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    83 Turbo Esprit SE#37 & 70 Vegantune Lotus Elan RS1800

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  1. SCCFC40A4DHF60422 1983 Turbo Esprit Special Edition #37 Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  2. Hi Mark, COP is Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. Cop is on #1 highway or you can call 16 AVE. If you go to Banff from Calgary, you will use #1 highway. Do you remember before you get on the #1 from 16Ave, you see that skijump on your left. There is COP. We can meet at the coffee shop across COP (the other side of 16 AVE. COP on your left and coffee shop on your right if you go west on 16Ave to Banff.) You will see Petro Canada gas station and a McDonald. There is only one coffee shop and a car wash beside. You will not miss. 9:30am??? OK Thank you and looking forward to see every one. Eddie P.S. my # is 403-605-6065 you can call me if you can't find COP on Sunday morning. I will be there around 9am and having my coffee.
  3. Hi, anyone will meet at COP, Calgary then drive up to Banff together??? What time and Where( Those gas station or coffee shop on No.1 across COP)??? Thank you Eddie
  4. OK All Lotus and Caterham 7. Thank you Eddie
  5. Thanks Mark T-C Will keep in touch and see what time we can meet in Calgary. Ed
  6. Sorry that my last post may make some feel uncomfortable. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Thank you very much to John that understand me. All I may looking for the June meet is to see a lot of lotus, not limited to Esprit only. Try to see the first meet can connect everyone and make things happen in the near future. Sorry, and Thank you See you all in Banff Any Calgary Lotus Driver??? Eddie
  7. We are not like in UK that have a lot of Esprit. For us in Westean Canada we really don't have that many Esprit, I love to have all Lotus Drivers to meet together and enjoy the time. I don't think we need to fellow the way that LEW in UK. This is our first meet and is more like a get together and know each other. 22nd of June, Sunday meet at 11am in Banff. I am in. I will call up few Lotus drivers that I know to see can they join us or not. Now where should we meet in Banff for everyone?? Anyone in Calgary would like to meet at the coffee shop across COP at 16Ave earlier and drive up to Banff together???
  8. Hi all Banff sound ok for some of us. Can you all please pass the word down to any Lotus drivers then you know. I hope to see a lot of Lotus drivers (Esprit, Elan, Europa, Elise and other) + any cars + any family can join us too (who must like Lotus!!!) We still have to find the date in June and make sure everyone can make it for the meet. What about 14 or 21 of June(Sat.) or may be 15 or 21 of June(Sun.)??? We may all meet for lunch then go for a drive around the area. What do you all think??? Eddie
  9. Hi all Lotus fans, My Name is Eddie. I own a 83 Turbo Esprit and a 70 Elan in Calgary. I heard from Rory that some of us want to get together in Alberta this summer. I love to see this happen. Lets all talk about the date and place that we can meet. Anyone has any idea? What about the first meet in Banff around June??? Thank you
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