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  1. Sort of sitting here imagining Bibs looking over at Laura after watching the wheel go past and sort of saying "Well the noise has stopped, but I have a funny feeling that wheel is not where it is supposed to be. But the nose of the car is pointing skyward so we must be accelerating!"
  2. Steve, The amount of vacuum though would be dependent on the rpm prior to deceleration and whether David's mate lifts off the loud pedal completely. That may account for it being sometimes and not all the time. Lot of variables. David, Is it one bank or both?
  3. Derek, The motors are the 6 pin connector ones so should be auto up/down once programmed, obstruction sensing and auto close on turning the key. The drivers door has none of these and the passenger door only has one - auto up/down. As the motors work, I am wondering if the window logic modules in the drives have been changed for a different item without the functionality of the originals. I have also discovered that the 2A fuse that should be supplying the window voltage regulator has actually been replaced with a 10A fuse. So then I started wondering whether the faulty motor has overloaded the voltage regulator which maybe should have blown the fuse but didn't and has maybe then caused a fault in the voltage regulator? But following the diagram the only thing the voltage regulator does is to feed the switches and the bypass for the ICE button. Bloody electrickery. Oh well. Just came up with a blank from Lotus regarding drive motor part numbers and the pin voltages etc from the window voltage regulator. They have supplied me with the part number for a new RH unit so that may be the only way out. So if anyone out there that owns an '95 S4 just happens to have their door liner off sometime soon, would they be able to look at the regulator part numbers and the drive motor logic module part number, it would be appreciated. The part number for the logic module is underneath where the connector plugs in. Should be visible with a mirror unless you have a very little head and can get it in the access hole. Failing all of that, I will also be going to Holden here as the motor looks physically identical to a Calibra drive motor though the regulator looked different in the pic I found.
  4. Oh ok Olaf. Still though, I can not confirm the operating pressures of the switch in my car.
  5. Glad both yourself and Laura are ok. A real WTF moment there...
  6. David, Don't let the scum of humanity beat you. Car looks nice. Hope the interior turns out nice as well. Michael
  7. That's been my thought for awhile now Derek. However, not being able to find any definitive information as to what the motor part numbers are makes it hard to confirm either way. I can't even find information as to what should be in there. Michael
  8. I have actually grounded the wire after separating the connector and picking the wire up direct from the motor loom. Still doesn't work. Testing the switch with a meter shows it closing when the key is turned to the lock position. I am talking to Andy and Colin at Lotus now to see if they can shed any light. Just thought I would post what the door looks like now after some crack chasing and grinding to get back to solid material to begin a repair. I cut up and bent myself a backing plate out of the aforementioned performance parts to put behind the chasm so everything doesn't fall through when I begin glassing it up. Can't be stuffed trying to work out how to get the A pillar interior trim off to get the door off. Can get to the bottom hinge nut easy enough in the cabin but not sure if I want to go down that path just yet. Owen, I think I read in the manual that the key fob can wind the windows up if you hold the button, but don't quote me. The door now. Probably still need to grind a bit more paint away so that the repair bonds onto some solid material. Really don't want to do this twice if I can help it.
  9. I thought someone had invented or modified an esprit ala 007. His was an aquascutum wasn't it? i.e. scooted around in the aqua
  10. ramjet

    Back in F1

    But it's Monday Pilko...
  11. ramjet

    Back in F1

    Thanks Pilko for setting me straight and it didn't hurt a bit. Much appreciated. I didn't know it was old news. Like I said, I don't follow this much. I will now reserve my opinions as I classify myself officially now as a neanderthal when it comes to all this. I will wait till they line up on the grid and then be happy knowing I drive a car that is also in F1 in name. None of my friends can say that. Oops. Other than you guys...
  12. ramjet

    Back in F1

    I forgot the link Pilko. It's on my post now. That is where I got the info.
  13. ramjet

    Back in F1

    I am not sure what to make of this as I am not that up to speed with the world of F1, but I am guessing this is not good. Let's see if I get this right and someone shoot me down if I get it wrong or put me straight. Team Lotus will be a team backed by the Malaysian govt. Team Lotus have no association with Lotus Cars or Group Lotus. Proton owns Lotus Cars and is also the Malaysian govt. (or backed by?) So, and this is where I am not sure, Lotus Cars is threatening to sue its own owner??? Michael Oops. Forgot the link. Silly me. Click
  14. Hi everyone. Here we go again. I have replaced my accumulator which has given me three presses between pump runs versus the one press I had. However, the test rig I have also shows the switch consistently switching the pump on at about 13,500 kpa (1,960 psi) and off at 16,500 kpa (2,400 psi). The system should be switching the pump off at about 19,000 kpa (2,750 psi). The ABS manual section JF actually shows these ranges: Switch on between 11,700 and 13,100 kpa Switch off between 17,900 and 20,000 kpa (That's the ranges Nick (flyingdog) was looking for. Are the PVL guys still an option Nick?) I am going to attempt to clean my switch as others have done, but I believe while I am getting three presses now between pump runs, my pressure switch has gone soft on the high side so basically I am never getting to the full operating pressure. When I think about this system and read the manual, the way we get feedback with this system is via the system pressure pushing on a piston and forcing the pedal back against your foot. So essentially, each brake press lowers the system pressure so the amount of feedback force alters each time. Not really a wonder that people report inconsistent pedal feel. Oh and Steve Taylor has had his dual switch system passed. He is putting a price together and will let me know as I'm up for one. Not sure if anyone has ever looked, but for reference numbers on my switch are as follows: 92 04 18016950. Which don't look like anything that anyone has ever posted. The maker stamp on it is - wait for it - GE as in General Electric. It is definitely not GM. Michael.
  15. Is that a relative of Tron's?
  16. Thanks Derek. Unfortunately that confirms that there is something wrong with something to do with my windows. I have yet to check what is happening at the window voltage regulator and whether that may be the problem. The other query is whether because this was an asian delivered car versus an Oz delivered car, whether there was any changes made. Trouble is, I have no idea where to get those answers from.
  17. Another question for the S4 owners and later models. Does anyone have a car that the windows wind up when you turn the key to the lock position and hold it there? The wiring diagrams show that they should, but I can not get it to work even if I ground the wire that goes to the keylock micro switch myself. Kimbers said his didn't wind up so now I'm asking everyone. Thanks.
  18. Happy Birthday LEF. Bibs, can I have the piece with red car on it? I'll PM my address to you. Well done on a great website.
  19. I'd actually go further to say not a small congregation as to basically no-one.
  20. Hope you had a nice break guys. Michael
  21. Why the sad face Laura? Did Bibs stay there? Wouldn't that possibly make one happy?
  22. Oh well. That just means there is an esprit owner out there who probably doesn't think all BMW drivers are knobs. You have helped the image of BMW drivers. Well done.
  23. Hi everyone, I have a question for the electrically minded of you. On sheet 16 (wiring diagrams) in my service manual, there is a graphic of the window voltage regulator. It shows several wires going to it and one that is set up as a jumper between two pins. My question is this. When I look at this representation, do I read it as if I was looking down on the relay socket or as if I was looking at the bottom of the relay? The reason I ask is if I look down on the socket, the wiring is reversed to the manual but is correct if I look at the bottom of the relay. What is correct? I'm mechanical not really electrical. Electricity is white man magic. Thanks for any help, Michael.
  24. Must admit that if I got as plastered as some of you guys on here, I doubt I'd remember to get on the forum, let alone be able to find this thread to post in
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