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  1. Ya it was a big relief. I really like the Esprit in white BTW, one of my favorite colors. My absolute favorite is Chrome Orange, fell in love with that color and I will probably be selling my Esprit in the near future to start a business and won't be rejoining the community till I find a Chrome Orange Esprit to call my own. When I came to the conclusion that it needs to go, I got teared up. It's like losing a child or losing a dream. I will probably be posting her in the local ads and Autotrader this weekend, what do you guys believe is a fair price for a final edition with 5,500 miles? I noticed some on ebay are going for pretty cheap and it also seems like all of the "33" or however many final editions there are have been for sale within the last 2 years...or that there are a lot more final editions than 33.
  2. I actually used redline! I drove it around last night and had a slight scare. There was a loud droning but it's the exhaust hanging too low and connecting with the rear valence. When I was driving with my windows down I could hear the transmission everytime I got in and out of a gear, I don't know if that's a bad thing or good thing, but I could hear the disengaging and reapplication everytime I shifted, kind of like if you go through the gears as its parked. The awesome news is the transmission feels PERFECT. I was having some "minor" issues that I thought were normal before this debaccle but now that the nut is secured, I can definetly tell that there was something wrong that is now fixed. If anyone has this nut failure off of the shaft in the future these are the symptoms I was experiencing: 1. On an upshift at WOT if you are not already on the gas when you shift it's a violent transition, a "clunk" that is heard and felt. That didn't happen every time, it was avoidable, but definetly not normal and definetly gone now 2. In some gears, (3rd gear specifically was the worst for me) when cruising normally or on the gas, the transition from acceleration to deceleration was very violent. For example if you are in third gear accelerating to 40mph and hit a red light. As you remain in third gear and use the gear to slow you down, the transition from on the gas to off the gas and finally the cars response to slowing down was very jerky and would literally toss you forward in your seat. I noticed it was at it's worst right before it finally poked through the transmission case. Those are really all the tell tale signs I had, I should've had it checked out but with all the hooplah about these transmissions being garbage I assumed it was due to a garbage design! Other than the 2 symptoms I had it was completely flawless, engaged every gear without an issue, no tell tale noises or vibrations. I only grinded into second one time and I attribute that to shifting too fast, I've been overly cautious engaging and disengaging each gear even when in a heated battle as I want the car and tranny to last. Gmendoza, I was debating which fluid to use, royal purple or Redline, then debating which version of redline. On their website they outline that one of their fluids allows faster synchro transitions, and I was wondering if using that oil would completely eliminate the potato chip crunch people experience when they shift too fast in these cars. I've seen videos of people chirping into second in their Esprit's and while watching I was cringing thining how my car would react to such a shift.
  3. The car only has 5,500 miles on it, so the credit is not mine. I am ashamed to say I put 2,000 miles on it since I got it in October
  4. Trying to purchase Gordonie's Mellow Yellow and the Trans hasn't been touched yet, worried it might not hold up to the extra power, trying to plan for the future.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! Any idea what it would cost for a donor trans and the modifications to get it working?
  6. I talked to an acquaintance a while ago who told me that his buddy's esprit had a 6 speed from a porsche inserted after his car had quite a bit of performance mods. I have never heard before or since of any alternate vehicle's transmission being a direct or even slightly modified fit for the V8 esprit. He had no idea what model porsche it was though, anyone have any perspective? Is it possible this guy is just full of it? I'm sure if this were true, there would be several junk yards out there who would be able to provide a relatively cost effective replacement tranny for the beloved esprit, I certainly wish that were the case!
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