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  1. Looking at the topic title John, I'd say it was when you learnt the correct way of spelling 'Really".
  2. Been through it as well with dogs and cats Kimbers. Hard with either, but I would say dogs are harder as they just want to be around you all the time pretty much, where as cats tend to go where is the food and now I'm going to go and find some sun to sleep in. We have always replaced our dog with another. When we lost our last Shetland Sheepdog, we replaced him with two dogs. A King Charles, Pippin, who had a hear attack and died at about 4 and a Pomeranian who considers herself to be a big dog the way she acts. Meesha is 13 and we have started to notice things change with her, so we are
  3. No Erik. I have cloth the same as the roof lining on the side of the bulkhead directly behind the seats.
  4. Hello to the brains trust. I am getting the car ready to sell. (still) I won't get the aircon fixed before it goes as the last time that I had dye put in it, we just could not find the leak, which was odd. The paint is all sorted out and the Esprit S4 decals are back in the windows. The only thing that I really have left to do is clean the material on the bulkhead behind the seats to get rid of the road grime that comes in through the windows. So my question is, What is the best way to do it? I doubt simply vacuuming will work and I certainly don't want to smudge it in
  5. Mine. I've been working out, you know.
  6. Happy birthday TLF. I also remember joining when it was LEF as well. Well done.
  7. Well, good news. I have found a repairer in NSW that has all the parts for my model watch so it got boxed up and sent to him on Thursday 27th. He doesn't have an original bracelet for it unfortunately, so on top of having my brother and sister keeping an eye out in the things from my parents house that they now have, I am trawling through the inter webs to see if I can find one.
  8. ramjet

    Swindon Alan

    I have not met Alan, but best wishes to his family and everyone on here that had the pleasure of meeting him. RIP.
  9. Well I tried the link for the guy in Melbourne that @Bravo73 suggested. Never answered the phone. Just ran out all the time. Tried Contact Us. No joy. Got in touch with a guy in Hong Kong who has sent me the quote form to fill out etc., but since then I have found a guy in NSW that specialises in Seiko (can't get an original band though) and has all the other parts that may be required. I have been looking at buying myself watch making tools and a timegrapher etc to fix watches myself. Based on the luck I was having with my Seiko. I am still looking as Liz has several watches that ha
  10. What is the furlough scheme? Is that similar to our jobkeeper scheme?
  11. So compare 1 virus against 2 other illnesses? How did CV-19 fare against car crash and cancer victims combined? I’m quite sure we can find some other illness or death rates to add together to beat CV-19.
  12. I already have a COP so I am not in the market for another one. How does the little plaque work if it has your name engraved on it? What happens if you sell the car? Either the next person changes his name by deed poll or he gets an incomplete boxed COP?
  13. Looking at the heat marks on the flywheel and the pressure plate, it looks a lot like it was slipping pretty badly, but those marks have possibly been made as the clutch failed. Hard to tell. Worst one I have ever seen though.
  14. Actually what I should have said is that there are no dancing monkeys. That’s what I meant.
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