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  1. Andy_A, semi42, Pat, thejudge58, MartinL, robdaniel, hunters, philip600, paul s1, MrCoola
  2. Big valves ( as big as can be cut in and single piece from Garry Kemp ) and cams, gas flowed, higher comp Pistons, four two one branch manifold and bigger bore exhaust, fully balanced to 10k, emerald3d and 45 TBs. we did at oneoint think we had got 275hp out of her, but turned out that she had slipped on the rolling road grrrrrrrrrr.
  3. My Excel red lines at the moment at 8800 running 253hp and 191lbft. And she is no slouch And she regularly gets there.
  4. You would be surprised. The noise restriction is only through the back section of the track. I'm running an excel with 240 hp and no centre boxes and only got flagged a couple of times by the marshal.
  5. thats what i use.........bottom line they are designed for the Excel so a reasonbly easy install..............
  6. i use wool packers and put them where the jacking points where on the sills, nice and wide apart and very stable
  7. this probably wont help....but i had a similar issue and it turned out to be both a slightly sticking valve and a couple of the shims required replacing as they had appeared to of settled in after my head rebuild........
  8. I don't understand y u think it is so important to take an Excel owner for some years i have found both the information and comaradery invaluable, i dont want u to take over( ), in this case small is better. You can always come and visit......................So leave us alone. You are all right for me Angus!!
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