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  1. Hi Barry Not seen you for a while, just about to start on the old girl again.( work got in the way this year) Engine and gearbox is coming out in Jan to sort out the water leak i have
  2. Not wanting to sound posh i put underfloor heating in my garage, the only thing is it would be a pain in the arse to retro fit. No condensation, it drys a wet car. and its a nice working environment. It just took a bit of forward planning.
  3. Yes, already customized some spanners from doing this and other jobs ( now i see why i kept all those old spanners in the bottom draw of my tool box )
  4. I have slackened off the 3 mounting bolts to the block, just would like to know if taking off the pump and mount as one is the way and more importantly is it the easier way to refit?
  5. Hi All Any hints or tips on power steering pump removal Cheers Paul
  6. Yes Barry She goes through the white plastic tube real easy. Yes take the seat out makes the job a lot easier. As you a can see you only need to pull away the carpet from the front of the tunnel. I soaked my seat bolts in plenty of wd40 and they came easy
  7. All DONE AND ADJUSTED Thanks for the info, yes the clamp vital for adjusting the cable length (as i found out the first time and had to re do it) The only problem i came across was i had to reengineer the foot stop where the cable runs through it, the nipple on the end of the cable would not fit through the tube so it had to be drilled out (reamed) and de burred
  8. Cheers No have not released the clamp (did not realise there was one) this might be my problem Just had a look at the parts diagram, and its starting to make sense
  9. Cheers I was hoping not to have to take any thing apart, but hear goes i have a look.
  10. Hi All Any tips on how to remove and replace the throttle cable on my GT3 Tried pulling it out of the plastic sleeve that goes into the chassis tunnel but with no joy, unlatching the peddle end was the easy bit as my drivers seat is not in the car . Cheers Paul
  11. Cheers Alan Thanks, i could not find anything when i looked either, hopefully it was an odd lead i picked by mistake when i took the engine out at my mates workshop. Its a bit of a jumble sale in there at times. PAUL
  12. Hi Barry Thanks for letting me come round for a chat today and letting me into see the place where all the magic happens. You offered to help me identify a lead i seem to have spare, please see photos attached (This isn't just for Barry if anyone else can identify ). The three wires are coloured, solid green, green white stripe and yellow black stripe, and is 35 inches long. Cheers Paul


  14. Sorry for any confusion Just my 2 pennies worth, i think the colour coded bumpers suit it more than the black ones. (I hope i don't get struck off for such heresy )
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