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  1. Guys I'm having the same problem with my right hand cooler The lower coupling sheared in the rubber hose.... I like the idea of disolving the aluminium rather than dremmeling and retapping due to swarf ingress etc. So, how concentrated a solution do I use? Freek, could you or someone else tell me how much water to how much weight of sodium hydroxide to use? I'm still struggling to get the upper locking nut from the cooler. Looks like i'm going to have to grind through the nut, unless someone has another idea for me to try..... Thanks guys Glyn
  2. I've never liked the ABS system fitted to the S4s, and having owned a late V8 with the Keysey Hayes system want to fit it to my S4s I have the master cylinder and ABS controller and some wiring...... Has anyone ever done this? Its not something that I intend to do in the very short term, but prpbably during Easter when i have more time. Thanks
  3. Does the voltage from the o2 sensor oscillate between 0 and 1 volt when its rurnrning in closed loop mode? My S4s had a new O2 sensor fitted by the previous owner (non-genuine part) which was faulty when I bought the car. If it doesn't oscillate, I would change it for a Lotus part. It fixed mine straight away. But it sounds like there may be other issues too Glyn
  4. Guys, I wasnt meaning to appear tight!!! I dont have a local dealer so it will be mail order. So a
  5. Hi guys on removing the 'plenum?' on my S4s, the basket tore. Can i use an instant type gasket material? There won't be any clearance issues, but the joint will be under positive pressure Any recommended products? Thanks
  6. mmmm I tried DV 2 weeks ago and they had nothing in, although I ought to call them again Keep your eyes open guys!! Thanks
  7. mmmm Mine is missing...... Please dont ask why or how......... I think that it is the same as a GT3 Thanks Glyn
  8. Thanks Sanj In the system settings i noticed that the serial device wasn't configured, so re-installed the driver, but no success Then reassigned to COM1 from COM 12 and everything works as it should well apart from the O2 sensor!! Now to get one put on order! Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I've just installed Freescan and the USB drivers from LEF. After i double click the freescan icon the error message "the system cannot find the file specified" Clicking "OK" takes me to the main window. After selecting the com port the same error message repeats and then selcting start the error message "WaitCommEvent() failed with the following error: the handle is invalid port 12" and then the program shuts down Any ideas please?? Thanks
  10. Hey Guys! I should be able to make this so long as i've sorted a misfire and replaced both fule tanks!! Better get my finger out for my first meet with you guys!!
  11. Guys, thanks for your replys, so thats one problem to fix! Its so good to be back!!! Photos will follow but needs repainting - god I pick em !! Thanks Dan and Simon for the pics Long bolt for now and a spacer when i know what other money needs spending and where!! TTFN
  12. If the decat pipe is still available, is it the longer version which removed the back pressure valve? Thanks
  13. Hi guys Long time away I know, but I'm now out of mourning for my beloved V8 Got myself a trusty S4s in MNY yummy!!!!!! Quick question to get the juices flowing...... It still has the exhaust back pressure valve fitted, although the hardware to open and close it are missing. Does the spring hold the valve fully open or fully closed?? It is lacking in power and noticed this when it was being MOT'd Thanks ps anyone got an engine cover as mine is missing!!!!
  14. I am so pleased that i have been able to help you out. I know it took me many hours to find the offending wires!! I know that its back to your original problem, but its all part of the learning process!!! All the best Glyn
  15. Fingers crossed for a quick fix!! On my S4s i had the same fault after a changed my clutch, which involved a lot of work around the gearbox/engine block interface, and the starter motor. I had the same fault as you, and after extensive fault finding found that one of the earths from the ECU was missing. It turned out to be an earth (well several) that terminated at a ring crimp attached to one of the bellhousing bolts, near to the starter motor. Once reconnected, fired up straight away. So go look for about 3 black wires that dont seem to go anywhere!! Hopefully this is it!!! Good luck Glyn
  16. Thanks Guys Yes I've been away for too long !! Chatsworth sounds good! I'll be there - even in my 1990 VW camper !!
  17. Hi Guys Well i've been off-forum for a while now, but the insurance cheque came in the post a few weeks ago, so its hunting time again! Sorry i didn't make the meeting and its only 10 mins from where I live........ I pomise to check the forum more often - too much time trying to forget my accident and now looking for a GT3 !! Just got to get a garage built now !!! - know any cheap reliable builders?? I can't seem to download/view the pics. I always used to be able to. Any ideas??? Anyway, better get ready for work, but hope to meet with you guys soon Glyn (Chesterfield)
  18. hi guys in the chesterfield area. I'm looking to replace my V8 soon when the cheque arrives. lets meet up when i'm lotus'd again Glyn Chesterfield
  19. Sorry to hear about yours too. I've been offline for months and have just this week got a phone line and broadband! I'll do a search for your posts. I my head, I'm happy to move on, because I'm still here to move on Hope you get your taxation sorted Glyn
  20. Before I owned a V8 and read about the experiences of some in the wet, I thought that thay must have had their foot down. Well I can honestly say that after all the effort that I put into my V8, I always pay the utmost respect in the wet (by that I mean that I drive it like any ordinary car). WELL DON'T USE V8'S IN THE WET. IT'S NOT WORTH IT I can only summise that in my accident the front wheels hit the water causing the car to slow dramatically. Due to the high torgue characteristics of the V8, the rear wheels maintained their pre-water speed, causing the rear end to dfrive past the front, and cause the spin. When I saw the water, like many times before in standard cars, the worst that I expected was to loose the steering. How wrong could I be!! Again thanks for your kind words. It really was (is) the car of my dreams and it hurts when I think whats happened. Anyway, I've had too much wine, so .............. Cheers (hic) Glyn
  21. Hi All, and thanks for your thoughts. Obviously I'm gutted, but glad that I'm OK!! Don't know what to say really about the accident. Following a line of traffic along a dual carrageway when a stream of water came into view. As I went through it the cr slowed slightly and the rear end came sideways. No warning, nothing I could do, apart from pray! I feel like I've been robbed after spending so much time working on her, and doing less than 3000 miles last year. Didn't feel the impact, even though it took out 2 uprights from the central reservation. Thankyou Lotus engineers!! Anyway lets see what the assessment brings. Thanks Lisa for putting the post up for me and to Lisa, Paul F and Bibs for their phone calls of support. I'll keep you posted as more information comes available. Cheers for now Glyn
  22. I've got a poor memory, but I think I had a 442. ?? Was the fuel filler cap that wasn't fully seated. It clicked on the ratchet, but was fouling the outer rubber grommet making it click as though fully on. Been fine now for months. Did it start doing it after filling up? Glyn
  23. They are from bighead fasteners in bournemouth. On my V8, their name was stamped on the bottom! Glyn
  24. The steel brackets are available from ? (I can find out if you want) I bought them in stainless so that they never rust again and tiger sealed them to the inside of the arch. I sheared off all the studs are replaced them all. It takes a little time to cut them out using a stanley knife. Glyn
  25. The part number is C918E0297J - check the prices though because I may have been mistaken, but dont think so! Glyn
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