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  1. Hi, Just looking for the curves of the power and torque of the 2.2l charge-cooler engine 1991, 265PK. Many thanks in advance, Bernard
  2. SCC082910MHF60098 SE 1991 British Racing Green, Belgium
  3. Hi Hans, I'm close to Luik. So, with "bosbon be" from Hasselt, we could take a nice picture with 3 different models of Esprit. But let me first get my car, some days and I'll be on the road! Hi Bret, in fact I was going to buy a Porsche 964 Cab but I got an Esprit on the way ;-) I had in fact the SE in mind since a while, so ... And you? Thanks Peter, will check as soon as I get the paper of the car. CU near Hasselt, Luik or Leuven with Hans-bzguy
  4. Hello everybody, I just signed for an SE 1991. Will hopefully get it before end of this month. Already a question: the tyres are in quite poor conditions, so I would prefer to replace them before driving her. The local tyre shop can't find the original sizes, (245X50XR16 and 215X50XR15). Could you tell me if it's still possible to find the Good Year? Or an other brand? Would it be easier if I go for more recent wheels in 17? Thanks in advance for your advices, bjc
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