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    Belated birthday wishes Dave Hope to catch up in the near future, Cheers Glyn
  2. Hi Guys I know that this post is but I need a favour......... Any of you live or work on one of the streets that appear on the Monopoly board game?? If you do, them some friends of mine are attempting to get around all the streets tomorrow (tues) starting on Old Kent Road at 6:30am, and finishing at Mayfair at about 8:30pm, and play their cello's at each stop!!!! Could you please pass on my best wishes, in particular to Clare Wallace. Thanks, Glyn 06:30 -- Old Kent Road 07:15 -- Whitechapel Road 08:15 -- The Angel Islington 08:45 -- Euston Road 09:15 -- Pentonville Road 10:20 -- Pall Mall 10:40 -- Whitehall 11:00 -- Northumberland Avenue 11:45 -- Bow Street 12:30 -- (Great) Marlborough Street 13:00 -- Vine Street 14:30 -- Strand 14:50 -- Fleet Street 15:30 -- Trafalgar Square 16:00 -- Leicester Square 16:30 -- Coventry Street 16:50 -- Piccadilly 18:00 -- Regent Street 18:30 -- Oxford Street 19:00 -- (New) Bond Street 19:45 -- Park Lane 20:30 -- Mayfair (Berkeley Square Gardens)
  3. I half fill the expansion tank, and after it has gone through a col/hot/cold cycle use it check the coolant level. Also I feel that if there was ever a small leak I would notice it before the level started to drop in the header tank. Comments?........... Glyn
  4. I thought that as well and bought the opposite side. !!!!!!!!!!!!DON'T THEY ARE NOT REVERSED !!!!!!!!!!!! Glyn
  5. Hiya Graham LOL LOL Well I was away and the mice didnt play!!!! Well you had your chance, I thought that you swapped numbers....... I'll tell her when she comes in Hope you all had a good day, and hopefully catch up soon Looks like a call to Lotus re the special grease...... No-one seems to know, I wonder what gets used instead..... Glyn
  6. Thanks Jeff, I seem to remember a post by dave (superdavelotus), whose pushrod was made from a synthetic material (fibre), that went soft and crumbled. It was tapered in shape to the balljoint in the clutch fork. It was OK when I last had the 'box off, but its a good point to check for bending/damage before pulling the 'box off. Glyn
  7. Just spoke to Powerspeed For the cat units themselves
  8. But why would the temperature suddenly reduce after hitting a pot hole in the road? It cant be a large lump of debris in the radiator. Also, as Talon is new to the Esprit, the PO may have had work done and the cooling system not bled properly. You'll be amazed how much air comes out of the radiator bleed screw!! Glyn
  9. Thanks John, lets see if they can match the prices !! Glyn
  10. Hi Guys I have been having increasing difficulty changing gear whilst stationary, and between gears when moving. It feels just like the clutch is not releasing properly, and gets much worse when its warm. Dave Walters noticed that the pedal travel on mine is much more than his V8. On investigation, the bolt and locknut which sets the pedal travel had become loose and screwed its way fully in, resulting in the increased travel. This has now been set to 95mm of pedal travel, and if anything it now feels worse, as though it now needs more travel. My guess is that the fork is bent, but as the slave cylinder pushrod/fork is enclosed I've not yet checked this. If the slave pushrod moves too far, can the fork go far enough to foul the gearbox casing and bend? I have a new fork that i bought at the Lotus parts sale, so if it is it will not be a problem. Lotus recommend a special grease for the splines on the input shaft - ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS CALLED?? AND WHERE TO BUY IT FROM Whilst searching for the name of the grease, I came across a post where the input shaft splines were damaged by the friction plate splines. Anyone have any experience of this ? Please feel free to discuss anything as I really need to sort this, cos its really spoiling the drive. Thanks Glyn It
  11. I can get my arm through the gap at the top of the wheel and use a bottle with a tube coming out of the top, like a gearbox oil bottle. I shine a torch though so the level can be seen more easily
  12. Glad it appears to be sorted matey Yes the beast is alive again, although I've got a dragging clutch to sort out!! Glyn
  13. Hi Russ and sorry to hear about your problem. This is what I would do... (although UK spec so sides may differ!!) Remove the cap in the engine bay, and fill the system with coolant mixture. At the front of the car where the radiator sits, is a bleed screw. Its sits on the top of the radiator on the left hand side - look inside the wheel arch. Bleed of the air through this screw. In the engine compartment you will see a large diameter hose connected to a steel pipe. In this steel pipe is another bleed screw - bleed it. Check the coolant level. With cap still off start engine and keep bleeding the screws - I do the rad one first, and topping up the coolant. Turn off and let it go completely cold. Check and adjust cooolant level and replace cap. In the wheel arch, fill to level line. (this seems to find its own level after running) Dont forget the obvious and check all hose connections for security and leaks, also check the cap in the engine bay. You could then get the system pressure tested. Good luck Glyn
  14. Love you too Dave xxxxx Sorry, I thought it was so blindingly obvious !!!!!!!! Shall I show you how to fit a set of car mats next !!! LOL Cheers Dude, Glyn
  15. Having done mine, I would say that its about a 2 minute task, so long as you dont push it inside the rear quarter panel !! If you do push it in too far (behind the bodywork), the cover on the inside of the rear quarter panel is about 5 screws. I dont have any photos of the install, but have some of the actual part with the grooves etc Glyn
  16. My V8 is definitely brass, and pretty sure that the S4 is the same Glyn
  17. Have you checked at the brake pedal that the free play exists? You should be able to press the pedal with your hand a little before the pushrod starts to move towards the master cylinder/brake unit My locknut has come loose on my clutch pedal, your locknut may have come loose on the pushrod. Fingers crossed its this !!! Glyn
  18. Nice idea Artie, but the pressure in the system would die when the brake pedal was released...... No idea why the pressure wont release though, unless the small amount of free play (about 1mm??) at the pushrod on the master cylinder has gone. Without this free play, the pressure will stay in the system Good luck Glyn
  19. Hi Alan - long time no see, hope you are well... Just to clarify - you habe bled both of the bleed points? Near side top of rad, and top hose in engine bay? Most of my air came from the radiator, with the final bits coming from the top hose engine bay. Just a thought, but is the aux belt in good condition and the tensioner working OK, it might be your water pump belt slipping?? CYA Glyn
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