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  1. thanks for the diagram i couldnt manage to blow it up but i worked it out any way with a squint of the eye i managed to see it. thanks again i now have heat.
  2. hi guys need help with heater fan wiring. i posted about a waste gate and included this problem had loads of help about waste gate and nothing about the fan. waste gate now in hand pnm reconditioning it for me so thanks for your help on that. any way anyone got a centre console out or even a radio out and can have a quick look for me. the back of my fan switch has 5 pins labeled M, H, L, C, B could anyone tell me which colour wire goes on which pin. there is 3 wires 1 for each speed of fan 1 earth and one which turns on the aircon fans. any pointers of which wire goes on which switch termi
  3. hi guys i new to this site so go easy on me please. i have been rebuilding a 84 turbo for aboout a year no and its nearly done. just a couple of things to finish. firstly does anyone have a wiring diagram for the heater fan switch. I have 5 wires and 5 terminals, i personally dont fancy doing the maths but the chances of me getting it right on a guess must be hugh. a wiring diagram would be a huge help. second point, my waste gate has corroded iinto a hugh lump or rust. i have been told you can obtain a repair kit for this but the kit doesnt seem to contain enough parts to rebuild what i
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