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  1. Thanks Bibs, no special design! we just cut and welded the two 90 deg long radius elbows together. We were also worried about the distribution as well but it has turned out remarkably well, when you put your hand against each outlet pipe at idle you can hardly tell the difference, and visually following the car there is no difference. Not sure how this worked out like this! does yours use long or short radius elbows at the distribution point? After fabrication we thought short radius bends would probably have been a better choice because of the restricted room under the car, but in the end it fitted with no problems.

  2. Hi All

    I have just fitted this system to my car, I supplied the materials and a workmate fabricated it. We modelled it off a photo we downloaded from the net. The pipe is 2-1/2" 304 stainless, the muffler is also 304 and is 5" diameter and 400mm long with fabricated neck rings for the ends so we could butt weld the inlet pipe and exit flange. It turned out really well as it was all very much experimental. It has a nice deep throaty sound that everyone comments on so we must have guessed the design right! (I was worried it might turn out excessively loud with the small muffler) The car is an '88 carb turbo (no cat).







  3. Hi All

    Since I have had my Lotus (1988 Turbo) there has always been minimal clearance between the tail gate and the glass sun roof. When I open the tail gate (with sun roof closed) it has some times rubbed on the sunroof. I have managed to increase the clearance by opening the sunroof and pushing it as far as I can forward before closing it, this only lasts until it is used again and goes back to its natural position. I thought I would adjust the tailgate by moving it back slightly, although the gap at the back looked good, I still tried. I only moved it 2mm a side by undoing the three M6 bolts on each side of the tail gate hinge but this was enough to stop the tail gate opening again :D finally got it open! Am now nervous about adjusting it back and closing it! Has anyone else had this problem with the clearance between the tail gate and sunroof? And how do you align the tail gate up so that it will open again?

  4. Hi All

    This one is really bugging me! I have read through most topics on this but have come to a dead end. My passenger side door will not compress the door seals at the top corner of the door which leads to annoying wind noise. I have replaced the rubber seal (new one) which attaches to the car. I have not replaced the one on the door as it looks in very good condition. I have adjusted the door as much as possible by loosening the two window frame bolts and moving it in as far as I can while maintaining good window operation. When closing the door against a single strip of news paper as a test it does not compress it. Any ideas for further adjustment? Or is this a feature of the car? :)

  5. Got the car back yesterday after having the master cylinder overhauled. They re-sleeved it after finding pitting in the bore. Hopefully this was the cause of the problem! Pedal feels good and the car pulls up nice and straight, still might take it easy for a while it was a horrible feeling having no brakes! Thanks all for your advice. :D

  6. Thanks everyone for your replies / advice. I pick the car up on Monday so will check out those suggestions Justin before I drive it away.

    The original fluid could well have been in there a long time. The day it happened was while driving in traffic with no hard braking at all, just lots of stops and starts and then a bit of open road. I think I will go down the Master cylinder track first and see what we find from there. Will let you all know the outcome.


  7. Anyone got any ideas on this one?

    Driving home the other night I noticed the brake pedal required a little bit more then the normal travel to start slowing the car down, it was only just noticeable and I had only travelled about 15 kilometres by this time. But a further few kilometres on, going down a good hill I applied the brakes and the pedal went straight to the floor! I managed to pull over pumped them a few times and the pedal got a bit firmer.

    I got to my local garage that was only a couple of kilometres away. I stopped in his yard and got the mechanic to look at it, by this time the car had been standing for about 15 minutes and the pedal was back to normal and everything working ok! I was going away for a week so I left the car with him to check over but he has found nothing wrong. The fluid was clear and full (has now been changed). No obvious signs of leaks or seals passing. He took the car out several times and the brakes are working fine. At this point we have not started stripping anything down. The only suggestion so far is that the hand brake may have been on slightly and boiled the fluid. I am pretty sure the brake light was off when driving home and thought if this was the case I would have at least smelt hot brakes when stopping in his yard. The car is a 1988 Stevens Carb Turbo.

    Anyone had this happen to them? Was wondering what people thought before starting to take things apart :)


  8. Hi Everyone

    I am heading over to the UK in a weeks time for a 7 week holiday :lol: I have a small shopping list of parts for the Esprit which is mainly around door rubbers, glass top rubber and other cosmetic items. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on 1/ The best place to get parts and 2/ Anything I should probably consider getting seeing as I live in New Zealand. Kylie has suggested some rear discs. I will be based in London and West Purley in Surrey. Any idaes?

  9. Hi Michael

    I got the car from the Auckland Lotus dealer. I was looking at importing one from the UK when I go over next month. I called the dealer to make sure the Esprit's comply with the new New Zealand import regulations. He called me back a litle while later to tell me about this one. I was really after an SE but the car has a very good history and I did some back ground checks with the prevoius owner so in the end took the plunge! Happy hunting, let me know how you get on.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Well, I have read through the Forum on this one and will go through the checks recommended but just wanting to know what the old hands initial thoughts are on this. A little while after the car has been started a fairly strong fuel smell comes from the drivers side only seat belt upper opening. After the car been standing for a while it goes away. Fuel cross over line?

  11. Yes, Just as Kylie said it is silver. I am sure you will know the car Kylie it has been in auckland most of it's life. I called the owner who had it between 2000 and 2005 to check it out and ask a few questions. He gave it a good report and it has a good history. Really going to try and use it as much as I can as a daily car, although with all this rain we are having :thumbup: Can't make this Sunday's run but I will get along just as soon as I can!

  12. Thanks everyone, This going to be fun :thumbup: . I am heading to England in June for 5-6 weeks so am starting to make a shopping list. The Lotus is a long long awaited dream. I was originally looking at importing one from the UK. This is a fantastic place for information, I have a lot to learn.

    Have uploaded a couple of photos, I hope, first time doing this, just after parking it on the drivway, not the best photos. You sure can expect some questions from me in the very near future...........

  13. Hello All

    Just joined the forum and in the process of joining LEW. I purchased (last week!) a 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo. It's in great condition and travelled 39,000 miles. Just going through it and tidying up a few small things. What a great place for information, doing a lot of reading!

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