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  1. On 14/04/2018 at 03:38, cweeden said:

    Hi Greg,

    Are you still planning to install a modified engine? Do you have any details you could share?



    Hi Chris

    Yes, still intend to do the modifications. I managed to get another complete V8 engine which we have now stripped down. Its a part time project between myself and a friend (engine builder) and is fitting in around our day jobs over the course of this year. I have now got all the major parts I need for the rebuild (this took me 5 years to get the parts I wanted!) so we just need to get on with it now, but we are finding it challenging as things are pretty busy with work for both of us. The Link ECU install was the first step on the road to preparation for the modified engine. As far as the engine goes it will have forged coated pistons, billet rods (Saenz), Billet crank, Hybrid T-25 turbos using the internals from TB2804 turbos and water/methanol injection. Also using ARP head studs and bottom end kit.



  2. Hi Jason, I installed a Link ECU in my V8 last year. The Link model was the 'Thunder'.  

    The reason for a Link was purely around a local experienced installer / tuner lived close to me. I am sure there are better brands out there this was just the way I went. It was a very straight forward installation, took about 10 hours to remove the old unit and install the Link.  As Dan mentions the work is really in the mapping. We has a few niggles along the way but these were sorted out and the car performs really well and I am glad I went this way. The reason for the standalone install is to have tuning flexibility for when I install a modified engine next year, but that's another story....

    If you decide to go the stand alone route and decide on a Link ECU PM me and I can forward on more details around who I used as I am sure he could talk to your local Link dealer and supply the maps he used for my car.     

    Off course the less complicated, practical and more cost effective option is the one Mike mentions above!

    All the best with your decision making





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  3. Just ordered tanks for my V8 from Andy at Axminster, Based on his current work load he will start on them in May. As Ian says, excellent quality but not cheap. I am in New Zealand so shipping is expensive. A cheaper option would have been to have them fabricated locally but I don't intend to fit them until next year so nothing to give a fabricator as a sample. 

  4. Hi Guys


    Wondering if someone can help with this one. I have purchased the PNM brake upgrade, I went for: 321mm 6 piston two piece front and the 321mm two piece 4 piston rear set up. I have OZ Nova wheels and my car is a 1999 V8 SE so am using the kit for the '1993 onwards Lotus (including V8)' option. The fronts fit with no problems at all. The rears are fitted but the wheel will not go fully on! they hit the caliper before go all the way on. There is no where near enough clearance. I'll call the guys at PNM on Monday but just wondering if anyone has fitted the rear kit with OZ Nova wheels? Can't see anything on the website that indicates they don't fit with these rims.





  5. Hi All,

    I'm hoping to get a few items from the sale. I am based in New Zealand but my sister lives in London and can pick the parts up for me. I am having trouble finding the closest Lotus dealer to her Flat, or work, so I can get the parts sent there for pick up. Can anyone help me locate the nearest London dealer? She lives in Hugh Street, SW1V, Pimlico and works in Berkeley Street W1J 8HD.



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