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  1. Thanks for that @Bravo73. I’ll contact him tomorrow and ask some questions.
  2. Not where i am in Geelong. Melbourne maybe. The search has begun.
  3. I am not even sure they can get the parts yet. Sigh.
  4. Solution: add more ice. There is no charge for my advice. Glad to assist @Sparky
  5. You can’t. We’re in a total lockdown Sunday midnight. What a bummer huh?
  6. Really? That’s the best you’ve got?
  7. Absolutely. That is why I ended with but..........
  8. Found him. Have sent details for a quote. It will quite likely be more than the watch is worth but.............
  9. Who gives a fat rats. We’ve all got one or many.
  10. The airspeed of a laden swallow.
  11. Our coffee table that he has never seen.
  12. This is my Seiko that has maybe ticked its last tock. I have emailed Seiko Melbourne directly myself to see if I can get any assistance. I think it is about 45 years old. It has had a hard life really. The screws in the original band used to come out due to vibration and when I first got it, I think I can recall at least 3 times that it fell onto the road when I was riding my pushbike. The stopwatch buttons have both fallen out several times and the glass has been replaced at least twice and is cracked again. The winder shaft is slightly bent and I recall it getting water in it somehow. The fluorescent points on the hour markers and the hands are very dull. The 5 hour marker being the worst which went like that after the watch got water in it. Even though it says Water Resistant on the back, I can't remember ever wearing it in the rain. I have just had a look at the back and based on the grime that is on the back of it (yes, I'm now a bit embarrassed) I would suggest that the back was not removed to inspect anything. I would like to know what is wrong with it. No report was returned, just "Sorry. Can't be fixed." Liz really wanted to get it fixed for my birthday.
  13. The watch was given to a repairer in the shops near where i live. It was sent away to, I presume, a specialist repairer. After a month, I got the response that it could ne be saved. Having said that, I am a stubborn bugger. I am going to make an enquiry directly to Seiko and I may trawl the internet and see if I can find anything myself. I saw a similar model on fleabay for 850 Euro. Quite astonished actually.
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