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  1. Thanks for the nice comments. The Esprit was always my dream car, the one whose picture was on the bedroom wall. I feel lucky to have experienced owning and driving one at this stage in my life. I took it to the factory visit in 2006 and will have happy memories of the convoy and a hotel full of Esprit. 10 years you say, that should give me some time to save up for the new Esprit then!
  2. So firstly, I wanted to say thanks to the forum and the community for helping me to find my Esprit initially and have some great moments in it during the time I have owned it. Unfortunately, two seats doesn't now lend itself to a family outing and I am not getting enough usage so the time has come to put it up for sale:
  3. Thanks, just checked the forum and realised I missed it by about 12 hours! I have put it in my calendar, so I will try to make a future one... (will probably be Oct tbh)
  4. Hi Chris, That was me on my way back from Freeport I spotted you flash and gave you the thumbs up before stupidly realising you wouldn't be able to see it on the other side of the road. I need to get into the habit of flashing the headlights! -Ben
  5. That decision seems fairly harsh but pretty expected on Briatore. I can't help feeling that Piquet and Renault have got out of the whole affair pretty lightly though...
  6. Spotted a lovely lookingblack Evora at Bishops Stortford Tesco - I was the nutter taking photos as you drove off! :-)
  7. I have to agree, I struggle to see how this is much more than a brand badging exercise. I hope I am wrong, but suspect there won't be much Lotus DNA in the team/F1 car.
  8. Hi Guys, Sorry I couldn't make it for the day, but good to see you all this morning and have a quick convoy through the town center! Dave, I think you have the shiniest black car I have seen in a while!
  9. It is a good day out isn't it Pete? I did one of the Car Limits 4 person days a couple of years ago... It was great, Walshy really knows his stuff...
  10. Hey guys, Sorry, but I can't make this one... :-( I have someone coming to pick up some railway sleepers in the morning and am meeting friends down in Broxbourne at lunchtime. Hope you have a good day, hopefully it will be as good weather for you as it was today. If it is dry, I will take the esprit out for a dawn raid, so I will try and stop by at the motorway services at 9:30 to see you all of on your way! Ben
  11. University of Manchester
  12. I think you are right Paul, the upsetting part is that it whereas it goes completely against my instincts, and hurts every time I look at the car, I am starting to give up the fight. I can't avoid parking in car parks in the daily driver so there is no point in getting all the dings, scratches, dents fixed as I will only get more. I might as well either run the car into the ground or get them all fixed in one go before I try and sell it. -Ben
  13. What has gone wrong with society nowadays so that you can't leave a car in a car parking space without some pi***ck damaging it. Anna has just got back from Focus (shop) with some shed paint to find that someone has scraped against the Focus (car) rear bumper leaving probably an 8" graze up the side of it!! I mean is it too much to ask that if you damage someone else's property you leave a note?!?! - You would notice doing it, so what sort of scrote would just drive off? Why should I have to have a wreck of car to use when I need to leave one anywhere just because no-one else seems to care for their property? I tell you, if I found out who did it...
  14. Yey! I have just got my car back from Castle this morning - the weather is fine, the car is running sweeter than ever and I have Monday off... time for some fun! On the shopping list this time: 'B' Service Replacement Rear Dampers from Lotus Replaced Rad/Fans with the upgraded 3 core rad/fans/frame from [email protected] Engineering Fixed leaks from cam cover gasket / gearbox seals Fitted new Cat 2 immobiliser New battery With all those parts, not exactly the cheapest service I have ever done! But Joe and the guys at Castle have done a fantastic job, one drive in it this morning and it was all worthwhile!
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