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  1. Hi Eric good look on the resto I have 77 that im workin on found lots of gremlins from previous owners, first one is exhaust hanging could you reply to this feed with pics of your it wouls be greatly appreciated
  2. can anyone advise me what product I can use to remove the paint from the chrome sills window surrounds that have been painted black and again help on exhaust mounting brackets would be great.............. see last post
  3. Thanks Mark, Tony if you could send me some pics of the brackets that would be excellent I have also found more balls up resto on my car the further I look into it, will ask for help[ on those later first the exhaust and bracket then body
  4. I'm trying to rebuild the exhaust all mounting brackets and valance were not with the car just a crappy wire hanger holdind up the exhaust after stripping off can some one send me detailed pictures of the exhaust and valance so I can start to fabricate them cheers
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