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  1. Unsure if my rhs is original but the pump recess is cylindrical with a drain at the bottom if it.
  2. Saw her today in her usual position off the road and so wanted to pull up and look at the beautiful interior but the Mrs wouldn't have approved! Well done!!
  3. Ian, this has been so motivating. I'm getting there albeit at a slower pace. You have some great gear!
  4. Hi All I've just fitted a reconditioned water pump and when fitting the v belt noticed that the pulleys (water pump, bottom pulley and steering pump) were out of alignment. After disassembling the water pump and comparing it to the old one, the pulley flange was 3mm too proud and needed pressing on. Take care and check this!
  5. Thanks for your replies so far folks. Glyn
  6. Ha ha ha ha Send them your micrometer and in my experience you'll get a better result! After all whats 1 thou between friends! - Too much!!
  7. Love the banter ps please do mine. Pretty please...?
  8. Hi Ian The problem is that you'll order say 74 thou and you'll get 73, 74 or 75 thou. Then what? Nightmare mate!
  9. That's great news and extremely reassuring. Thanks Barry. Working hard to create the time to finish her!
  10. Castrol Engine Oil Edge 10W-60 With Titanium FST Fully Synthetic 4Ltr is on offer at Eurocarparts for £34.99 inc vat
  11. From what I've read, case hardening is typically to a depth of 1.5mm. The shims out there are from various sorces so unknown as to exactly how deep the hardening goes. I spoke to a local engineering shop, who specialise in 'older cars' who always grind the shims (albeit on a surface grinder with a magnetic vice). As I only removed 0.1mm I'm expecting that this will be fine. Time will tell... It's exhaust cam, valve number 4.
  12. Now I know that you've done this before
  13. Yippee. .. Finished the clearances this morning. There are so many variables... Feeler blades and their use and feel Micrometers and calibration Shims from different suppliers I reduced the 60 thou shim using 400 grit wet and dry, and if doing this again, would do this on all shims that are withing a few thou. You can order shims but in my experience it's hit and miss I'd you receive what you want. Thank you to those who helped me with this. Anyway next job...
  14. Hi guys Been 5 years out of the game. What is the recommended engine oil for an S4s? I'll also need gearbox oil too... Thanks in advance Glyn
  15. This one?
  16. But remember it's only soft aluminium...
  17. It's like an oil filter wrench but uses a v belt rather than a plain strap or chain... not got a link but I'll see if I can find one. Hopefully cheaper alternatives is you do some research.
  18. Mine was a really loose fit,with just corrosion holding it fast. You could try lots of penetrating fluid and use a v belt pulley tool to rock it back and forwards?
  19. I've not seen that plate either. From memory mine was just floating about above the rhs fuel tank!
  20. Looks right to me, making a batch? Lol
  21. Hi Ian Hoping these work... Glyn Ps ignore state of garage!
  22. Ian, have you run this clutch yet? Any slippage? Did you leave the step in the flywheel?
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