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  1. I hear you... Mind who just found out the same fella that's going to respray the B has also done lots of fiberglass cars so will probably do the S1 body...
  2. Since then not much has changed as the MGB has taken over... About to go for welding inner well arches plus area, then respray...
  3. Thanks. Doors and dash are now off. That dash was a pain, almost impossible to get to bolts... 😡
  4. Hi there, Good to hear from you. Went for the slightly larger size, forget what it was now. Happy with the results. So much better than it was. Moved onto the 'real' project now... Body all ready for taking off the chassis. Probably need to take doors off and rest of dash. Need to build dolly now.
  5. Just notched another at 12.1 by 7.7. wider than but also fatter... Thoughts?
  6. Only problem is that they don't ship to US. So the site says... Found something very similar but slightly shorter. Would 8.7 be too short you think?
  7. Looks very good. Possible to share the source? Could do with the same on my Red S1 as well as the White one in the future. Thanks
  8. So there you go... Nicely done and we all know. Excellent and thank you
  9. Yeap... Seen that vid plus almost all the rest over the past year. but going to review and take notes now that I've started my S1 project. I'm not planning on removing the entire interior except to clean and replace, then put new covers on the binnacle, around gear shift and on top dash by windscreen. Re weight, I'd guess 315 lbs, minus doors.
  10. So perhaps 250/300 lbs...? Rather like lifting a coffin, for want of a better comparison
  11. Rather hoping to get the weight of just the fiberglass body, with doors and glass, off the chassis. Hoping to lift the body off the chassis with engine lift, having made two straps, front and back to go over a long central plank with arms. Lifting by the middle over the roof.
  12. I used to have the same issue when I first bought mine. The fuel used to spiral out if you put it in too fast. US fuel pumps are seriously slow compared to UK ones, not that that makes much difference. The trick is to learn how far in and at what angle to hold the pump. It's a question of start slow, find the right angle and speed up...
  13. And once you've checked the pin, very, very slight adjustment makes a huge difference in being able to get reverse and first. A quarter turn on the nut at the bell housing makes a big difference. Then much the same with the modified SJ cross gate cable.
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