Z EACH 2.46 Add to basket Is this the part you want?
  9. Unkee, Thanks, hopefully he'll be thrilled John
  10. A plea to all who attended. I have a pal locally who I helped rebuild his 85 TE a lovely ice blue one, reg B *** FOG. He attended MBW event and thoroughly enjoyed himself but forgot to take his camera! Does anyone have a shot of his car ? Regards John (Wife is Sue (Boots) who had an 84 TE also in ice blue)
  11. A plea to all who attended. I have a pal locally who I helped rebuild his 85 TE a lovely ice blue one, reg B *** FOG. He attended MBW event and thoroughly enjoyed himself but forgot to take his camera! Does anyone have a shot of his car ? Regards John (Wife is Sue (Boots) who had an 84 TE also in ice blue)
  12. Not definitively Will has not called round to physically try a wheel but some searching on the net confirms the PCD is 5x120 on both lotus and BMW. The centre bore is smaller on the lotus at 59.5mm (BMW is 74.1 or 72.6 depending on the model) but spigot rings should be available / easy enough to make. Once confirmed if Will makes a note of the model that 'fits' I'm sure he will share. A quick look at eBay shows a decent supply of space savers but most sellers want local pick up (for obvious reasons) so a bit of luck needed in finding one near you ( and probably best if a popular model fits e.g. The E36 3 series where they made loads and at present they are cheap and not saved) John
  13. We are here tonight and all day tomorrow so pop round any time. Just call when you leave to make sure. John
  14. Will You could pop round and try one of Sue's BMW wheels they are full sized rather than space savers. We are only in Thatcham. They are 5 x 120 eBay has spigot rings if the PCD is correct John
  15. Oh I get it now it's an ORIGINAL JPS commemorative edition just with a different body, different wheels, a different interior, no stickers I have an antique axe at home - over 500 years old, my father changed the handle and my grandfather changed the axehead but it's still over 500 years old What a cheek to call it a JPS!
  16. As the regulations are about storage, could he not have sold you 10 litres for your 20 litre can? After all presumably you are allowed to buy 5 litres and put it in a 10 litre can?
  17. Ahhh! Posting on iPhone and the avatar pics are tiny As its a later car - perhaps the lotus factory or a Renault dealer/specialist?
  18. Have you tried Harry Maartens (DS Vitesse on here I think) He seems to be expert on all things Citroen gearbox related John
  19. Did you pull the knobs off the rheostats? That will reveal two more self tappers holding the clocks in If you have done that, have you disconnected the speedo cable? That will tend to stop the clocks from pulling forward The leading edge of the panel the clocks are mounted in is quite sharp - I'd recommend cardboard put down in front to save the leather of the binnacle John
  20. Have you measured the gaps with no shims at all? Suppose you have a gap of 60 thou with no shim at all and you are aiming for a 6 thou gap then buy a 54 shim that should then ensure the correct gap. Not trying to teach grandma to suck eggs but obviously inlets and exhausts need different gaps Once you know the ballpark area you can buy a selection of shims either side to help with the best fit John
  21. I would expect that the tube nuts used for the same purpose on the Turbo Esprit would fit as they are used for the same purpose. These are simply slotted rather than Allen head John
  22. Hi buddsy Hazard fog and heated rear window have bulbs, headlights do not (at least on Sue's 84 TE) Remove the switch (i found a very thin blade top and bottom and it would come out) Then pull the wiring plug out and that should reveal a tiny bulb - I found that when one was not working I 'wiggled' it and then it started working! The previous owner had removed it but does yours have the fibre optic unit - I think that delivers a faint 'glow' to the switch for nighttime? John
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