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    Love it. Stunning!
  2. Well just refitted the cam carriers to 22nm. They must have been previously fitted using a crow bar. No wonder the bolts got chewed up! Some butchers out there!
  3. Hi All I'm slowly rebuilding the motor of my s4s. Just refitted the head after having new valve guides and the seats recut. I measured the shims before fitting the cam carriers hoping to measure the valve clearances and buy a few shims. Unfortunately almost all valves have zero clearance. I have attached a link to a Dropbox photo if it works. It shoes my rough notes of shim thickness and the valve clearance. What is my next step as I can't order new shims when I can't measure the clearance? Does anyone in the UK have shims I could borrow? When I buy my new ones I could add my used ones to the library! Thoughts please. Glyn
  4. Correct! However there may be occasions when it is accidentally rotated, for instance when loosening the crank pulley bolt...
  5. I pulled the pump out of mesh with the drive ☺
  6. Been playing with mine today and starting to reassemble the engine when a though occured to me as to why these impellors fail. According to the manual, when working on the timing you have to back up 90 degrees. Well the rubber impellor doesnt enjoy going backwards and puts a lot of pressure on it. This could be a mode of failure... Glyn
  7. I don't know much about the tech spec but the V8 didn't have synchro. It has a brake to slow things to a halt to allow selection.
  8. Thanks for the info Wayne. Another problem not sorted. One of too many! Do you know the supplier just to re seal and bearing? Cheers Glyn
  9. Hi Dave Do you still have the supplier and part numbers which you used? If I just replace the bearing and seals could I mark it before disassembly and rebuild to the marks? Thanks Glyn
  10. On the s4s yes. The step spec is 0.5 to 0.6mm.
  11. Mine cost £20 through Cotterall engineering. About 15 mins of J29 M1. They also reworked the head Inc valve guides.
  12. Hi Steve How did you get on with the resealing of the liners and the 572? I'm in the same position and undecided about what to do. Were the clamps necessary? Thanks Glyn
  13. Just saw this whilst Christmas shopping in Debenhams Keep the spirit alive!
  14. Oh dear! I've got a spare although the mounting flange has snapped off. Think I'd better save it!
  15. I couldn't get mine out so had to do it when the gearbox was off. The aluminium had corroded and needed a good clean with 400 paper. I wonder if you could use a slide hammer with a long self tapping screw in the sensor. This would obviously mean a new sensor is needed.
  16. Thanks Simon and I totally agree. I must get mine back on the road! Glyn
  17. Hi Dave and thanks. Yes it's been a while what with being a new dad again and a teacher with no time for anything else I'm trying to fit in a few hours here and there. What I should really do is pay someone to do the work but as the engine is stripped it would cost more than I could allow. Hoping to spend some time shivering in the garage at Christmas!! Hope you're all ok too. Hopefully meet up again in the next year!!
  18. And I guess that as they are quick release it is easier to clean the grit out of the joint.... Thanks mmmm the 1st link has a slightly longer shank too.....
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