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  1. sounds like its going with me! I am hoping that import rules are reasonable. I know that most of the middle east is very car friendly and as long as you know the system, almost anything is possible. The lack of taxes should help. I hear petrol is only a few quid a tank so I am not expecting the anti car rhetoric we have here. This might be my last chance to drive something silly before we are all in hybrids! The car has a solid roof and a recently serviced aircon. One thing I do expect to find out there are decent aircon engineers!
  2. I just landed a job in Oman. I thought the GT3 had to go but after spending
  3. I pulled every fuse and the only one blown is the window voltage regular. That said my eyes arent as good as they used to be! If any of the fuses or relays had gone then surely the lights would not work during normal operation as well as when I flashed them? The lights pop up fine using the dash switch but fail to pop from the stalk. They do actually light up from the stalk.
  4. I cannot see how I swapped the relays but I must have. There are 4 Bosch one which look identical plus a Hella one which has the same fittings but is different. I somehow managed to swap a bosch and Hella one. When I flash the lights the relay clicks and the light comes on but the pods dont come up. The pod motors are fine as the pop up fine when using the dash switch. I hope it is the stalk. The 2A voltage regulator fuse goes the minute I put it in. Both were fine prior to my messing!
  5. Mmm. I suspect a little knowledge is very dangerous. I may have swapped two of the relays inadvertantly. Everything is now back almost normal. The headlight still wont pop up on the flash so I guess that may be the switch itself on the stalk but by way of punishment for my dabbling the window voltage regulator fuse has blown and keeps blowing when ever I insert a new one - no ideas, at least the car drives fine and the aircon works! I guess thats another job for my friendly but not cheap Lotus mechanic
  6. I think I started with a single relay problem but now have more than one. It looks like I blew a fuse in the main fusebox and I am now wondering if I did the same to the ABS. Is there anything in the main fusebox/relay area that could mess up the abs? I have done swapping but the problem persits. Are all of the relays easily avaialble from say halfords? Their are 4 Bosch ones but the one I think may be the problem is the start up relay.
  7. I had a little problem. The headlights would not pop up when I flashed but worked fine on the switch. A little knowledge being dangerous I check the fuses and wiggled the relays. To cut a long story short the following then happened. The heater fan and electric windows dont work. The ABS and brake light are always on. The brakes dont appear to work and need some serious push to slow the car down although restarting the engine seems to recharge the hydraulics To top it all the headlights stay on even with the ignition and swiches off and the headlight pods down I found swapped a
  8. Mmmmm. I did have the speedo fixed and they probaby had to disconnect the battery for that could be another coincidence but it has taken the entire tank of fuel to get back to normal. anyway cannot complain, the car is running as well as it has ever done! Might be time to sell!
  9. That will teach me not to post anything this tedious again!
  10. recently had a problem with idle and throttle repsonse when the car had just been started. The usual dip in the revs when pressing the throttle was very pronounced to the point of stalling if enough throttle was given. Once warm the car ran normal. The problem appeared one day and three weeks later vanished. The problem appeared to start soon after a refill of Total super unleaded and was apparantly corrected by a tank of the "super" Shell petrol. All very odd
  11. It is bizzare that in a film with "heavy sustained threat". lots of violence, death and distruction, it was the crashing of a Lambo which traumatised us most. I have to say that we all (myself included) need "help"
  12. Another 1mph "touch" with the transit van parked up my arse this morning. The plastic bumper deforms perfectly but the paint on the corner simply comes of in a chunk. This is the third time I have had to paint the bumper for "normal" london parking manouveres. I only had it painted two months ago Is paintwork meant to be this brittle??
  13. Shopping with the Gf on holiday and came across this car parked!
  14. This is the Esprit Forum (not the Subaru Imprezza forum) so you have to know the answer to that question without asking! We all love performance but it has to be in one to the most timeless car designs ever! The Esprit has to be top 10 in terms of perfomance/style for any car that has driven. Reading through the comments again and I have to say that our fellow American enthusiasts have no idea how expensive it can get to run a Lotus! Top of my head, Petrol is about 3 times the price here in the UK!
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