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  1. Checked the connectors today. They cant be fitted the wrong way round on mine, as they're something like a 12 way, and 8 way and a 6 way connector. Next step is to disconnect the pin switches in turn . Glyn
  2. Great reply Will - made me laugh no end, and seems to make sense as whilst I was refitting the windscreen washer jet, I removed the module, assuming that the connectors would only fit in one way. So tomorrow I'll try switching them around I'll let you know what happens as I try to unlock and lock with the engine on. Cheers Glyn
  3. Thanks for your interest so far. Something else to add is that the cetral locking does not work from the drivers door lock, ie using the key, although the keyfog does! Graham, I will look for the alarm model, great idea, cheers Glyn
  4. Hi Guys well she's now back on the road after passing the MOT yesterday. Almost a full years work - time flies!! BUT.... When I use the remote to lock the doors and arm the alarm, it locks both doors, but then a constant high pitched noise comes from the siren. If I dont deactivate the system, the alarm goes full on. I have check the operation of all the pin switches (bonnet, boot and both doors), which all work. I dont have the alarm booklet? Does anyone have a pdf copy? Where do I start - any ideas please Thanks Glyn see you at Donnington
  5. Just refitting my door cards, and had a look..... Its the red thing !!!!!!!!!! Glyn
  6. Hiya Mark/Steve did you know that Mark joined LEF on my birthday? spooky I do all my own work, so I cant recommend anyone else! I buy most of my spares from Lotus - Gordon Lamb in Sheffield - speak to Wayne n get 5% discount! Are you both going to Donington? We could travel in convoy !!! Cheers Glyn
  7. Excellent Steve 2 Esprits in a population of 100,000 !!! PM me to share stories !
  8. Only seen flashes, bacause always going in the opposite direction!! Blue / purple early Stevens?, no rear wing, Who is it? Glyn
  9. Hi Jukka Glad things worked out OK for you - well done! Saab 9000 foglights are identical, I bought 1 from ebay for
  10. Sorry JoeyO, only just looked back at this thread. I did it as quoted above, but on my own. Once the input shaft is clear of the clutch, get the bellhousing high, abd lower the nose through the bottom. I've taken the gearboxes out of an S4s and a V8 and I think the V8 is the easiest!! Make sure you read the service notes as you have to remove the clutch slave cylinder and disengage the clutch fork before you try and separate the gearbox from the engine. Glyn
  11. I bought amongst other things a gearbox, and for such an expensive item I asked for a reciept at the credit card point of the sales procedure. I was told that the only receipt was the little 'ticket' invoice thing, that didnt show a breakdown of what was bought, just a total. I wasnt happy at being told that, and the best that they could manage was a photocopy of a packing / warehouse list that showed the description and costs, but no invoice number. Maybe you could try that route?? Glyn
  12. Hi JoeyO I have just removed my gearbox, and it can be done by lowering through the bottom so no lifting equipment required! And no risk of damage to paintwork etc. Just make sure she is supported high enough!! Glyn
  13. Hi Guys Money sent.... Hope it helps If you need anymore hands (after Donnington when V8 should be finished) just ask. What work needs doing? Is it worth posting a list of spares needed so we can look in our garages? I love this forum Glyn
  14. From my experiences, it all depends on what sealant was used to seal the transom. On one, it was ordinary silicon sealant, On another it was a glue like 'tiger seal'. If its held on with this, I wish you the best of luck. If it is held on with this and it doesn't need to come off, I would leave in on !!!! I seem to remember they're
  15. Hi Bibs Don't know who you spoke to would you say thanks from me to them and to you. Better add them to my order!! Cheers and looking forward to Donnington, but lots to do.................. Glyn
  16. Our school has been closed for the day, as half the kids bus in to school !! YIPEE - be able to work on her (Esprit of course!!) So it gets stranger - maybe Lotus dont know what they fitted! Cheers Glyn Come on guys I thought there were lots of V8's - it will only take 2 minutes
  17. Here is how it looks ps if someone can tell me how to make these come into LEF smaller to fit the frame, that would be great! Glyn
  18. Thanks Jim The technical section at Lotus HQ dont know of it - not on their parts lists (the latest versions), and neither does my local dealer (although, without any disrespect intended, they wouldn't be my first port of call for tech enquiries!!) So the search goes on How many others have htis as well? Please reply and it'll give me more oomph when I phone again Glyn
  19. Hi Rob and thanks for your reply - hope your well I do want to keep them standard, and want them to be a pair. I guess that I could always just fit the new washer jet, it'll just look a little lower than the drivers side. Anyone else?? Glyn
  20. Hi Guys If you have a 2002 or later V8, could you look at your windscreen washer jets for me!! On my drivers side, the jet is spaced from the scuttle (bulkhead) using a plastic spacer, and then this is covered using a black spacer which simply fits over the jet. My passenger side doesnt have a jet - its a long story (bought to repair) After speaking to Lotis Technical this morning, they dont have an exploded view or a part number for the 2 parts. At least if you have a look I will know if its a mod thats been done by a previous owner or Lotus who need to update their parts lists!! Thanks for your help, it will only take 5 seconds to check Glyn When I get home I will take a photograpg to make it more clear.
  21. According to my service notes it the speedo should read 25.5mph per 1000 revs in 5th gear Glyn
  22. Hi Malc, I once had this with an MG Metro, where it had 'welded' its-self to the hub. The wheel nuts/bolts were the sleeved variety, but I loosened them and then accelerated, then braked heavily and then the same in reverse. It did come away but not straight away. Best of luck Glyn
  23. Thanks for that Dave, I'd never noticed that fine point. Glyn
  24. The man problem you will ba faced with is that the bolts will be so rusted up that the majority will shear, which means drilling the captive nuts out - no fun. The next problem will be the captive fixings in the front boot that secure the under trays - they dont's staycaptive long and will probably need replacing as well. It really is a pain in the backside, and if it were mine, I would have them painted on the car, and flick the paint in to the wings to hide any colour changes between the new and old paint. If your up to the challenge, then: Remove undertrays Separate and remove the front spolier from the bumper - about 12 bolts (disconnect the bolts securing the fog lights - 4 nuts/bolts, and their wires) Remove the 4 screws in the wheel arch that fasten the bumper to the plastic filler piece. Remove the nuts that hold the bumper to the body, about 10 - disconnect the wiring to the indicator/side light units Replace all fixing with stainless to make it easier next time !! Let us know how you get on Glyn
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