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  1. Ah yes, it had the 2.0 litre turbo from the 2002. I am sorry but if BMW had the sense to have taken this into production, I won't be posting on this forum today. I will be an owner. I think that thing had GULLWING DOORS! If I remembered right. Mercedes Benz similarly experimented with a trio of C111-like cars in the 70's, also which didn't go into production. Maybe it was the oil crisis, but why the hell does it seem that manufacturers often produce an amazing reasonable concept car and never take it into production? I am not talking of that crazy stuff from car shows, but this??
  2. Here is a very nice Top Gear insert about the M1 and other early M machines. (I have a mancrush on James May)(He is the ultimate anorak) The reason why it is not as good looking, is quite simply those solid flying buttresses which makes the car look heavy in the ass.
  3. Whippet

    New esprit

    I think James and I are talking about character here, something non-tangible. Nothing to do with innovation, reliability, design, modernity etc. Again the Cool Wall example will help. Example: The Porsche Carerra GT is an excellent, modern, innovative, reliable, almost perfect car. But it has the personality of a fridge.
  4. Whippet

    New esprit

    LOL! Are you describing TVR here by any chance? Character is not always associated with unreliability, in the same way that "flawed" isn't either. This is similar to Jeremy and Richard bickering about the Cool Wall. "Just because it is good doesn't make it cool."
  5. Whippet

    New esprit

    James, in a way I do know where you are comming from. I have thought about this issue myself a lot, especially with regards to other marques I used to love: Porsche, Citroen and the like. I am unsure why it is so, maybe we are just getting old and nostalgic, maybe we have the benefit of hindsight (we may feel the same in 20 years' time about the Evora), maybe legislation has made cars heavy and over-complicated. But maybe there is another explanation. Jeremy Clarkson brought it up in his book "I know you got soul", about many mechanical achievements of man; Spitfire, Concorde, the AK47 (!) etc. The point being, that all these things were not perfect - all a little flawed in some way which makes it more human and hence more likeable. In a similar way new cars have all become, just so perfect and hence a little clinical and characterless in a way.
  6. They're a fickle bunch, that is why... Previously they would choose more flashy modes of transport, then suddenly a complete 180 degree turn-around to Prius's and (thank goodness) back to something sensibly stylish, the Evora. I believe the Lotus Evora is absolutely the ideal 'celeb car': it is not over the top like a Ferarri or Lambo, not dull and expected like Porsche, doesn't shout "look at me" (especially in a post-crunch world), the brand is exclusive yet not elitist, and the engine is "just right" - powerful yet not a planet-killer. Celebs aside, this is how most intelligent consumers will perceive this car. I think Lotus got the recipe "just right" with this. Which is why I am bringing up the idea of a 2+2 front engined concept in a similar vein.
  7. Hello all! Just to let you know up-front I do not work for Lotus Marketing or Market Research! After seeing some of the enthusiasm amongst you about the old Elite / Eclat (1974-1992), I am wondering why Lotus has never recently considered re-doing a "sensible" 2+2 in the similar avant-garde style as the Elite? Everybody is doing the retro-model thing, why not Lotus? Yes, I know about the Europa (which isn't really a tribute to the original, is it?) Given the surprising positive reaction to the Evora (especially amongst celebs), it might be an interesting idea if a suitable donor chassis can be found. (Pity that Proton can't really be of any help here, maybe Toyota?) I am sure the same 3.5 V6 can be used in a front-engine RWD setup? Does anybody know if such a project was ever / is being considered? Especially today in a post-crunch New World, a 2+2 may make a lot of sense, instead of say... an expensive Esprit replacement? Best to you all Etienne Botes
  8. About warming up periods. I don't know if it is just the old fashioned way I was brought up, but it I always have mechanical symphathy in mind with all things automotive. So, from my old 3.2 Carrera I used to own, to even my new Fiat Panda Cross (1.3 turbo-diesel), a little warming up for a minute or so I think is always good for the oil to warm up and circulate. Especially here in Switzerland. I also hear Jay Leno's voice in my head too about warming up the engine a little. For the Esprit, I allow even as much 5 minutes to idle. It kinda also reminds me of pilots heating up their engines before taking off. (Yes, 100% anorak.) By the way, not to hijack the thread - what do you guys feel about oil additives? Best, Etienne Botes
  9. Geez, as long as they never stop making the good 'ol Defender. I love, love, love them.
  10. Things are getting worse. This from the authoritive automotive news site "Sniff Petrol": There was bad news for the motor industry this week as a leading car-based maths expert revealed that cars sales will have fallen by a record 107 percent before the end of the year.The staggering new discovery comes from Professor Ken Freeply of Nigel Havers College, Kettering, who has been based his findings on some hysterical headlines he read in a newspaper.
  11. True, Tony, and your day at the auto show can only get worse from there if you accidentally encounter a new Panamera.
  12. That is one of the most sincere apologies I have read in some time. Totally accepted and forgiven. Maybe the trick is to do exactly the oposite of all the vulgarity that surrounds you: go for understated, original elegance. That way you will stand out for the right type of discerning sports-car lover. Best to you.
  13. This is exactly why I love visiting on this forum. It is only here where total anoraks can be appreciated for doing something like collecting the original lugagge for a particular Esprit. I salute you sir.
  14. I agree with Roger. Don't like the colour, don't like the wheels, don't like the wing. It is stuff like this which erodes the brand image of the Lotus name and with that, all drivers of Esprits. There has been plenty of historical examples of this sort of thing ruining a brand. The best example is the BMW M3. A more recent one is Audi. A few years ago in South Africa, the "Too fast too furious" crowd 'discovered' the M3 in the same way it has been done here, and it has turned the M3 into a total chav car, and no professional or upmarket customer would touch even a new one, despite it being a brilliant car. I have seen this in the Porsche market too, where some ass added non-period mags, wings, colours which totally destroy the resale value of the car. It then requires the bone-head to spend thousands again to get it back to original just to get a serious buyer to even consider it. You are already driving a unique, special car. The appeal of the original is surely the objective here. You did ask... PS: On second thought, after reading your response to Roger's post I now completely understand why you would like that colour. It suits you perfectly.
  15. A quick question about the Top Gear episode. How did that Fiesta get through the waves??? That's no 4x4 diesel with a snorkel?? Or are we tricked there and it was towed by a cable or something? PS: I thought the Veritas was beautiful. But golly pricey! I also think they should give Boris another go in the dry. That was a bit unfair.
  16. I must say I am fascinated by some of the insights from this thread: it would seem than Esprit owners have very little appetite for Ferrari (the affordable ones) and, a total absence of Porsche. I also get a sense from the choices here that Esprit owners are very individualistic if a little eccentric given some of the eclectic choices here. Wow.
  17. What is the difference between a V8S and a Vitesse?
  18. Well done Mark, fantastic car! Thanks for sharing the story and the pics. Amazing how many car dreams originate from young age and stay with us forever. Back in South Africa, I remember my sister had a stunning friend at high school (back in the early 80's), her parents were a very stylish couple living in a contemporary glass house on a hill. Her father drove a red Esprit as a daily driver, and yes, the mother (who was also stunning) drove a red Elite!
  19. Tony K, Thanks for some really excellent info! Nice post. To add: I always talk to interested parties about the magic of the SE's unique water intercooler. Their eyes usually glaze over halfway through my explanation for some reason. But I guess it is the legendary handling which most people associate with this car. Best Ets
  20. I am genuinely surprised by the amount of responses about Elites here. Maybe Lotus should really consider a retro-type thing, using the Evora as "inspiration" for a front-engined 2+2 with a severe angle "shooting brake" tail. A bit off-topic on my own thread, but opinions? Kimbers? And for that matter, given the MASSIVE support for eccentric DS and SM Citroens around the world, that company should return immediately to create weird and wonderful cars instead of bland Euroboxes which I can barely distinguish from Renaults and Peugeots and Nissans. Why the hell did they change what is clearly a unique differentiation???? BTW: I feel the same about Audi 5 cylinder engines and Porsche aircooled engines. But that, is a different story.
  21. Yes, by classic car I mean any "interesting car" older than a few years. (Few=2 to quite a bit.) Some very interesting cars being mentioned here. I must say, Alireza, I am starting to see your point about long-nosed GT cars. Esprit ownership (as lovely as it is) has reminded me how much more practical a front-engined GT option is. Also interesting to see the trend for the Elite here. Who would've thought? I thought I was alone in the closet.
  22. I totally agree on the Elite. I am also a real fan. I have seen one of the most beautiful examples here in Switzerland at the recent British Car meet. This car was perfect. A French owner, converted it LHD himself!! Now that is dedication.
  23. Hello all! Again, too much time on my hands. Here is again a question I have been thinking about lately, I am sure all of you think about this a lot too. Given a realistic view of your (future) economic situation and current tastes, which classic cars would you like to still own in your lifetime? Ok, I do not want to see Bugatti's, Zonda's and so forth here, unless of course that is your league. A pic or two will be cool too. Tell us your motivations, if these things can ever be rationally motivated! I have found over the years my taste being whittled down to only a few choices: - Porsche 356 SC or C: I think it must be the simplicity of it. Small, understated. Germaness. Ha, just invented that word! - Citroen SM: I like it for its sheer eccentricity. - Some old Abarth Fiat-type sportscar. Not a 500. For that miniature Ferarri feel. - Aston Martin V8. For the presence and "elegant bulldog" stance. And that V8. - Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3: Elegance and power. I was quite interested in Renault Alpine A110's, but after seeing the shoddy bodywork and crazy prices, I decided against it. I was also interested in a Ferarri 308 and 328's at one time, but I think I am over my need to ever have a Ferarri. I have owned a 911 3.2 and a 944 before, so possibly another 911 somewhere in the future isn't a bad idea. Your ideas and dreams will be welcomed!!
  24. Hello! I am an ex-South African. Lucky bastard living in Plett I see. My father lives in George. The direct marketing TV campaigns for Prolong seems very convincing, doesn't it? I am the first to admit my ignorance on the subject, but you can try Wynn's Charge, (10% of oil volume), and your oil pressure will straight away be higher. However, I think this is a sort of "backyard mechanic" solution for worn engines, as all you did was to increase the viscosity of the oil. This is a symptomatic cure and may mask the real reason for your low pressure. My opinion about additives in general is if you feel good about using it, then it is working! Best wishes, Etienne
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