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  1. Hi Gordon, I will come for track runs with 1983 Esprit S3 na. Cheers, Marc Baybut
  2. Hi Brian, Its a brilliant drive (if its dry!!!) . I have added myself to LEGS (from Aberdeen??). Cheers, Marc from LEGS 1: bingoking + 1 2: delands 3: Andrew C 4: Archie + 1 5: Al + 1 (not 100% on either of us tho') 6: Paul G 7: Justin 8. Marc B from Scottish Elises 1: hendeg 2: Scotty C 3: Ali C 4: Robin [if I'm back from Tiree in time and if my car is fixed, so probably not then ...] 5: Mikie711 & Ruth 6: Alan and Jen 7: Jim and Wendy 8: Stu 9: Gareth 10: Neil & Elaine (provided I am in the country) 11: tut 12: Mr Momo 13. Hogman (not definate) 14. Brian
  3. Coming on a treat. It is going to be better than new once finished - I like the Mac F1 inspired gold eninge lining. I dont think you will want to hide that under the engine cover!! My Esprit is coming on (slowly - 2 young kids see to that!!), I see what you mean regarding the bolts under the bonnet, I still need to remove (grind I think is the only option) a few rusted nuts on the underside first, trying not to melt the GRP in the process. I got the airbox off and the trumpets cleaned up, then I noticed the bottom of all the trumpets were warped, by 1-2mm, so a good seal with the carbs is impossible, unless I fabricate a thick gasket. The resonator airbox and piping is out, it must be a good 3kg of material there, reducing noise at the cost of reducing performance and adding weight! Are you keeping the oil surge lines running into your airbox? I am thinking of using a vented catch tank to keep the filter clean and stop burning any oil (reduces combustion efficientcy / cause pinking). To remove the rear shocks from the top mount is there only 1 single bolt holding them in place? Accessed from a small access pane in engine bay on drivers side? Anyhow keep up the good work!! Marc
  4. Hi Simon, Good plan, I will take some photos and see what response comes in. I might be mis-naming the offending part, I am not trying to remove the lower front bodywork scoop, but the large cowling housing the radiator frame? In your photo above it is sitting on your garage floor right behind the radiator and fan assembly. On a side, what are you doing with your inlet piping for the engine? my '83 MY has bot side scoops directing air into the engine bay, but the actual air feeding the engine trumpets, comes from an airbox that then has a seperate hose that sucks (hot) air from just behing the engine enclosure. Will your drivers side scoop feed air straight to your carbs? Cheers, Marc
  5. Hi Simon, Cracking job, looking great and giving me some much needed motivation!. I have an ' 83 NA S3. Ive owned it for 7 years and generally paid someone competent (or not) to do the work. Im now wanting to do some of the work myself (maybe not quite as extensively as yourself). 1st job is new radiator, pipes and shocks all round. How did you get to the radiator, the big GRP scoop has 3 large bolts in the middle and they free spin, if I try cutting them I will end up making a mess of the GRP. How did you do it? Cheers, Marc
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