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  1. Thanks everyone. Still after the best way to support the front adequately? I have had te car supported before, but I could have done it better, so was just after some ideas from the brains trust.
  2. Hmm. How to proceed then?
  3. Another college shooting in the USA

    There's nothing wrong with the gun laws. Just ask any one of the Americans that owns a gun.
  4. So I got to thinking about my front right wheel issues which have occurred when braking. I got told by my tyre shop to look at the bushes before I bothered with the caliper. Sounds plausible. When I add to that the the last 2 times I have taken the car in for an alignment, it alway looked like the RH wheel was pointing outwards. I'm going to go through the paperwork and check, but maybe that points to the bushes as well. The only problem with that is that a bush would have to be absolutely shot to cause the alignment issues I could see with the naked eye. Or I would at least expect to hear or feel something amiss. Other than the intermittent thing I get when braking. Anyway, so that I can remove the front wheel to safely leave the car supported for a period of time and to enable me to do whatever I need to to test the bushes, where is the best place to support the front end? I'll only muck about with one side at the moment and if I can prove that they are shot, then I'll get stuck into the other side as well. Ta.
  5. Clutch pedal adjustment

    So I sorted the shifter and the translator out. Was all in the adjustment link o the translator. I got it wrong the first time I adjusted it. Got it right now. Fifth goes all the way in every time and the change feels completely different.
  6. ABS error code

    Welcome to TLF Saqib. I bought a replacement accumulator for my brakes. As the other guys have said. Not expensive. Have a look in here and you will find a lot of information.
  7. Hello from Texas!

    I know I said hi in another topic, but I have to comment here. That looks lovely. Hope the belt issue gets sorted out pretty quick if that is what it is.
  8. Possible timing belt break?

    Welcome to TLF Mike. If your timing belt has broken, the engine won't start at all. If you are getting some sort of smoke and rubber smell from the engine, don't run it. If you are taking it in on Monday, I would even look at getting it trailered there unless it is just around the corner. You do not want anything to break. Just ask @Barrykearley. There are several belts at the front of the engine. I presume you don't have the facilities yourself to get under the car to have a look? Anyway, hope it all turns out ok. You should duck over to the Introductions section and say hi in there as well.
  9. Another college shooting in the USA

    I agree with Bibs post that this president can't hold a candle to the previous one, but I met several Americans, from Texas, on a cruise in Alaska with my wife who said that if Obama brought in stricter gun controls, there would be a civil war in the country. They hated him with a vengeance. We quickly changed the topic and didn't go back to it.
  10. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome to TLF Mohamed. You'll have bags of fun. I remember how much fun Bibs was still having in his when he met me in London. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  11. Another college shooting in the USA

    And while one is obviously fictitious, so is the second one. Something I did not know initially.
  12. Anyone speak Latin?

    Why are there two 'shot' words one after the other? Won't that confuse the translator?
  13. At last a targa Evora is here

    I don't understand the makeup of the roof of the Evora, but I presume it would be difficult to get some sort of smooth finish to the soft top as you are trying to use a framework over a compound curved surface. Always going to be difficult.
  14. email issue

    Well about 4 days ago, my phone started being able to access my email accounts again. I still can't on my MAC though. So does that still suggest it is my end or iiNet have changed something? Just to be clear, neither my phone nor my MAC have downloaded any sort of software update in this period. I am talking since the 29th January.
  15. Another college shooting in the USA

    Wasn't there a sheriff who went quite public and said that if Obama had brought in any sort of gun control. further to the 'strict' rules there are now, that he would in no way support it?