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  1. miketaylor


  2. miketaylor

    Red S3 Turbo

    Hopo What car were you driving? Mike
  3. miketaylor

    Red S3 Turbo

    I guess that must have been me on my way to a meeting in London - I was a little late..... Mike
  4. A16 from Abbeville along to the tolls approaching Calais - we were in the Red Excel SE
  5. Model: Lotus Esprit S2.2 Year: 1980 VIN: SCC CB12A5 AHD 10877 Engine - original block with interesting internals... Black / Black leather interior Warwickshire, UK Mike
  6. miketaylor


    Mike My white Sunbeam is in Tarmac rally spec, caged, 220bhp 911 engine on 48s, 4.4:1CWP with LSd. I did about 20 rallies in this between 2003 and 2005. Since then it has not been used much since I got the micra logbooked. It is currently in my storage barn with several other projects. I have been a SLOC member but I am not sure if my membership is up to date I have another poject Lotus sunbeam in my barn as well a Black S1 road car, Skip brown engine, LSD, quick rack, strut brace, neg camber crossmember, 3 core rad, AP closed back 4 pots, bisteins etc etc, but body needs work. I have a good spare shell for it but no time.... Mike
  7. miketaylor


    Hi Picked a Micra for several reasons right wheelbase, right track, short overhangs, engine fitted under bonnet / windscreen and at the time I worked for Nissan... An Elite Riviera is an extremely rare car - I think ther are only 6 left Mike
  8. miketaylor


    Hmmm There is me thinking everyone here would be interested in the Esprit rather than the Micra... My Lotus Micra is a new shape Nissan Micra shell with a complete Lotus Excel backbone chassis welded in and spaceframed with the roll cage, with all Excel running gear powered by a 300Bhp normally aspirated 2.5L 912 engine. It is a RWD tarmac rally car so it is taxed and MOTed. We have been competing in it for the last 3 years in Nat A/ Nat B tarmac rallies - next outing will be at Colerne airfield on 12th July Mike
  9. miketaylor


    Hi Just to say Hello... Just got the engine back in by 87 Turbo and MOTed it on Friday. Now I can actually drive it, I guess I will be spending the next few weeks driving it around to find whatever other gremlins will go wrong Mike Taylor Warwickshire 74 Elite 79 Lotus Sunbeam 80 Esprit S2.2 87 Turbo 2005 Lotus - Micra
  10. SCC082910GHD12307 Red Esprit Turbo 1987 Mike Taylor - Warwickshire UK
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