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  1. Sorry Bob it's sold for the buy it now price.
  2. Think you’re right Steve. I’ve looked for a photo of the chassis number plate which will have the trim codes but I haven’t got one. I’ve messaged my painter and let’s see what his memory’s like! barry. The spare I got was just a spare...
  3. It's definitely not azure blue. It's got purple and black in it. I'll try to find out...
  4. Just a heads up that my Stevens wind deflector and sunroof bag have just been posted on ebay 173696443757 and 173696437596 thanks
  5. Thanks Barry. Did you mention what it cost you? Steve, a little studs first don’t you think? And the box is from a V8... been in this forum since the beginning. Check my date and number. Just not been around lately.
  6. No. Oh dear! You'll be an expert soon! Mmm no. A vw lt28 Florida...
  7. Some old timers on here may remember me from over 10 years ago. Sold my s4s to Barry and now Just a heads up that I'm starting to sell off my remaining esprit parts. On eBay now 173691754027 I've a gearbox, aluminium dash, cam timing setting tools, digital speedometer, clutch fork, toolkit, and loads that I've got to open from storage. I'll make sure I update this so you know where to look Thanks Glyn
  8. Hi Chaps I've replaced both fuel tanks with Ally ones, and before I go ahead and order the original rubber lotus hoses (connecting the tank to the metal crossover pipe) at £20 each, I was just wondering if there was a supplier who had pipes to cope better with the fuel in the Uk containing ethanol? I also need to replace the breathers etc and any advice would be brilliant. Thanks in advance
  9. Yes... good spot. Unfortunately I didn't !! I wonder what worked?
  10. Could they be ground and then chrome plated back to their original diameter?
  11. What is the best adhesive available in the UK to fix the studs to the head or is it not required?
  12. If your throttle jack is still operational it will increase the tick over as there is now no restriction in the exhaust. When removing the EPBV the throttle jack has to be removed too.
  13. I'm trying to fathom out what size clamps to buy for my silicon hoses. I have taken a look at the parts lists, but some are labelled with just the Lotus part and no hose size. Did anyone make a record of what size clamp fits where?
  14. Bloody brilliant! I can't wait for that feeling again. I remember bringing a 2002 V8 back to life after a year. Ah......
  15. Im pretty sure that Dave Walters on here as superdavelotus has a contact for repairing them. Give him a PM.
  16. Had the cam towers been drilled to suit the M10 tapped holes? When I disassembled mine they were massively tight. Think they are only 20nm
  17. What a great sound that would have been. I know exactly what you mean. I'm now on with cleaning and rebuilding the intake side...
  18. I agree. My adjuster only took 40 flats, so 6 threads. Need to check the deflection though. I've left it as 20mm at the moment.
  19. Fitted my pas belt this afternoon. I had to fit the belt round the pulley first and then refit the pulley. What is your issue? Just re looked at your pics and the pumps not fitted. Are you going to tell me it is fitted once the engine is in situ?
  20. Hey Ian how'd you get on with tightening those oil cooler sandwich plate fittings?
  21. Unsure if my rhs is original but the pump recess is cylindrical with a drain at the bottom if it.
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