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  1. Thanks Freek Could you supply the 'Trust' microphone model numer? Thanks Glyn Hi Dave Just checked the sparkglug site I found it recommended BKR6EKC at 2.89+vat, and not the
  2. Thanks Dave and Rod Dave, I didn't mean for you to take on another project - honest!!! - thanks for your help Rod, great idea, thanks Glyn
  3. hi dave and thanks ..... I wonder if we could measure the pins etc for the cam setting and get them made? I have heard of clavis gauges being made with microphones and some osciloscope software on a laptop? My lad works for motormania and can get parts at cost for me - lucky !!! so dont need to be a cheapskate on that one !!!!!!!!! Whats a camero?? is there a UK car that is fits?? Thanks, better get back to teaching Glyn
  4. Hi guys I'm still repairing, but need some bits................ has anyone done their own cambelts? Did you manage to find the gates? belt number? What about the tensioner bearings? did you make your own setting tools (crank position and 4 x cam position)? willing to sell a set on? has anyone in the UK made their own clavis gauge? side light / Indicator unit? driveshaft oil seals track rod end spark plugs NGK Thanks in advance Glyn looking good for Donnington B)
  5. Great idea Dave Its a bit too late as I've just had delivered a brand new one from Lotus !!! Glyn V8 being painted this weekend - yipee
  6. Hi Guys Take a look at the photo and you'll see why I need one !!! Is it Saab like the rack? Thanks in advance Glyn ps I haven't been driving it like this - this was how a recovery company company left it !!!
  7. I bought espritnutters V8 (mark Sweetland) and am very close now to getting the body repainted. I seem to be spending my time either in bed, at work or eating, and nothing else!!! You never know who it'll end up with - just like me I wish I had room and I'd get another ready for when this is finished !!! Fingers crossed Glyn
  8. Hi Mike the flexible hoses are tapped internally, so a tap might have done, but due to the way in which they seal on tapered faces, the tap wouldn't get deep enough to clear all the threads If I could have bought a tap to do the job, believe me I would'ave !! I do like the idea of the caustic soda but I'm no chemist and would be a little apprehensive of 'magic' water!!! Glyn
  9. Chris I've PM'd you with a word doc showing the layout. My file space thingt is full. Does anyone know if I delete the files in the my controls section are they also deleted from the posts? Thanks Glyn
  10. hi Chris Just stripped off the oil coolers from my 52V8 All 4 connections to the coolers have BSP adaptors. 1 was steel - undid straight away from both the flexible hose and the cooler. 3 were aluminium. These came from the coolers OK, but ended up stripping the threads from the aluminium adapters into the flexible hose fittings. The short side of the adaptor is what went into the cooler and was sealed bya dowty washer. It then took the best part of 5 hours clearing the threads using a needle file and lots of patience!! I would only cut the hoses as a last resort. Good luck Glyn
  11. Hi Mick and son Pleased to meet you and introduce you to some of the gang Good luck with the wheel hunt Glyn
  12. i used Chris Foulds before I bought my S4s 2 year ago he was very thorough and it was well worth the money Glyn
  13. For my birthday, my mrs bought me a new trolley jack (how did she know!!) It weighs 40kg !! I would agree with Jon, about 45-50kg I can lift it off the floor, but not above waist height !!! and I'm only 5'7" dwarf !!!! Glyn
  14. Thanks Rob, I'll give hime a call Glyn Just thought I'd put the link here to LEW
  15. ~~~~~~~~~ DEFINITELY ~~~~~~~~~#
  16. There was a good site I used for reference, but I can't find it just now. I'll keep on looking Found this Glyn
  17. AT = autotrader? No, not yet Will be sorting it out in next few days. Glyn
  18. Hi Rod can you be specific with what you need to repair? Photos? Thanks Glyn
  19. Hiya Paul thanks for your kind words. To be honest i don't need to sell it urgently. I borrowed the funds for the V8 from my brother !! But I don't want to be in the position of him needing the money and still having the Esprit. She was advertised at
  20. Hi guys, just in case anyone is looking for an S4s, I thought I aught to let you know first I am about to reduce the price of my S4s that is advertised on LEW to
  21. Thanks guys for your prezzies !! Can's wait till next year !! Glyn
  22. Hi Callaway Sorry I didn't take any photos as it was just a few nuts/bolts. With regard to your cold start problems I would do a Freescan log and email it to Dermot (hope he doesn't mind me writing this) - he is the master of Freescan logs!! He diagnosed a faulty Lambda sensor from the data (which souded as you describe) but at
  23. Thanks for the reply Andy I might leave this until last and have it leak tested. If it fails, then face the consequences. Its not gonna be any more difficult with the new nose section on. Glyn ps do the inner sills/covers come off?
  24. 4 of the 6 bolts that fasten the radiator cowl sheared, 2 of the 4 oil cooler, and just about all the undershield sheared!! and the cars just 4 years old (and for almost one of those years has been off the road!) my condenser couplings are exactly the same - the aluminium threads came off into th steel fitting. I'm yet to decide what to do to repair it!! I feel a stainless steel order coming on. Glyn
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