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  1. Thanks Sanj Like it!! Do you have the citroen part number for the cross reference file? Cheers
  2. That's good to hear. When did the spec change from cast?
  3. It's off as the engine is out and having a bottom end rebuild. To me it made sense to check the head. I no longer have access to machine tools but I'm confident in my own ability. I don't subscribe to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" as when these motors do break they cost a fortune to repair. Thinking of replacing the cam followers whilst everything is apart.....
  4. Garry is awaiting manufacture is standard size big ends so I'm intending fitting them in situ too. Glad this has been confirmed.
  5. Thanks for the specs. How would this be measured? Thanks. I used this method on my old mini many years ago. I just wondered if there was a modern way! Cheers It's strange, some of the valves have no play whilst others seem to have much more. The exhausts in the brass guides are by far the worst. Engine has only done 55000 miles. Is this considered normal wear? I wish that there was a definitive "open valve 10 mm. Measure lateral play. In excess of 2mm replace guide" I thought about soaking them in oven cleaner. Get the Mr Muscle out! Is egr cleaner the same as clutch and brake cleaner?
  6. Hi guys I've stripped down the head on my s4s and need some advice on the valve guide wear. The manual doesn't state what wear is acceptable so I don't really have a datum to check against. What should I be looking for? At what point should the guides be replaced? How should I clean the carbon from the back of the heads and stem? As always, thanks for your help Glyn
  7. Have a look at sailorbobs post. It's just a little up the thread on 3rd October.
  8. Just the studs. My locking tabs are shot. Thanks. Will give them a call. Glyn
  9. Thanks guys. I didn't pay for the upgrade but expected standard locking tabs and nuts. I read in the early posts that everything was included. Or am I mistaken?
  10. Received mine last week. Let the fun begin. I was expecting the manifold to head nuts and locking tabs too but not included in the package, especially as I could have paid for upgraded nuts..... Did anyone get nuts etc?
  11. Hi Travis. Why wouldn't you solder them? Just interested!! Glyn
  12. They wear into each other. If you put them back in different positions you will promote undue wear.
  13. This happened to me. The fog that I saw through the rear view mirror scared me to death! It is replaceable without taking the pump off. I didn't buy mine from lotus but bought some of the correct diameter from Gates and cut it to length. I too needed councilling afterwards!
  14. Hi Paul. Yeah. Full engine rebuild. New clutch. Seals in gearbox. Engine mounts. Alunox exhaust manifold. Turbo. Oil coolers.......... Gary, I really could have kissed you when it came out. Mmmmm that sounds quite wrong! !!
  15. Update. Those sockets recommended by Gary are amazing. Didn't work straight away so I gently tapped it whilst using a long bar. Worked a treat so thanks Gary and Travis. Also used the tool to remove the exhaust studs from the head as new ones are going in. What's next. ?....
  16. Exactly what I did. I used a glass jar which got really hot. Took 3 applications but worked perfectly.
  17. Hydraulic hoses have a loose nut, which allows the pipe to be disconnected without having to rotate the pipe or other components. On my S4s this loose nut screws onto a connector which then screws into the oil cooler. At this connection there is a sealing washer. Does this sound like what you can see?
  18. Thanks Guys, advice greatly received. Found the sockets which Sparky recommends at Machine mart, which is not too far away, but will also buy some new drills! I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks
  19. Yeah, the engine is out having a bottom end rebuild. Really annoyed with myself. Focusing on the losening sequence rather than correct technique. Travis, the bolt feels like a hard material and not 'soft', will it drill easily enough with standard steel twist drills or is a specialist drill required? Thanks for the photo and advice. Makes a lot of sense. Gary, what is this 'set of nasty little sockets'??
  20. Title says it all really. When taking of the cam carrier, removing the bolts (in the correct sequence), I got carried away, and the socket slipped, stripping the 'corners' off the torx head. Before I make it worse, what are your suggestions? There is not much room in there..... Cheers
  21. Don't laugh, but I also love VW campers and have a T25 Westfalia Atlantic. Anyway, one of the websites I u use is This would be brilliant for us but realise the amount of work in pulling it together. It's this the sort of information which you're thinking?
  22. Unsure about the cause but MSD do a pair of coil packs for about £100 and is considered to be an update.
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