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  1. Hi Alan - long time no see, hope you are well... Just to clarify - you habe bled both of the bleed points? Near side top of rad, and top hose in engine bay? Most of my air came from the radiator, with the final bits coming from the top hose engine bay. Just a thought, but is the aux belt in good condition and the tensioner working OK, it might be your water pump belt slipping?? CYA Glyn
  2. You made me cry again Paul, b**stard!! What a fab day, that I never wanted to end. I just wish I had been involved more I'm sat doin absolutely nothing, and just cant be bothered to either... Very strange for me ... My memory is really poor, but I'm sure this will be 1 day that I do remember forever - I could definetely feel the love in the air. Learnt some new names and faces (Rog,sam, James, Phil, Simon, punky) and forgot a few again - I'll get there eventually Take care guys and see you soon Glyn must do night classes to learn how to express myself better, cos at the moment all I get is y = mx +c
  3. Glyn n Jill just booked in @Travelodge Eastbound CYA there!!!!!!!
  4. 1&2 Bibs & Laura 3 Kimbers 4 James (Tentenths) 5+6 Rog + Samantha 7 Phil (NoneShallPass) 8&9 Glyn n Jill (getting to Chippenham?) at 9pm - hope its not earlier than this !!
  5. 1 Bibs 2 Laura 3 Ian (mayesprit) 4 Mark Blanchard 5 Matk 6 John V6 7 & 8 Tony & Charlie (Loteuk) 9 Me Me Me....... Simon350S (Looks good in a dress....!!) 10 Phil - NoneShallPass (who DOESN'T look good in a dress) 11 Kieron - CrazyK 12 Howard - Esprit350 13 GKP (who looks fantastic whether dressed or not) 14 Louise (who'd look good wearing a bin liner) 15 Punky (who just looks good) 16 Dodgy.......... er welcome Kieron 17 James (Tentenths) - who's eagerly awaiting the bin liner look! 18 Ben (ansellb) - who's eagerly awaiting a look at BigSi's spangly new motor! 19. Troy (who is good -fullstop) 20. Caroline (who looks to good for Troy) 21. Esprit22 22 & 23. Mike (MPx) and Fran 24. Martyn (martynv) 25 & 26 Rog (SE OWNER :-D) (Looks good in Royal Mail) and Samantha 27. Bantambunny - Can't wait to see his face over this one 28 & 29. Neil @ Lotus Cars + other 'alf 30. Brian @ Lotus Cars 31,32,33. Alex (the power napper), Caitlin and Calum (miniNMEGs) 34 Peter (Peter_England99) 35 Pinky Kimbers Jnr (wouldn't miss it for the world) 36 & 37 Glyn and Jill (glynherron)
  6. As far as I remember: 1. Loosen front wheels and jack front end as high as possible and support on stands on the chassis adjacent to the lower wishbones, remove wheels 2. remove oil cooler platforms and rear exit grilles 3. Drain radiator (release clip on where the bottom hose connects forks to the heater and the return 4. Disconnect the top hose 5. Disconnect fan(s) wiring loom 6. Remove the oil cooler ducts 7. Support the cowl that holds the radiator stack and disconnect the 6 nuts and bolts that hold it to the front boot floor (4 are vertical and 2 are hotizontal) 8. Lower the cowl to the floor
  7. Well guys....... Had yet another great day - even Jill really enjoyed it too..... Its hard trying to remember all the new names and faces (but can remember you Alex! and Matt (who bought from Chesterfield), and Mat (F1 pit crew wheel changer!!) sorry to those I am yet to remember ! The weather getting back to Chesterfield was as they say around here 'rate bad' - shocking puddles that made everyobe slow down. I asked Brian A to record the sound of the V8 with the alternative crank and cams, and forward it to Kato so we all have a record of it - drool, drool awesome...... Message to Graham (backmarker) Jill says when the cats away the mice will play - so see you supercar sunday!!!!!! Cheers to Paul C, Rob E, Bibs, Kato et al for organising today - sooooo glad we could make it TTFN Glyn n Jill
  8. When you start to use it you will soon see for yourself. If the mic is too far away it doesnt pick up the vibration, if its too close it fouls the belt and changes the frequency massively. I hold it about 5mm away from the belt. You can see on the software the 'volume' that the mic is picking up. I hold it between the inlet and exhaust cam pulleys at about mid distance. If you get too close to the pulley, again the frequency changes radically. I tap the belt with a screwdriver handle close to the mic. If you tap too close to the pulleys again the frequency changes radically. The 'sound' is more of a soft thud really. It doesnt 'sing' I hope this makes sense. Glyn
  9. Hi Phil Yep I would agree with you due to its sudden nature. I guess that my intention of the post was to say not to assume that because the radiator looks clear from the front that is actually is. On the subject of thermostats, I thought that they were designed to fail safe ie 'open' ? Cheap to replace so lets hope its this Good luck Glyn
  10. On my 52V8 the radiator looked clear from the front, but when I dropped the radiator stack the debris had gone throught the condensor of the aircon and was seriously clogging the radiator (smaller clearance between the fins) I know its a pain, I would drop the stack and clean out the fins Expect bolts to shear and it to be a pain in the A** Glyn
  11. Hiya Pete Thanks for the info I dont need one for now, although others may need it. I posted for an alternative when I needed one, but the only ref that came up was for an American car (cant remember which one) Cheers Glyn
  12. Hi Pete Do you know a cross ref for the track rod ends? I didnt know of 1 and spend
  13. Hi Guys I used the above 'system' Dead easy to use, good repeatability. I checked my setup with a tuning fork at pitch 'A' 440hz, the system gave a reading of 440.5Hz - Glyn
  14. Hi Rob, and hope your well..... I used copper grease on my spline and have been having some judder ever since the gearbox was fitted. I am now regretting this as It is maybe a factor?? While on the topic of grease, what is the special 'Lotus' grease? Cheers Glyn
  15. Hi Chris I am no gearbox expert but I have split the two halves leaving the 5th gears in place. With regards to the diff nut, I used a couple of allen keys in the castellations and a bar between them. To get it started I used an aluminium drift and tapped it round. Remember to mark its relative position to the gearbox casing. Glyn
  16. Hi Phil what year is the tank from, as the V8 changed from double filler to single and the filler tubes are different. Glyn
  17. Hi Will Remember that to remove all the screws safely without risk of damage to the surrounding paintwork, you need to elevate the lamps higher than the normal raised position. If it were me, I would disconnect them at the point where the rose joint connects to the motor. Its a 10mm spanner and a few seconds - no adjusting to refit - simple - and no ECU re-learning Hope this helps Glyn
  18. I agree..... Or else keep yours 'as is' and buy a tailgate from an S4s and repaint that!! When the holes are filled, they will tend to shrink over time and will become visible.... Ditch the spare wheel instead or get some of Jons ultralight panels!!!!!!!!! Glyn
  19. Hi Mike, I've got the round rears What exactly do you need to know? Side/Stop/indicator lights are the outer lights, with the brake light illuminating the half of the light closest to the outer edge. The Fogs/reversing are the centre ones Are you wanting wiring details? Glyn
  20. I cant load the pictures either. Also I now have to log in every time whereas before it remembered me!! Glyn
  21. Well I had a bit of spare time today so I decided to take another look at the alarm. I disconnected the pin switches, but the fault remained. Then I re-read the post about wires in the wrong connectors....... It turns out that the microwave sensor was in the wrong connection - not Lotus' fault, but mine. So good 'free' fix Glyn
  22. Hi Sean Check this link out OBDII I bought this here for my 52V8. It worked brilliantly. Turned out my problem was a fuel filler cap that wasn't screwed down fully!! Read through the links closely as I seem to remember theres a difference between early V8's and later ones. Hope this helps Glyn
  23. Hi Hasusan, Yeah, I tried the battery, but it made no difference. I have been using her everyday for a week now, and still no change. Glyn
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