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  1. Is it just me or would you expect it to read ' Lotus will be calling and emailing'?
  2. Your size allocation of photos is made up of the addition of the size of any photos anywhere on TLF. To be able to post more photos, users either have to delete old ones, which leaves gaps in topics as the photos are no longer there, or the better option for everyone, is to become a member. (like you already are) That increases your server space.
  3. I still can't seem to land a job.
  4. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    Ahh. Now I understand what you mean.
  5. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

    I’ve got a 4 pot in my Esprit and it’s a ripper. Which 4 pots are you talking about?
  6. ramjet

    Lotus Emira

  7. Welcome to TLF Daniela. I would have thought that some of the ceramic paint protection compounds would be good enough, but don't quote me. I would be ringing some reputable paint protection firms for information. There used to be a guy on here that appeared very switched. His username on here was ShineOn. He is in the UK. Where are you? You should also duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mode. We're here to help.
  8. Ahh. That is so they can send a photo to their friends/non-friends/followers etc of their sandwich and latte that they had while they were in the audience. Emma winning was an added bonus.
  9. Welcome to TLF @Nimbus-in-Notts. So yes, Ade beat me, but unless he knows something that we don't, are you a Tom? My guess is that you sound more like a Garreth? Do you have any idea of what you want to get? V6, I4? Colour? Duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. Any questions or issues using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  10. You just can't not like it, can you?
  11. I also wonder how it is going to work with overtaking? Who hasn't gone above the speed limit for that momentary time overtaking someone in front of you that is travelling slower than allowed?
  12. Automatic speeding tickets as well?
  13. I can't see how that would be active aero? No rams or anything to indicate a moveable wing.
  14. Wing struts look odd though. Looks like they lean forward in the first photo. I don't really like the struts that look like shepherd's hooks.
  15. Second job would be the passenger door mirror looking at the photo.
  16. Welcome to TLF Rafael. Look forward to seeing what you get for yourself. Not thinking about the new Emira? Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  17. Might be annoying, but I would be more annoyed if I watched on as some nefarious rapscallion drove away in my car.
  18. Is an interesting one, isn't it? Would it have to be declared if a car was 'recycled'?
  19. I was thinking about the power thing which keeps seeming to come up. Maybe Lotus have started with lower power for a twofold reason. 1) Attract people to the car who may not have ever driven something this powerful. 2) Possibly the Emira is much more dynamically superior as far as the handling goes, that the power of the engine is even more useable for more of the time you are driving and so does not need to be some >430hp figure? Everyone keeps saying that the way a Lotus handles, the way it makes you smile etc. are more important than 0~60 figures etc. I am not saying that people should leave their deposits in place. To each their own. If there is an expectation for people to finalise a deposit before being able to test drive the car, that causes a bit of a quandary. I just hope that people that did have deposits in, drop out, don't then third guess themselves and want to hop back in line. That would be having them wait for a much longer time.
  20. My S4. I really don't want to sell it. And having an Emira would be a hoot. I really doubt that I will ever even see one. However, if there is anyone that lives in Victoria that is going to buy an Emira, I'd love to be a passenger one day if I could.
  21. Wow! I was going to say that I saw a spot of dirt on the front left caliper setup, but I didn't. Isn't it a shame that all of this sort of thing gets covered up?
  22. You've got to think it is a bit tragic that all of those cars are going to potentially end up as wrecks.
  23. That would be an Eclat to have. First job might be the driver's door mirror. I wonder where his car would be now?
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