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  1. Maybe I have not explained well. If I accelerate to max. my boost gauge comes to the maximum, then I think turbo and chargecooler should work well. Is this true?
  2. Any reply, please! My boost gauge goes to max. even when engine is hot. I think turbo and chargecooler are ok. But I don
  3. Hi I have a question: If boost presure in instrument binnacle goes to max., turbo and chargecooler should be ok.? Thanx.
  4. I am in a restoration process of my Esprit turbo SE 1989, and I
  5. Hello. What do you think about quicksilver "supersport" exhaust (quality, sound, weight...). Is there any sound difference between supersport and original exhaust? Thank you.
  6. Hi franky! Fantastic job! Congratulations! Pictures with Emerson are amazing! See you in SCC. Un saludo.
  7. I need to know what is the engine code and the gearbox code of my Esprit turbo SE 1989. Thanks.
  8. Hello! Can I to use part number A082M6502F for my 1989 esprit? Is it compatible with part number A082M6351F? (this is more expensive )
  9. Hello! The slave cylinder of the clutch is broken. I need to change it.
  10. I have solved this problem following your advices. I have checked all the hose clamps between the tanks and I also sealed both of the seat belt covers, and now is ok! Thank you.
  11. Can someone put a photo to see where the bleed screw is?
  12. In the front compartment of the car there are two reservoirs, one near the lights and other one near the steering wheel. The latter is completely empty (I suppose that it will be the clutch reservoir). I am going to add liquid to see that it happens.
  13. Hi, I think I have a problem with gearbox. Gears are impossible to do, it
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