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  1. I've been away lately, but hadn't heard anything. Thought I'd check back, as I'm still very interested in a full suspension for my '78 S1. I'm frikkin' dyin' ovah hee. -dave- PS: Looking for a marque specialist somewhere near Philly.
  2. Well egad dennis/aloof -- pass the word and let's get some names! sounds like you are the portal to a host of interested parties! After all, the dollar isn't getting any stronger... The Shoe
  3. '78 S1 77110515H David Coleman Wilmington, DE, USA '78 S1 77110515H David Coleman Wilmington, DE, USA [email protected]
  4. Hi. If you're keeping a record of all showing interest, please add me to that list. Though truth told, since I don't know if the current interior is the car's original color, I would like to know more about where to track down the tartan material. -The Shoe-
  5. Just to be sure -- I have made my commitment (#22 or so on the list), and it remains in full effect. Lotus can feel free to call on me and request full payment up front, no problem! That would, by far, be my preferred method. However, if 75 never happens, which appears likely, then what to do? Continue to suck the hind teet? I can't believe there isn't a pre-existing Koni/Bilstein/Boge/etc. that doesn't meet the physical size fitment parameters, and can be re-valved based on the research... and yes, I think 25 would be a big enough number to work a deal on that revalving. And... as
  6. Not to be flippant, but if the testing's been done, there must be some idea on shock type/setting/etc, and spring weights/length, so with 25+ buyers, I'd think that'd be enough to go straight to Koni, H&R, or some-such companies and get a set built up. I'd pay in advance if need be. -The Shoe-
  7. Okay, I'm finally here! I too hereby commit to buying one set for my S1, at a price between
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