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  1. So the opinion , if i read this right is don't buy silicon, don't get any colour other than black, don't buy crap from china on eBay, and don't admit to owning a Saxo
  2. It was a complete pain Barry, its not the first time I've started a job only to find the tool (crane ) i was using was not long 😕 This were i must have gone wrong before, used a steam cleaner but not the acid, what do you suggest?
  3. The bicycles are all electric, its the future. I have done over 2000 miles on mine in the last year. The motorcycles are in my other garage. I am going to try and get the engine a bit cleaner, i like the idea of having the charge cooler and cam covers powder coated. The gearbox needs a good clean, if any one knows what to use i would be interested to know
  4. Hi All Now I've started a may as well go through the whole car. So on the list cooling hose, (complete set )what do others use / suggest, rubber ,silicon, from who, how much???? lots of questions, happy for any comments, recommendations, and personal observations.
  5. Its out!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Sealy crane cant see model though, load leveler is a Clarke 500kg from Machine Mart about £35
  6. Well i deserve a beer Its out, i would like to say it only took me 2 hours and was easy. But i would be lying!!!!!!! What a performance, a lot of swearing, and standing back and scratching of the head Thanks for the advice of those of you who offered it. I can only say taking an engine and box out on your own is something i might give a miss next time Well now the real fun starts
  7. Hi all Still struggling to remove the drive shafts, as you can see by the image i am nearly there but cant push the hub out any more to release the spider from the joke. I have released the lower arm only?
  8. Cheers both I was over thinking it, the lesson here is don't reply to a post when you have been to a BBQ all day and have a belly full of beer on-board
  9. Cheers Sparky Please explain more
  10. Hi Chaps Its a sunny Sunday morning so i thought i would remove the engine and gearbox. Two hours in and every thing disconnected , except the roll pins on the drive shafts. Question is they are in there good, how much force do i have to use and what's the best tool / kitchen implement to use ?. Every thing else came apart easily ( too my shock/ joy)
  11. I have invested in a load leveller so the job will be easy😅 Going to attack it from behind
  12. Lifting the engine tomorrow, question, from the side or from behind
  13. Got my confirmation of entry today, if any one is coming come say hello
  14. Hi Derek Mine has a 1600 crossflow, 145bhp on the rolling road and weighs just over 600kg and of course drives like a go kart . Its a 95narrow bodied se
  15. Just sent my entry form off for the hill climb, this is what the Westfield was made for
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