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  1. Can the words POTUS and well-balanced currently be used in the same sentence?
  2. So Lil Wayne the rapper was in jail for weapons charges. He has now been granted a presidential pardon. I believe the number that the news just quoted was something like 137 or something like that. As well as strategists from his previous teams. Just an abuse of power with no checks and balances.
  3. Our news here said that one guy was arrested for possessing a firearm and had 10 pipebombs in his possession. Why do you go to a political rally with that sort of stuff unless you know something is going to happen? Either that or you are just a nutcase.
  4. What has happened that we are not aware of here in Australia?
  5. Tempur mattress here. King. Most comfortable mattress I have ever had.
  6. Just about every border between the individual states here is closed Bibs. I think it will get worse before it gets better again.
  7. I agree Stephen. Certainly how it reads. If the first engine blew in 5kms and they blamed Khalid's driving. I'd have been asking to see the ECU dump as proof. You would have to drain the oil and go ballistic to blow an engine up in 5kms.
  8. As this engine is from a Toyota Camry and I have known a lot of people with those cars as well as many people on here would know of those cars as well, the requirement to change three engines just does not seem correct. MAF sensor and throttle body are things that they should have looked at first. Not after three engine changeouts. Wait to see what Bibs can find out from the factory in the New Year Khalid. Was the car running ok when you first bought it?
  9. I heard a concerning thing over here in Australia that the government wants a vaccine that they are going to use here out as soon as possible, but an agreement has been made with the supplying company that if there are any side effects that can be contributed to the vaccine that cause a real issue for any of the vaccinated, that the company will NOT be held liable. Son is a nurse and he has said that he will not be queuing up eagerly to get a vaccination yet.
  10. Hi Tony, While it is really difficult, other than your observation as to where the sound is coming from, DON'T start the engine or use the car. That is definitely not right. @mike_sekinger. Are you there?
  11. I am wondering and possibly our US members can let us know how this works? As I understand it, once there has been an election and there is a new president elect decided, that he should be included on daily security, Covid briefings etc. I am led to believe that this is not happening due to Trump's ongoing challenges to the democratic process. At any point, do his actions become illegal or non-constitutional? If there is, who enforces it?
  12. It was a joke guys. That I made up myself......
  13. 9.1? I thought I had a lot at 5.1. I need to get out more.
  14. A joke for everyone. Q) What is the difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump? A) Richard Nixon was honest.
  15. I noticed a lean in mine @Vanya. To the driver's side as was yours. It was the top rubber disc of the rear shocks. Geo was correct. Once I had those rubbers replaced, it is siting dead level.
  16. A friend of mine up the street said that Trump had a press conference and still will not concede that he has lost. By his own words apparently, he doesn't like to lose. As far as I am concerned, he has very quickly become the biggest loser in history. If not the biggest, then quite definitely the sorest.
  17. If he believes so strongly in it, he could use some of his clothing industry sweatshop profits to fund it himself, couldn't he?
  18. Golf course in Florida?
  19. In the past, Secret Service Agent Boss: "Morning. John & Bob, you are on POTUS today." John & Bob (at the same time): "Isn't there something else we can do? Cut the Whitehouse lawn with scissors? Walk someone's dogs? Ohh hang on, we've got it. We retire." Some things are just not worth taking a bullet for.
  20. Son: "Dad, why is there very little history for the USA from 2016 to 2020? Dad: "Fake president son. Fake president."
  21. So let's see if I understand this? According to all of the Donalds, and others, there was no meddling from outside bodies when he won 4 years ago. But now, democratic postal votes are only legal if they make you win. If they cause you to lose, they should all be illegal so that you can continue on with your pseudo-dictatorship? There are real reasons why people detest politics.
  22. I don't get anything useful when I go to this link?
  23. Rudy Giuliani and the Donald.
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