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  1. Gonzalo has gone Hollywood. Nice work Gonzo! Wayne
  2. Since it worked before being disturbed, I would vote for a short to ground (VE-) on the ECU pins 24 & 25. Seems strange that both outputs would get shorted at the same time, I suspect both wires are in the same bundle, however.
  3. WEllison

    ECU HELP!!!!

    No relays direct control by the ECU providing controlled ground to the solenoids.
  4. WEllison

    ECU HELP!!!!

    Hi Mike, Ah the British and their English. Sheet 5C of section ML of the service notes dated 15-09-97 calls out pin 84 to the purge solenoid and pin 85 to the can purge solenoid and the pin out list (per your posting calls pin 84 the vent solenoid and pin 85 the purge valve. I believe the pin out list is correct that pin 85 controls the purge valve. On this side of the pond the vent solenoid is called the close valve as it normally closes the canister to the atmosphere and only opens during the purge cycle. We Californians need to know this stuff!
  5. WEllison

    ECU HELP!!!!

    P0444 error is one of many "sanity Checks" to confirm continuity of the wiring. In this case the ECU is looking for +12 to appear on pin 84 when the ECU is NOT commanding the purge valve to actuate. Fuse B7 provides +12 to several places including the O2 heater relay, since you have no o2 heater error fuse B7 is probably Ok. You can check each side of the purge control valve with a meter (with key on not started) and +12 should be there on both sides. If not the + 12 is not being supplied by fuse B7 or the purge control valve is open or the wire to B7 is. If +12 is there on both sides then there is an open wire to pin 84 (not 85) of the ECU or the ECU has a problem. There are two solenoids for the evap. system. One is a atmosphere close valve (pin 85) and the other is a purge valve (pin 84) which opens to connect the canister to the engine vacuum. P0444 is all about the purge valve pin 84. The purge valve is NOT documented in the Lotus service manual but it is in the parts diagram page 44.05a as item 10 and the close valve is item 7. You don't want to know why I know all this stuff!
  6. This is tough to find. The secondary injectors could be dripping if they were not replaced at the same time as the primary injectors. If it is consistently doing the popping at idle you could temporarily remove the CATs (generates an error code) and see if the popping stops. If it does that would be a strong indication that excess fuel is being touched off in the CAT.
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  8. Hi Mike,


    I see you are posting again on the forum.  The forum has not forgotten you! 


    Hope all is well, Wayne

  9. Sorry for the delay. There must be something else going on. The post CAT sensor's only function is to let the ECU know how the CATs are functioning, they don't control anything. A misfire is being caused by some condition (fuel mixture, or timing,) and the post sensors are re-acting to it. Maybe very rich mixture finding its way into the CAT and being lit off by the heat in the CAT??
  10. Yes, you need a few special tools and a tool to tune the belts to the right frequency. First you need to buy the service manual which contains all the information you need. However, then the tools, be advised this is a high risk job. If you should make a mistake you could bend many valves. Many "Lotus Shops" have done it wrong and caused much damage. Find someone in your area who has done it or paid to have it done and hook up!
  11. I would not use a locking strut, it forces one side to take the load if the tailgate is opened for a long time, and results in bending the hinge plate. Replace both with standard lifting shocks with the right pressure and length.
  12. Dave are you actually watching the o2 sensor switching times and voltage levels. what are you using to "watch " the o2 sensors?
  13. The parts have been sold, thanks everybody.
  14. Everybody must go look at the photobucket pictures, this is a beautiful engineering job. Did the intercoolers fit in the Cortina??
  15. I have a new, still in the shrink wrap, Holloway upgrade kit for the UN-1 transmission and a new custom high torque twin disk clutch built by AP still in box. I had intended to add these to my modified V8, but have moved on. I have the clutch dyno curves from AP. Only two clutches were built by AP for myself and Mike Sekinger, when we built our Esprits. The Holloway kit is $4,000 and the clutch is $1,300 or $5,000 for both, plus shipping. I apologize for placing the AD here, but I could not log into the parts for sale section, sorry.
  16. Is there no work order/estimate with the details of why the timing belts were "recommended" to be changed? Normally this is the case. That would be the smoking gun, if the belts were recommended to be changed based on time or mileage only. I assume that the owners attorney is advising you on how to present your expert opinion. Experts are experts based on their experience and resume, I have not heard of this level of technical bonafide being required.
  17. Yes, that's the trick 35 MPH in 5th gear up a long slight hill, almost lugging the engine. That's the drive cycle for the O2 readiness test.
  18. No, Not really. Drive the car several hundred miles to make sure the rings seat and make sure all the readiness flags get set. The O2 sensor readiness is fussy to set but it should complete. Independent of the rebuild the CATs need to be in good shape. The engine looks clean and should get no "hard eyes".
  19. If you replaced the front calipers, including the "square rings" in the caliper which pull the pads back away from the rotor by a few thousands, then it must be the master cylinder or the ABS accumulator not releasing pressure to the calipers. Since this is a 4 channel abs system, each wheel has a separate fluid line. I would vote for the master. You could crack the front line from the master when the pedal is locked and see what happens (release pressure).
  20. Who rebuilt the motor? They should have some responsibility in resolving the problem, are they 918 engine experienced and did they have the Lotus engine special tool(s) set? Contacting Mark is probably the best idea. Who are the people who are stumped? Engine knocks are not difficult to identify the source. If only occurs when warm probably related to low oil pressure, but can't tell remotely.
  21. Thanks Sanj, I spoke with Dave Simkin of Lotus and he says Lotus has not experienced any problem like I mentioned. So, this is good news. I am installing the Holloway upgrade. Nice to know you have a synchro ring if I need it, I'll let you know when I get it apart.
  22. I have the manual and it is very clear on the disassembly steps. However, I've been told that it is just about impossible to press off the 1st/2nd synchro assembly without bending the brass 2nd gear synchro ring. The synchro assembly is mated to the secondary shaft via splines which have an interference fit, which requires a press to remove. The 2nd gear synchro ring is sandwiched between the 2nd gear and the 1st/2nd synchro assembly, the press is used to drive the secondary shaft through the 1st/2nd synchro assembly and the 2nd gear. Apparently the 2nd gear synchro ring is not supported evenly, so the synchro ring gets bent during this step. This makes no sense to me! Has anybody else experienced this problem, if so what can be done? Lotus synchro rings are getting very scarce.
  23. I've seen my speedo jump up to different speeds while the car is standing still, several times over the last 7 years. But it just happens now and then. So infrequent I haven't bothered to chase it!
  24. The flat plane crankshaft benefits from reduced weight counterweights, as the "paired" cylinders fire at 90* as the cylinders are separated by 90*, but there are large harmonics which occur and can only be tolerated in smaller displacement engines. Flat planes sound weird, but rev fast. Each cylinder serially provides the torque, there is an additive effect only due to torque overlap, I have no idea what the torque decay of each cylinder is, but I bet Lotus does.
  25. Mark, Did ACL make your bearings out of Chev. bearings? Mike S. had some made up by ACL several years ago and I would like to know if they are still available.
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