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  1. Surely that has to be against some commercial law somewhere! There are some times that a non-branded part is as good as the original, just doesn't come with a silly price tag. So much for competition.
  2. I don't know you Chris, but bottoms up! Happy Birthday! 🎂
  3. When I had my ski boat, it had an engine isolation switch. It was on the positive from the battery. Two auto electricians both said to me that this is what everyone does, but it is actually incorrect to do it that way. They said to put the isolator on the negative (earth) cable. Isolate that and there is absolutely nothing. What I did have to do with the boat though, was to change the switch to a dual isolator and then run the negative from the coil through the second set of contacts to isolate it as well.
  4. Has anyone asked or mentioned whether Lotus down the track may bring out an EV version of the Emira? That might be something.
  5. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    If I remember correctly, didn't an ex-F1 driver say that the Emira would give a lot of supercars a run for their money? Maybe that is why he is an ex driver? Maybe doesn't know what he is talking about. That has to be it?
  6. Just over 40% percent have had their first injection. Just over 14% have had two injections. And no, 50% of the population is not in tough quarantine. There are lockdowns in Victoria and NSW due to the transmissibility of the Delta variant. For whatever reason, we do not have the vaccination numbers that you have. The variant was introduced to Victoria by 2 removalists. That grew into over 240 exposure sites in a very short time, along with new cases that include children which was not happening before. The snap lockdowns that we have is to get on top of the transmissions. I cannot seem to find the numbers for people in quarantine, but it is certainly not 50%. The Victorian population is ~6.5 million. NSW? 4.5 million. If you are confusing the word lockdown for quarantine, there is still not 50% of Australia (25 million) in lockdown as even those 2 populations do not account for 50% of Australia, they are not all locked down. However, if people on here have better ideas as to what we should do, please go to the government websites. I am sure they have a Contact Us section.
  7. Hi everyone, It looks like our Tempur mattress is getting slightly soft in the areas that Liz and I historically sleep in. Not bad, but enough that Liz is starting to get a lot of pain in her back again overnight. Some friends of ours have a Sleeping Duck mattress and really like it. So I am after some opinions if anyone on here has purchased one of these? Thanks.
  8. If the seals etc are up to the job, won’t the buoyancy from all of that air make the car float? Unless it comes with auto props, it won’t be able to be driven.
  9. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    We've got one on our Skoda. Love it. Gets used frequently. Not in the rain at this time of the year though.
  10. Clicks 'Ignore User' button. That'll learn ya.
  11. I'm able to watch it again now. They say that Lotus is building it's first new car in 10 years. Isn't the Emira their second new car in 10 years?
  12. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    I'd imagine that even though it shares no parts, other than the V6 and the gearbox/s, with the Evora, the two cars are similar enough in design principles that the issues would more than likely be very similar.
  13. I don't know about in the UK, but here in Australia what has been found is that the Delta strain appears to be more contagious and is infecting groups that were previously less susceptible. Our vaccination program has focussed on front line and aged people for example, children may have been overlooked at that time, but they are now being found to be more susceptible. As I understand it, the vaccine does not make you immune. It lessens the effect of symptoms that a person will experience. If we are now dealing with a far more easily transmissible variant, since the virus can be transmitted by contact, being vaccinated may make us more complacent and that may cause a rise in exposures and ultimately infections. To give you an idea of how the Delta variant can be transmitted, a couple tested positive here in Victoria after several days into their 14 day hotel quarantine. When CCTV footage and interviews were conducted, it was found that the only way this could have occurred is a known infected couple had their room door open to grab their meal for the night and the unaffected people opened their door at the same time. The two doors were about 4 metres apart in the hotel and the overlap time of the doors both being open was 18 seconds. No physical contact whatsoever. Any of the daily case number reports that we have is a lagging indicator by at least 3 days. People can be positive, not know that they are and move around in the public. Once the contact tracers do their job, you are looking at another several days for exposure sites and people to be identified. The lag length keeps increasing. We had one infected case that in two days visited 6 venues and has caused all of these places to have to close for cleaning and has exposed hundreds of people. The people have then travelled home and gone about their business and have exposed hundreds. If you do not understand how quickly this can escalate into a massive number, start with 1 and then keep doubling. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024. That is just eleven doubles. If you multiply that by 10, being conservative, you now have 10,20,40,80,160,320,640,1280. That is just after 8 doubles. Victoria has now identified 237 Tier 1 exposure sites. Try the same exercise starting at 237. That is assuming that only one person becomes infected from each exposure site. Likely or not likely? Our contact tracers are going out to the seventh level. I would estimate we are talking about tens of thousands of contacts from potentially one person in. the community. For whatever reason, our vaccination rates are not high. The restrictions that we find ourselves under are the best measures that we have to prevent infection rates spiralling out of control. Personally, at this point, I can't really see any viable option? If this virus was to get into our isolated first people communities, it would decimate them. I have friends that don't believe in what is being done and friends that do. Friends that are going to, or have been, vaccinated and others that think it is a worldwide conspiracy right up there with contrails and the shape of the planet. The other day, a neighbours father in law actually asked my wife whether Covid-19 was real. It must be an awfully big rock that he has been living under. Gosh, I hope I made sense there.
  14. Aww rats! I got sleepy last night and went to bed only 16 minutes into the Documentary. Reloading today and it says that the user may have exceeded their sharing rights. The item no longer exists or is unavailable. I'll go on what you guys say about it.
  15. I distinctly remember Gavan Kershaw in the Carfection YT video saying that Lotus was going to be playing with the I4 sound to make it sound more like a Lotus.
  16. You mean parking brake for us plebians?
  17. Tough call. If you speak to a lot of Evora owners on here, the car gets high praise. The Emira is a step (maybe more than one step?) up.
  18. Put one of those DVD player screen things on the back of the chair for people following and add nitrous. NO2 fixes everything, so I've been told.
  19. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    Everyone else believes no soft top etc. Your comment is the only one that I know of that is suggesting that there will be.
  21. I must be getting old/older. Neither the Alpine or the Renault do anything for me.
  22. Link doesn't work. Blank page just sits there. Thanks for trying though. Just tried it again. Now it is working.
  23. Welcome to TLF Jerry. That will keep you busy for awhile. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
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