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  1. Where does everyone keep getting all of these photos of women with Lotuses? (Loti?) Are they your sisters or cousins or something?
  2. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    @Mrandres6935, what has any of the above reply got to do with the interior of the Emira? I have seen the C8 in person and while I have not seen an Emira, I still think that it looks much better. The interior of the C8 did nothing for me. If you like the C8, good on you. I don't know if you have ever driven a Lotus? You can have a lot of fun with all the available power. Anyway, best of luck with whatever decision you have made. Be aware that by the sounds of things, you have made that decision based on very limited information.
  3. So how does the system know if you are on a track day? Do you simply turn it off? Why don't you just do that everyday?
  4. What does the Verdant Green look like in bright sunlight? Still really dark? It does look nice on the configurator.
  5. What is also ridiculous is that the whole thing is kicked off by a tourist from another country who may never even come back to that area. If people on holiday are looking for things like that to moan about, I think they have forgotten the meaning of holiday. Someone will ask for the sun to be made black soon as it is just too much white. Let's start a petition. Who do we send it to?
  6. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    What were the issues with the interior? Other people that have seen the models that have been circulating for viewing, have said that the interior is a definite step up. Interested to know what you thought was not ok? Other people may be as well.
  7. Who knew that the breakfast cereal Fruit Loops that children love could morph into real live human beings? That's about as believable as what they are on about. Actually more believable. My grandson (Alicia's son) is 9. That age can have the vaccine in Australia now before school returns. Alicia wants him to get it, even after Alicia reacted quite badly to her injections. The father does not want to get him vaccinated as all of this is fake. Alicia won the battle and Logan said ok. Call terminated and then the father rings his brother in WA and they get into a deep & meaningful about the vaccinations etc. Logan hears the entire conversation between his father and brother where there amassed knowledge of medicine (how to take Panadol) makes Logan decide in his 9 years of being alive wisdom, that the vaccine is bad and does not want it again. Alicia even asked why Logan's father did not mind Logan getting vaccinated when he was born against whooping cough etc. Answer: Those have been around longer. Doesn't make them manufactured 40 years ago when nanochips were not posited. As Alicia said last night, she works in a swabbing and vaccinating clinic. Logan lives at home here with us every second week. Alicia's partner works at the very primary school that Logan attends. So if Logan catches the virus, he could quite conceivably bring it home to his mother, Liz and I. Alicia could then take it to work, Liz to the shops, myself to where I work. Alicia to her partner and he, back to the primary school. Alicia also told us about the Australia Post StarTrack employee that delivered all of their order of PPE on Thursday, who happened to mention to Alicia for some reason that he had tested positive via PCR test the day before. Alicia slammed the door on him and the delivery and would not sign for the delivery. Alicia's manager came out to find out what was going on and promptly went back into her office, got on the phone and went ballistic at someone in Australia Post.
  8. 'Cos then someone is going to have to mop up all the bodies and the spit.
  9. I have some others. What about Norman? Mandy? Manifold (on your car)? Mandolin? Manicure? Germany? This next one is gonna leave a mark. 'Le Mans' become 'Le Persons'. Oh, the world will be so much better for all of these things.
  10. An old Holden Rodeo. Which will turn into my only car. It’s a workhorse. If I didn’t know better, I suspect it possibly has a close ratio box. I just about get beaten of the line by semi trailers. AC is not the best, but don’t really worry about the car much. Gets loaded with rubbish. Someone bumps their car door into it? Oh well. I do wish the spiders would leave. They're starting to build webs inside the car now! The cheek!
  11. I thought the spelling of the word which might be considered offensive ended in ‘ie’. COON cheese has been renamed after complaints. The word was actually the surname of the family that started the company. I recall the word ‘manhole cover’ being discussed after the women’s rights people got hold of it and wanted it changed to ‘personhole cover’. Manchester to Personchester. I always wondered what they would do with the word ‘woman’? ‘Woperson’ for woman and just ‘person’ for man? What would you do with the word men? Mangle? Meningitis? Manly (as in the place)? Mandible? I don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but the silliness mountain keeps rising.
  12. Thanks @Bibs because i don’t think I knew that.
  13. I would love to take the credit for the link, but alas, ‘twas not me, but @Bibs
  14. Bloody hell, it is a really good looking car.
  15. I have a serious question, well 2, which will not come across as serious when they are typed, I fear. There are some people that have been involved in this topic who seem to be very anti-government due to the restrictions being put upon people and for the edicts around vaccinations. I am not going to ask anyone on here if they are vaccinated or not. Your choice. Agree with you. Me. I am vaccinated. My choice. I hope you agree with me. Booster on the 27th of this month. Has it sterilised me? I'm 59. Who cares. Have I had a clot? Still here, so I'm going with, no. To the people on here that are so up in arms about what is occurring, why are you so incensed about it? (bugger,3) If you have made the choice to be vaccinated, why are you so up in arms about having to get vaccinated? (for crying out loud, 4) If it is such an issue for you, why did you get vaccinated? (seriously, 5?) Why did your ethics not get in the way of that decision? (this is getting ridiculous, 6) If you are not vaccinated, why not? (Aww rats, 7) What evidence are you basing a decision on to not get vaccinated? (and still more, 8 ) I don't buy the 'erosions of freedoms' argument. If some of the things that are happening now continue after much of the worldwide issues begin to fade, if things don't recede, then the opposition will begin in earnest, I expect. People have also said that this is not much worse than a bad flu season for deaths. I have not looked into those figures so I don't know. Is that total number of deaths irrespective of time period, or is it the same number of deaths over the same period of time? (ffs, 9 questions! The 2 question thing went south quickly) I also don't know of a flu season that has lasted for two years and is only showing minimal signs of slowing down. I also don't think that I have ever seen hospitals in the USA storing bodies in refrigerated trailers as they had run out of room. Even in a bad flu season. Why did China build that huge hospital. (not a question) I think we can be very quick to forget some of what has previously occurred.
  16. I find it interesting as well that our News hasn't reported a peep since the decision from the Serbian president who was all up in arms prior.
  17. Everyone can be an expert with hindsight. I'm sure that the scientists etc that come up with these models or estimates would love to be able to give lesser numbers, but what would the public response and outcry look like if they predicted far lower numbers and it all went pear shaped? Be the same thing. How come all these hotshot professors etc can't get this right?
  18. That's not actually correct, but I'm not going into it. I'll let you go and look it up. There are a LOT of Australians that are glad he has gone as was said above, it was nothing short of "I'm a celebrity. I can do what I want." Three Federal Court judges on a Sunday for his appeal? Murderers here even have to wait until Monday.
  19. My brother in the NT is building this. I think it is about 1.5 metres long. Ps. Looking rather dapper there Sparky.
  20. I haven't used the word boomerang in quite a while. I just heard it and saw it spelt (In the subtitles. Hearing ain't what it used to be.) and it sounded and looked odd. Much like the word "frock'. Just seems odd now in favour of the word 'dress'.
  21. Isn'yt it funny how different countries have different views of politicians not of their country. I will admit that I don'y pay enough attention to them, I am not much on any of them, but the only real opinion I have of Boris was the interview from Top Gear where he tied Clarkson tied up in knots. Over pushbikes if I recall correctly. And yet the feeling on here is that Boris appears to be much like every other politician.
  22. So unless I am mistaken, some here are saying that the restrictions are not justified according to the data? Yes? However, and again I may be wrong, you have made the decision of ignoring the deaths of some older people in your numbers (because they are going to die anyway - charming by the way) and only looking at the deaths because of Covid 'on its own'. The assumption that goes with this is that those older people were going to die at the same time as they did even if they DIDN'T catch Covid, because if Covid in any way has brought about an earlier death than they would have had, I would think that those numbers CANNOT be ignored. I'm just a fitter and machinist though. Our numbers do not match the UK and we are under restrictions. Do I care? No. I do not have all the data to hand to be able to make any decisions as to what is right or wrong. Oh, hang on. That must be the nanochips in the vaccination talking. And now I'm going to book in for a booster. I can't be saved. 🔥 PS. Free Novak! Stuff that! I'm going to fight the nanochips. Send him back to his own country! Oh bugger. Did I say that out aloud?
  23. Answer to question? When your name is dEvotion. (see what I did there?)
  24. When I lived in Gove as a kid and teenager, I knew the guitarist from Hush, Jacques DeJongh,.
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