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  1. I am not sure if there is an I4 in the wild yet. Just the V6 from Goodwood. I presume that it would have been run in a mule, but everything seems to be a bit quiet about it. Lots of people wondering about it though.
  2. Lol. I didn't scroll down the list. I only looked at the first six options that showed up on the screen. It would have been a shorter list if you asked everyone which bits they wanted to be out of metal.
  3. Welcome to TLF Richard. Post up some photos of your Evora. Everyone here loves photos. Any questions or issues with usin=g the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  4. Some nice roads around Sydney as well. Galston Road through the gorge could be a fun one at the right time.
  5. Welcome to TLF Victor. Car looks great. You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. Any issues or questions with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. Big wing on the trailer there Lee.
  6. The differing colour finish is a bit odd as well. Enough to make me question things.
  7. ramjet


    I must admit that when I married Liz and took on my two daughters, 3 & 5, I never even considered the cost. I married Liz and got two children as a side benefit. Never adopted them as their father would never have agreed. Amy & Jessica never asked and it never mattered to me. I just have 3 daughters and a son.
  8. I have never done mains in an engine that required any sort of performance so I am probably not qualified to reply. I would either talk to a qualified, reputable engine builder where you are. Possibly @mike_sekinger would be far more experienced to reply?
  9. 150mph = 241.4kmh (give or take) 241.4kmh = 67.05m/s (give or take) so 0.038s = 2.55m (give or take)
  10. Going through the photos and compared the sills and vents between the V8 Esprit and the Ferrari. The Lotus sills win hands down in appearance.
  11. I would have thought so. I was thinking that maybe one set of halves got labelled by the second manufacturer that drilled the holes and then paired up with the original halves from the first manufacturer by serial number for instance. Trouble is I can't remember seeing main bearing shells with any sort of identification marking on them? Mind you, any main shells I have ever bought just came in a bag and then you just simply paired up a holed with a non holed one and put them in the engine. Maybe pair them up in the engine and do some measurements? Have you purchased them standard size or oversize?
  12. Well if it is the company cancelling your holiday all the time, then that is not you. I would point out though that all the athletes for the regular olympics and nearly all of the paralympic athletes travelled (think Afghanistan), so it must be doable somehow?
  13. Welcome to TLF George. As the others have said. Post photos. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  14. Nope. However, I do think I have just has another taste of my breakfast again which I finished several minutes ago.
  15. I'm talking about the wheels on the road, not the steering wheel.
  16. You carry it there, you carry it home. Or not.
  17. Looks good. Glad you got what you were after.
  18. Now there's an older shaped 911.
  19. I would also recommend giving Steve a call or email at Lotus Marques. He would be only too willing to assist.
  20. Welcome to TLF Nick. Post up some photos of your cars. What are you looking at for your Emira? V6 manual or auto? I4? Colour? Have you got any idea of the cost for the car over here? No doubt we still get clobbered with luxury car tax which was there to protect the Australian car industry which is essentially no more. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  21. I wonder what they then do with the replaced batteries? Do they dismantle and recycle the chemicals or do they scrap these and make new batteries? I would love to see the data that collates the environmental impact of making new batteries to replace what was under recall and then what was required to recycle the replaced batteries or whether they just became landfill? With lithium being scarce, and I believe a finite resource, I presume they will recover and reuse? What happens to lithium after many recharges and uses? Does the lithium become chemically altered so that it can no longer be used as a rechargeable medium or can it be refined again and reused? Can't be real good for LG's reputation.
  22. That was my thoughts. Accessible only after a crash has occurred and been reported.
  23. I use Rain-X as well. Brilliant stuff. Door windows and side mirrors as well. Pretty much don't need to use the wipers as you said.
  24. Another test that can tell the health of a battery is a simple load test. Put a multimeter across the terminals without the car running set on voltage. Turn on the headlights and the interior fan. Wipers if you can be bothered wetting the windscreen. Watch the voltage readout. The voltage reading will go down, but it should only do it slowly. If it tends to plummet pretty quickly, you can just about guarantee that the capacity over time of the battery is beginning to fail.
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