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  1. Hello there, My red 1990 Espirt Turbo SE has been sold by Bahman Cars in Geneva (Alireza) to a new enthusiast from Basel, Switzerland for CHF 27 000. I do not know anything else about him, except that he has looked at many other Esprits but have found mine to be in better condition by far. I believe he has been to this website. I hope he will visit here soon and update the registry. SCC082910LHF658331990 Esprit Turbo SEwhippet (Etienne Botes), Geneva, Switzerland
  2. The best photos of her, possibly ever: As you can see, in mint, mint condition. Geez this is hard.
  3. Hello all! Thanks again for all the words of support - this is partly why it is so difficult to let go - look at the wonderful friends and the stuff they write! I have really tried all options to fit. It is amazing the difference only ONE INCH could've made. Headroom was never an issue by the way. The main problem is that whenever I sat in the car, my knees are forced upwards exactly at the juncture where the centre-tunnel and steering wheel meet. Remember it is a left-hooker, so my right-hand knee is squeezed tight against the steering wheel with absolutely no space for a hand. Combin
  4. Thank you all John, Bob and Trevor for your kind and inspiring words. I must say the Evora does seem like an attractive option, eventually.
  5. Thank you so much Bibs. All of this would be easier except that for some reason I believe this thing has a soul. I have always thought all the quirky cars I have owned had a "soul" and was somehow "alive". Jeremy Clarkson wrote a book "I know you got soul" and I knew somebody else felt the same as me about a mechanical machine. I know for a lot of guys here they feel the same about their cars. I am man enough to confess that I have actually cried real tears about this car, if there is any doubt about how I feel. I sat outside my open garage this evening with the lights shining on h
  6. Hello my good friends, After months and weeks of debating, making up my mind, changing my mind, making up my mind and changing it again, I have decided to let my love go. This has not been an easy decision. I am going to sell the Esprit. This is by far the hardest automotive thing I had to, ever. Even typing it here right now saddens me, as I feel I am letting my friends and fellow enthusiasts down here at LEF. I am a terribly sentimental guy (especially when it comes to cars), and the Lotus has been a dream ever since I can remember. I am totally, totally in love with the car, but s
  7. You guys must just be careful. Even though I say there are no fixed cameras, it has happened that enthusiast groups roaring through Switzerland's immaculate roads have been arrested en-masse and severely penalised for excessive speeding. I can recall something like this in fact happened to a Lotus Elise / Exige group here last year.
  8. Ah, but what about diesel? Any info on diesel?
  9. The road you are looking for is from Davos (Switzerland) to Bormio (Italy) and then up again to the Stelvio pass. In my mind the road in Switzerland is better than the Stelvio. There are no fixed speed cameras there, and try to do it during the week, outside July and August. That episode (Series 10, Episode 1) is my favourite TG episode of all times.
  10. Very, very nice. Well done to take up the project to restore the Elite. I think the Elite is a beautiful design. I am weird that way.
  11. Ha - some interesting points you have made. By the way - by looking at your low number of posts, I hope you have been properly welcomed here. If not, a great warm welcome here on the forums to you! Best to you, Etienne
  12. Hi Paul, Thanks for the photo's and info. I can see you are a real enthusiast and have gone to a lot of trouble. I feel a little bad as I have to admit my comment was more tongue-in-cheek and making fun of you as I have been very outspoken on this forum before about modifications (mutilations) to cars. But it is each to his own. As an engineering project the work you have done looks outstanding. From my point of view it is hardly a Lotus Esprit anymore. It is a "Paul mobile". Jokes aside, I have previously been very involved in the Porsche market, and have seen how values of these car
  13. Hmm, Paul, that is an interesting picture of a car. What is it? I can't really make out the badge, and I can't quite identify it. It looks vaguely familiar though.
  14. The daftest comment I have had, was in fact a huge compliment. Back in South Africa I used to drive a really nice 1989 911. On two occasions, parking near a shopping centre in a middle-class neighbourhood, I overheard "nice car, but I bet it is his dad's". Now I am 39 years this year, and at the time I was around 34! And 6'6". It was meant as a dis, but obviously from my point of view a compliment. I have also had a few "wow, look at that Ferrari" while parking my 1984 red 944! I also used to play a trick on the petrol-pump attendants in small towns with the 911, asking them t
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