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  1. On 16/12/2018 at 13:30, Barrykearley said:

    I’d rather think my driving style is the issue here. Was only a matter of time until them little rings were needing replacement. 

    How this gearbox ever made it into these cars I’ll never know - I mean if you can’t rush the 1st to 2nd gear change - maybe an auto would have been more suitable. 

    And to be absolutely clear - I was offered that gearbox at the time of buying the S4s

    Thanks Barry. Did you mention what it cost you? 

    Steve, a little studs first don’t you think?  And the box is from a V8...  been in this forum since the beginning. Check my date and number.  Just not been around lately.


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  2. Some old timers on here may remember me from over 10 years ago. Sold my s4s to Barry and now Just a heads up that I'm starting to sell off my remaining esprit parts.  On eBay now 173691754027

    I've a gearbox, aluminium dash, cam timing setting tools,  digital speedometer, clutch fork, toolkit, and loads that I've got to open from storage. I'll make sure I update this so you know where to look





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  3. Hi Chaps

    I've replaced both fuel tanks with Ally ones, and before I go ahead and order the original rubber lotus hoses (connecting the tank to the metal crossover pipe) at £20 each, I was just wondering if there was a supplier who had pipes to cope better with the fuel in the Uk containing ethanol?

    I also need to replace the breathers etc and any advice would be brilliant.


    Thanks in advance

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