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  1. Welcome to TLF Phill. You should duck other to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. Photos are also well liked by everyone.
  2. £0.98? They always get you with the rounding up.
  3. ramjet

    esprit t shirt

    Hugues, This topic is 3 years old. ShotDeadinTheHead don't do the Esprit shirt anymore. Buy some TLF ones from the TLF shop?
  4. You're a gem. I don't believe what everyone else says about you.
  5. Welcome to TLF Scott. Does your car have fuel filler covers? Can you get your hand round to the back of the switch to feel whether it has wires connected to it? You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well.
  6. Not looking for my glasses Ian. Liz lost hers. And to the end @Sparky might have been telling a whopper, naughty boy. We found them yesterday at the coffee shop that we go to.
  7. Just to make sure before I start a jaunt over to the UK, what colour are the frames and are the in a soft or hard case?
  8. For a belt with only that many km's on it I would say that something is rubbing against that edge. Car still in warranty? Even if it isn't, I would bring it up with a Lotus service centre and see what they say. I don't think I would be driving it though.
  9. Liz doesn't feel so bad now.
  10. Well we can't all be good pupils now, can we?
  11. Just thought I would ask on here as we haven't been able to find them in any of the shops that my wife has recently visited, or in our cars or in the house as yet. .....sigh.....
  12. Happy Birthday mate.
  13. I did that as well for exactly the same reason and following the same thought pattern.
  14. Hi everyone, Just thought I would ask a question on here before I did anything. My wife and I have a lot of slides from her parents and I am likely to be getting a lot more from my father. Liz is after something so that she can quite happily sit here and keep on scanning in the thousands of slides that we currently have. We are currently looking at getting ourselves an Espon V370 scanner. I have a scanner, but it will not do slides etc. I have seen the silver card reflector solution on the internet, but I would not think that would be as good as a dedicated machine. So my question is: Would you buy yourself one or give the entire job to a professional scanning service? I have also looked at the smaller negative and slide scanners, but have not really found any with any sort of decent review. And they are not really that much cheaper then the V370.
  15. John, If it has just started doing this, wouldn't you expect to see a tappet get looser? The adjustments use shims so I would expect they will get looser and not tighter?
  16. I have removed my binnacle before and IIRC the pipe was one of the last things to connect once I had the binnacle in place. Admittedly mine is an S4. Not sure if Lotus changed it.
  17. Spark plug breaking down as temperature increases?
  18. From an interview on this topic, I heard them say that the car can jack up the front end for speed bumps etc. Can it also lower for photos like this for example? The reason I ask is that with the tyres so close to the panels, if you were in any sort of corner and you hit a decent bump etc., isn't there a good chance that the tyre will impact the panel?
  19. See what I mean Adam? I did not think about the Traction Control.
  20. Welcome to TLF Adam. You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. I am not fully aware of the ABS design on the Evora. Truth is, I'm not even slightly aware I suppose, but I would be going with a loose wheel sensor on the wheel that is 'grabbing'. Becomes 'out of ine' when cornering, but is ok when travelling in a straight line.
  21. It's the cheese that causes the drag.
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