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  1. Unsure about the cause but MSD do a pair of coil packs for about £100 and is considered to be an update.
  2. As ever... Superb. Thanks Better keep looking for a method to seal...
  3. Thanks Travis. Just taken a quick look on Amazon on the following link I can't see the seal for the feed wire. Did you use the existing seal and connect it up through that? or did it come with a seal?
  4. Hi Travis Its such a pain to get to, that I want to ensure it seals first time. The fastener on the fuel side is a push fit, with prongs which push into the plastic body. I'm not convinced that they are going to work a second time, especially after being forced off to remove the O ring. I remember you buying an upgraded pump. Do you have the manufacturer and part number?
  5. On the S4s, the electrical feed to the internal fuel pump passes through the flange and seals using a plastic connector, an 'O' ring and a metal clip (fish gill principle to hold it on). My fuel smell was coming from this seal, and don't really want to replace the pump. Question: how can I remake this electrical seal? Ideas please Thanks
  6. Peter, if all goes according to plan you can have a look at mine at the end of the summer (fingers crossed!)
  7. Great Minds Eh? Got a conversation going already :-)
  8. Hi Pete Thanks for your reply. Btw your interior is looking amazing:) My concern is that the s4 and s4s flywheels and clutches are vastly different in cost. What I really want is for someone with an S4s to let me know too. Keep them coming guys Thanks Bibs. I'll bear that in mind. I was really hoping that there may be something recent and hence the post. Cheers And just for the clutch (gulp)
  9. Has anyone bought one of SJ's S4s clutches, their own version and not the original oe. The price of the whole kit is the price of the original lotus pressure plate. Are there any other alternatives worth considering? Thanks
  10. Hi Mark Are you able to confirm that the current group buy will be manufactured with the latest redesign brackets etc due to the issues regarding the brace? Thanks
  11. I've been 'off forum' but now back on and rebuilding my s4s. Where do I access the lotus parts sales? Thanks
  12. How would that happen. Surely it must have been out of place for a long time! Shame you had to find out!!
  13. Oh dear. What made you realise? Or was there a teardown for something else?
  14. Hi Travis. I was hoping that you'd reply. Awesome explanation. On holiday for a week but ordering a dti as u write. A preliminary test with standard feeler blades on the inside thrust washer showed an easy 4 thou and a tight 5 thou with the original used thrust washers. There wasn't any numerical markings on the backside of them. Maybe I'll be okay with new standards?
  15. Take care if buying 2nd hand. If the donor cars clutch was maladjusted it can cause the fork to permanently bend. Then you'll spend forever trying to work out why you can't get it to operate.
  16. It was 5 years ago. Sorry I can't remember and my parts list is not with me. If your a full forum member you can download the parts lists from the forum.
  17. After too many years I'm about to start the rebuild of my s4s engine but will have a few questions for the engine guru's out there. So how to measure and correct crankshaft end float. I'm guessing that with the crank laying in the block with the thrust bearings in place I use feeler blades and check the tech spec. But if the end float is too much how do I know what size to order. Are they stamped with their original size? Thanks in advance
  18. Some may not agree with what I did but... I drilled a hole from the inside of the inner wheel arch which was large enough to get a spanner on the nut. I then used black silastic to cover the hole. Removing and realigning the door is a 2 man job and takes lots of time to get it right.
  19. So if I'm underastanding correctly there are 3 types of situations, oil, air and fluid. If its an air seal use grease to prevent the gasket from drying out. If its an oil, use a non hardening sealant eg wellseal If its a fluid seal use ?? I just about to start rebuilding a bottom end and there are so many discrepancies within and between the Service notes and the parts list. What is the up-to-date knowledge regarding gaskets / seals and sealants for the following. Front crank seal housing to block Front crank seal outer to housing Rear crank seal housing to block Rear crank seal outer to housing Main bearing housing to block Sump to block Auxilliary housing to block? Gasket present on disassembly Water pump Oil pump (gasket is supposed to be fitted dry but sealant was found when disassembled) Oil gallery cover gasket (oil pressure sender unit housing) Chargecooler rotor cover Any I've missed? Thanks
  20. I asked Nicky at Allunox re timescales. 4 weeks from all payments being cleared. What if 1 member backs out (unforeseen circumstances). Will the order stop? When I make my payment I expect a definite delivery. I would have thought a deposit would have been better as I dont want 1200 quid out of my account and be waiting.......
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