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  1. I'm not going to ask if you can really decode that. Oh, I just did!
  2. Caustic soda. Yes. Caustic soda. Glass jar 3/4 filled with water. Add caustic soda until it gets hot. Then immerse the union. The aluminium will start to bubble. Leave for a few hours and repeat. Mine took only 2 times. Easy. Really easy. Hi freek. You beat me to it Sodium hydroxide though not potassium hydroxide
  3. Ok ok I get the message! Ebay here I come
  4. Was the supplier telematica_europe? Or msd themselves as I cant see msd. Thanks Trying to avoid shipping and customs charges!
  5. Looking to buy the MSD 8224 coil packs to replace mine which are cracked. Trouble is I can't seem to google a supplier in the UK. Anyone bought any recently or got any NOS to sell? Thanks
  6. I didn't think to look at sj for mirror parts. I was looking at this My aluminium cage thing has broken too.
  7. Yes it is a sad fact. Mine has been sorn fir almost 5 years. However plans are being made to bring her back to life! Wish me luck Glyn
  8. Hi Mark Can you put me down for 1 too. Like Carl and Dan though I cant wait another 4 months for numbers to reach 10. Is it worth Allunox quoting a price for 7 units?
  9. I'm pretty sure that so long as the chassis cross member is refitted, the upper suspension link and drive shaft ends supported that on overhead block and tackle is fine.
  10. My power steering pump bracket had an Allen bolt which worked lose. It couldn't drop completely out as it couldn't clear the power steering pulley. The head of the bolt just jostled along the pulley and made an awful scarey noise. Simple fix but had to shorten the short length of an Allen key to fit in the gap. Fingers crossed.
  11. Oh and I believe the pedal box is necessary as the centres of the old and new master cylinders are different? ?????.......
  12. A couple of years ago I gathered together all on your parts list too with the intention of the same conversion. Unfortunately due to lack of time I've not got anyfurther so I will be keen to follow this! I know in the past that this has been done previously. It would be fantastic if you could document this as many owners may consider this. It may also give me the incentive to rebuild the engine and get her on the road again. .. Thanks Glyn
  13. The washer jet feed pipes do pass above both footwells. Maybe water has collected whilst using them due to a split or the pipe being worn through. The jets are attached high up and in the lotus position with a good torch you can see them. Give them a squirt and wear some goggles! There must be a drain hole in the heater box for the condensed water vapour to drain. Maybe its blocked? The parts list will surely show the drain but I don't have mine with me..... Hope this helps Glyn
  14. According to garry, the bearing from lotus are not of the vp 2 material !
  15. I have heard from Garry Kemp that the original bearings were a high quality Lead/Bronze material made by Vandervell – their VP2 material which is a race quality bearing. These are no longer available so an alternative ACL bearing which is of Aluminium / Tin construction is being supplied. Does anyone know of anywhere where I can buy the high quality shells from.. Cheers Glyn
  16. Mike, how many miles has your engine done?
  17. As the valve seat wears, the valve is allowed to go further into the cylinder head. The camshaft is fixed, so the valve gets closer to the camshaft, so the clearance decreases....
  18. So is the concensus of opinions to take off the cam towers and re-shim? I'm now thinking of removing the head too and relapping in the valves etc while I'm at it. Any idea as to the cost of the parts required eg gaskets, shims to do this work from where I am now? I need another job.......... Glyn
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