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  1. ramjet

    New Esprit

    There has been so much talk for so many years, does everyone really think it will happen? Don't get me wrong, I hope it does, it just seems like an INCREDIBLY well kept secret.
  2. ramjet

    Drunken ramblings

    Awww. Ya big fraidy pants........
  3. ramjet

    At Last

    Well done mike. I'm gonna be sad when i sel mine
  4. ramjet

    M20 crash

    I jus merged em and din't stuff it up/
  5. ramjet

    Awaiting my prize Bibs

    Whyd he get a prise? What about me?
  6. ramjet

    Drunken ramblings

    Wheres everybody gon? I've only had 4 jds and dry but with all the other medication im on, I getpretty ordinary pretty quickly . I jus stood up to go the lounge again. the floors all slopy.
  7. ramjet

    Congratulations to our CEO

    Happy Birthday Bibs.
  8. Snap! I bumped into one in my garage as well.
  9. I would except I have this dreaded thought of seeing the wheel carrier become one of those special two part types. Sometimes I think of myself as a torkin' fool..............
  10. Is that a fork tool? Or a forkin' tool?
  11. ramjet

    America's Finest Lotus Collection

    There are cars in that collection which I don't even recognise. When I was small I lived in the NT of Australia. Car racing was not on our TV (recorded) or the ABC radio. I always liked the Esprit because of the TSWLM and only ever saw one in the flesh in about 1990. I'm not even the full bottle on the models since my S4. Actually, I just thought about that. Is anyone the full bottle on the lineup?
  12. So, I have gone through about 6 heating cycles with a hot air gun set on 'Burn your skin off in an instant!' setting. I assure you the nut is undone. I have got weight on it via the ball joint removing tool. I am astonished that it just will not let go. Unless I knew better, I would think that someone in the factory was feeling like a joke and assembled it also using Loctite anaerobic 40 bazillionzillion. After each time of heating it, I spray it with either WD40 or some silicone spray that I have in the vain and futile hope that it may find its way between the surfaces and help it let go. I left some weight on it last night after another uneventful heating episode. I came home from work, all happy that it must have let go during the day, but alas my hopes were dashed like a ship in the night on a sharp, unrelenting reef with a lighthouse that just was not visible over the 50' waves. Nor the foghorn over the savage tempest that mariners call 'weather.' I have hammered both sides of the casting under tension. No go. I have tried hammering on the top of the tool where it is sitting on the nut. it just looks at me and sniggers. Much like the mosquitoes that you have in your room at night that are ventriloquists. You know the ones. They sit on the curtain rail with their mate and then its "Watch this." Starts the 'nnnnnnnnnnnn' noise and throws his/her voice so that you give yourself an almighty smack on the side of your head right near your ear, thinking all the while "I'll get him soon." I swear the sound changes to "ne ne ne ne ne." Where was I? Ok yes. Ball joints. Tomorrow, another day, another, more than likely, useless heating episode. Hey could be worse. This could be Barry's car.
  13. ramjet

    Another college shooting in the USA

    Rudderless, captainless, lifeboatless (is that even a word?)
  14. ramjet

    A job question.

    I am on contract. I knew the permanent role was going to coming up. I put in for it but didn't get it. Part of the feedback I got was that the Maintenance Manager (guy 2) thinks I am doing things that are not helping toward getting the plan out. I am not hurt by the rejection. I am astonished that instead of the maintenance manager asking what I was doing, he has decided that some of what I do is unnecessary. Even when he does not know what I am doing. There will only be a 2 week handover for myself and Tom (the guy that hired me) to show the new guy the ropes. Guy 2 will not be happy about this as we will try to get this new guy to think the way we both do. The possible 12 months that I am talking about is to build asset hierarchies for 5 sites, preventative maintenance activities for those assets where required and to write the procedures for how planning should be done at the company.
  15. ramjet

    Stonor Supercar Sunday

    So how was everyone able to get there if they are all Stoners? Don't you guys have random police Drug and Alcohol testing buses like we do? (I had to do it. I'm sorry. )