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  1. I'm a little confused... The old belt from my S3 says 5168-58133 x 26.4mm When I cross refer the Peugot 405 details I get a belt with a different Gates part number 5206, and looking at the new belt, the width is 25.4mm and not 26.4mm on the old belt. Do we think that this 1mm difference is OK, or is it more complicated with different materials etc Thanks Glyn
  2. Guys, could you spread the word that my 1985MY S3 is for sale. As some of you know an awful lot of hard work went into a repaint last winter with the intention of keeping it for years. However, after picking up an S4s on ebay, its got to go. I really want it to go to a good home. It is mechanically sorted (HC engine fitted), the interior is very good (not original) and shines well..., words don't do it justice. Over the months posts have said to allow
  3. Hi Troy how do you find the time to make such forward progress? Looking great - love the colour too. On the subject of chrome wscreen trims, I think that ultimately it will come to a trade off between good but second hand ones, or using the left and rights that are available new and cutting them to make the horizontal ones. Did I send you some photos of mine that had new chrome trims that had been joined in the middle? If not let me know. Unless you are really looking, you don't know. Keep up the good work Glyn
  4. Thanks Tim for (as usuall) a great response. I intend to 'do' the belts every 2 years as per the manufacturers service intervals in the uk, so will go for the standard belt T188. Thanks again Glyn.
  5. Thanks Dave still can't get over how gorgeous your wheels look in real life! B) I will check the lotus part number, Does anyone know what is the direction of rotation of the enigne when viewed from the front, as I think that I read somewhere that the charge cooler is damaged if you go the wrong way. Glyn ps. Anyone know a cross ref for the S4s tensioner bearing
  6. Hi Guys Over Easter i am replacing the timing belt on my s4s and S3 HC. Has anyone cross referenced the Lotus part number for the Gates part number? What is the gates part number? Also I have been looking at the Facom tensioner device (advertised on ebay for
  7. yep Paul, could be see you tomorrow, is there any particular place that I should park - I did not go last year. Glyn ps 2morrow i will be in the black S3, not the S4s - (trying to sell it - boo hoo)
  8. So does this lack of response mean that I am the only one driving south? really? and donnington is only 40 mins from me? or are you trying to tell me something? (i took a bath this morning and brushed my teeth!!) Come on, who else? Glyn
  9. Hi All, I'm looking to find anyone going M1 south to Donnington on Sunday, who wants to meet at Tibshelf services or donnington services (they are north of Donnington aren't they?). I've not thought of a time yet, but like the newport pagnell lot, it needs to be sooner rather than later to make sure we can park together. Glyn S4s 0777 1916149
  10. Thanks Troy, lets see if it works... Problem was that my files were too large Glyn
  11. Dave, I hope that they didn't scratch those lovely wheels! how are they holding out with all the salt? Gr8 figures m8 How did they keep her cool? Troy, I had the same prob with my screen trims For the front I bought 2 x lhs and 2 x rhs pieces. Use the extra from each side to make up the centre. In the correct order you don't need to adjust the mitred corners just the overall length. I used a hacksaw and finished by using a belt linisher to get the 90 degree nice and straight. You end up with a line in the chrome trim that is there, but hardly noticable. The same can be done with the rear, again all mitres are fine and don't need changing. Only problem is the cost (about
  12. Can't the tailgate be controlled by the alarm? As for the rest of the keys we are stuffed. What would you rather have, your esprit or a renault scenic !!!!! Give me the keys anytime. B) Glyn
  13. Hi JB, where did you fit the siren to get maximum volume. Currently it is in the front luggage compartment but as its sealed quite well, not much noise gets out. I have not loked how the CDL works yet, but did you need to buy anything else to make it work? Thanks Glyn
  14. wow what a feature list. How long do the batteries in the LCD remote last for? I read on a forum that the indicators flash when a door is opened to warn traffic. Is it possible to turn this off? I have emailed the parent company in China for prices and who to buy from as I cannot see the company on ebay. Thanks again Glyn
  15. Hi JB Sounds good!! I have seen alarms similar to this on ebay, made by a company called Mannix. I was worried that they seemed to be very inexpensive and was worried about the quality of the alarm. How long have you had it.? Does it give any false alarms? What are the installation instructions (wiring diagram) and user guide like? Any other comments about it. Thanks, Glyn
  16. No Paul, its a meta systems. The alarm is a M77A and the imobiliser is a M36T if this means anything glyn
  17. The aftermarket alarm on my S4s is getting dodgey. It has a separate imobiliser (as part of the main alarm) on a key thing. It never de-imobilises first time, sometime taking 20 attempts. I'm going to rip out the old one and fit something in its place. I am looking for a modular type where the battery is not in the siren; with dual microwave sensors; a backup battery; that passively imobilises; and for the future the possibility to add a pager. What would you fit? what have you got? what do you like? dislike? I would prefer to fit it myself rather than let someone else canniblize (?) up my wiring. Ta for now Glyn
  18. Just spoke to Lotus Technical, FYI on all 4-cylinder Esprits the step on the flywheel should be between 0.5mm and 0.6mm Glyn
  19. Hi Troy I have heard that trying to hammer them out mainly results in a broken casting as its aluminium. Get them pressed out at an engineering shop is my advice unless you've got a press handy!! Glyn
  20. Happy Christmas to one and all. I am trying to find out what the size of the step should be on an S4s flywheel. It does not state the dimension on the service notes. Pete @ PNM engineering (top bloke) says that the step on an S4 is 0.625mm which is 0.025" on old money. Is the S4s flywheel the same as the S4? Lotus technical have finished for Christmas - surely someone knows? Thanks and watch out for the white slippery stuff Glyn
  21. Hi Steve Not had any time to sort it out as yet, although I have checked the fuel cut-off. When I feel the rubber top, it feels flat and cannot be pressed (well i've not tried too hard). Is that what yours feels like? Should have more time soon (teacher - christmas hols - but Ofsted inspection when we get back :-( Glyn
  22. Progress update re: S4s clutch swap. Taken 3 weekends to swap out including all the other jobs that needed doing. Car initially fired first time, then died, now just cranks over with no attempt to fire. Surely if I had disturbed something it wouldn't have fired at all? Some headscratching ahead me thinks. Better get the bible out. Glyn
  23. thanks for the reassurance. I feel safer already - and will do as I'm told...... Thanks again, glyn
  24. Thanks for all your advice. Has anyone ever supported the car directly from the chassis - but as far forward as you can - I just don't like the idea of being underneath with only a few fasteners holding the fibreglass body to the chassis - which are under tension. I should have started it yesterday, but the downpipe on my S3 started blowing... so will be starting it this week....................... Thanks again Glyn
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