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  1. I removed the Gentry bit. Over here the 'current party' is only the politicians that are in parliament. Paid up members don't even get a look in as far as I know. So essentially we can get a new PM based on the vote of about 40 people.
  2. So some of the public get a chance to vote once it is down to the last 2? Do I understand that correctly? Over here, it is just the current party. Sucks. We then end up paying PM support for them for the rest of their lives even though the public never voted that person in as PM. Here's hoping they depart us quickly after their 'term'. Notable shysters would be Julia Gillard, Scott Morrison. There would be many others, but searching for their names would only result in me needing to buy another computer as I would probably destroy my current one in an escalating fit of rage.
  3. Do you guys get to vote on who becomes the new PM? If this sort of thing happens here, the party itself has a leadership battle and we minions end up having a PM that we never voted for who then runs everything they way they want to and potentially, any issue we voted a government in for, can get chucked out. A leadership spill can even happen when the PM doesn't quit, but the party has a whole heap of backstabbing etc. I hate politics. Possibly one of the biggest money sucking pits on the planet. I think they even beat lawyers and second hand car salesmen. The older I get, the more I think my vote is just a waste of time.
  4. Happy Birthday Bibs!
  5. And another at the local shopping centre. I do think that the driver should complain that the lines were not painted to accomodate their car properly. The cheek of the shopping centre.
  6. One day Kimbers. You might need to get a move on though or I may not have any teeth or hair left.
  7. Have already seen that Chris, but thanks. The current Samsung that I have still goes ok, but it it has large crack over the glass back that happened sometime. I have managed to actually glue it with superglue which has stopped it opening up all the time. Any waterproof capability of this phone is shot.
  8. Wouldn't that mean a different set of hearing aids that were specifically set up to work with the users Android device? If you have a look at the size of the ReSound Phone Clip+, if that is the size required of the electronics than they will never get it into a hearing aid that weighs next to nothing to cover every version of Android or variations in hardware. And it isn't just Resound from ChrisJ's post that can't. No hearing aid can. The ReSound clip is $380. I have no idea what other solutions there are or their prices.
  9. It would appear from the quote above that the hardware issue is with phones using Android or am I not reading that correctly?
  10. Well, I might be doing it again. I have been reading a bunch of information online and the battle between Android and iOS seems to be pretty close. The decider for me might just be that I can stream music from an iPhone directly to my hearing aids (yup, both ears. Noise induced) Android can't.
  11. Only when I have run out of jocks. It does get rather tricky though getting your jeans on.
  12. I dunno about you, but I get into my t-shirts from the bottom first. Not the top.
  13. Not completely useless but anyway, not sure about the rest of the world, but in Australia t-shirts have the tag at the bottom sewn into the left hand side stitching so you know which way to put your shirt on. Handy in the dark or for blind people. Novel to just ignore and then go out in public.
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