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  1. Fridge. Just finished reading your project. Truly amazing. Gives me plenty of food for thought for my own project as I'm about to finish my E-Type.
  2. Interesting solution Dave. I have the same issue caused by a slight irregularity to the plug housing. Will certainly try it. Robert
  3. The answer to me question was quit simple, as it turned out. Remove pin and nut from cable - undo gear shift mechanism and leave loose - tie strong string to cable end and push back through hole. Cable end and string drops down and can then be pushed towards from of car and up through hole were gear shift has been loosened and pushed to one side and/or up. Take of nut draw up through string. Pull whole cable out of the back with long string still attached. Replace broken cable to new cable to the string at engine side and pull new cable through to gear shift. Attach new nut over the stri
  4. Surprised no one has replied to you yet. Good friend of mine Bob Fogle came up with this.... boat bilge pump, flexible drier pipe and adjustable temp sensor... Sitting in traffic sensor kicks in at your preset level, 170, 180 or whatever... Sounds a bit odd when you arrive at a show, get out and walk away as the pump kicks in to extract the hot air from the top of the engine.. Fuel evaporation is a real problem in July/August in most states in the USA....
  5. So how do you get to the cross gate cable nut inside the chassis...?
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned. I have been using the SJ modification on the cross gate cable now for four years or so. Does as it says on the box and has been a huge improvement. That is until the thread the modification screws onto just broke... Seems to have moved the weak link to another area.... As seen at the top of the image. The thread is also slightly bent.
  7. whiskybob


  8. I had the same problem two years ago one my S1 (and again last year with the 68 MGB...) turned out both times to be a lazy or faulty piston. I thought it might have been dirt in the fine bleed lines in one of the calipers. Could prove it but at least they work now...
  9. Good to catch up with you and Chet at C&C. Also great to see Josh in his Evora. His first trip to C&C in his Evora having flown in from Mexico the night before.... Thanks for the post event BBQ Wes..... Also the great country lane detour to your house.
  10. Welcome to TLF Charles. You'll find out that we're all Mad, Bad ... But good to know.... Mine arrived with a stuck on S2 spoiler, which was easy enough to remove. As with Gavin... If I can summon up the courage, I'll see you at Tony's.
  11. Excellent meal. Thanks for setting it up Chris and Matt. Wes got back to his car in New Cannan without any problems. Sorry to hear and Art & Nadine turning around. Mind you Degan was a 'mare......
  12. Hope Ed knows what he's in for...... Any updates on the Wes pick up?
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