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  1. So my best man from my wedding 18 years ago came over to visit recently and wanted to do some pics of the car so we gave it a clean up and took it out. Enjoy. I'm only posting the link as it takes forever to load pics over dial up. Will have a cable internet connection Friday hopefully. Ramjet enters the 20th century finally. Click here for my S4 pics Michael
  2. Ok. Further to this, since I have just had new tyres all round. I am now running Roadstone N3000's on all four corners. The showroom original Eagle G-SA's having been relegated to the bin. The rears were on the wear markers, the fronts only half worn, but the tread blocks were showing signs of cracking from the tyre base. Stoopid me did not read the manual before getting to the shop when the rears were done. We put 32 psi in the rears and the fronts were on 28psi. Test drive and on a bumpy LH corner that I thought we would be fine on, nearly saw myself and the tyre guy in the trees at 160km/h. Double fishtail when the rears left the road surface, when they touched down again, there was no slip but I had corrected for the rear stepping out so now the car shot off to the right, corrected for that when the rear hopped again and now we ended up 160km/h in the RH lane facing an oncoming car. Tyre guy needed to change his pants, I was too busy keeping everything together to get scared. Needless to say it was a moment. So driving far more conservatively to get home and check the manual to find 29 for the front and 30.5 for the rears as was stated earlier. That is what is now in my car. I withdraw all the comments in my quote above in relation to my S4. For normal tyres on normal cars it still applies, but in my opinion as Bibs said earlier as well, the esprit is very sensitive to tyre pressures. For better road conditions on a track day, maybe go up a bit but IMO a 4 psi increase may well be too much to the point of being dangerous. The esprit is incredibly forgiving of errors in driving, provided you react quick enough. My VT commodore would have killed me. Tyre guy thought we were dead. Michael.
  3. 15 out of 15 for me with a bit over 3 and a half minutes left.
  4. Andy, Don't try and find the missing part. This falls into the same realm of human conundrum as trying another photocopier when the first one doesn't work. The second one won't either. Also, this is the same as the missing sock from the washing. The only way to find the missing part is to trick the universe by saying aloud "Now where is that ....... (insert part identification word)" but in reality begin a search for the missing sock. In this way, the equilibrium of the universe become unbalanced so as to not be able to work against you as you have voiced your intention plainly, but the reality is different. Once you find the sock, you will find the missing part, plus invariably that 20 bucks you lost, some loose change and sometmes but not always, your wedding ring. Glad to be of help.
  5. Only thing I have had to shell out for so far has been various car care products. I have an A service coming up that I am going to do and am not sure what the bits for that will come to. Oops. Forgot. Just shelled out $800 for 4 new black round things as the showroom originals are still on the car. Pity as the fronts are only half worn. But if they were to let go, I'd kick myself for not having shelled out the money for new tyres. Don't know when they stopped making Eagle GS-A's but I am struggling to believe that these are the originals. I do know the PO didn't put tyres on it, just 5,000 km's. Owner before that only 12,000 km's so maybe they are which makes them 14 years old unless Lotus Australia changed them before selling the cars here in Oz in 1998.
  6. Nick, How did you get around the DOTARS RAWS setup? According to the SEVS register, there is still no RAWS workshop to comply an esprit. How did you get it through? Every question I asked met with a dead end. I remember you saying it was purchased in your sisters name. Is that how you got it through? Michael.
  7. Wings... Personally, I was never very much on their music...
  8. Is it possible that Greg Locock is on the wrong website and should be working on Wakapedia. And I think zach possibly mispells his name and it should be wack as well. Keep up the good work Dan. Incidentally, the first place I ended up was LEW then LEF when I started looking. Never once gone to Wikipedia re the esprit. And while Gregs time may well be more valuable, I doubt his input is more knowledgable.
  9. Uh oh. Based on Camerons calcs a cougar for me is 85! I'll stick with Mrs Ramjet who is 6 years my senior. Travis, Did the thought ever cross your mind when your date laughed about the attack to go the next question and ask whether you should invite her (the cougar) back for coffee as well as the date? Forward thinking man!!! Michael.
  10. Colin, Welcome also from Perth. Michael.
  11. Simon, How did the metrinch spanners work out? Michael.
  12. Just a quick question everyone. My S4 only lights the inner headlamps when it is on high beam and I can't seem to find anything in the owners book as to whether that is right or wrong. I would have expected both the inner and outer headlamps to light on high beam?? Also had no third brake light operating in the spoiler. Eventually found that the the only time the strut carries voltage is when the tailgate is open which is not a good look when you are driving around. Solved it by jumping a coiled wire around the strut between the two spade connectors. Problem solved. Just going to go into an auto shop now and see if I can get proper coiled wire (like a headphone lead if you get my drift) so that it extends and retracts nicely when the tailgate opens. Also, how do I attach a sound clip? Thanks, Michael. oops. Should this be in the Stevens technical room? A mod can shift it if they want. Thnx
  13. Every day except the days I have to take my daughter and a neighbours son to school. On Tuesdays I only have to take my daughter in so it's in the Lotus. She loves it. My round trip to work is about 24km. Like Pete said, always arrive in a better mood in the esprit. Didn't buy it to look at. (though I do that as well. lol) Michael.
  14. Mines all sorted. Super easy. The fix I did is only temporary. I'll be getting hold of some nylon round or the other thought, which would make it more like a cush drive would be to use a wad punch and some thick rubber sheet to make the bushings. Either way, easy fix. Michael
  15. 94 S4 in Pinjarra for me Simon. 90kms south of Perth. Michael
  16. Hi everyone, Just thought I would post the pics I took at this yearly event over here in WA. Didn't get pics of everything there as I was a bit nervous about leaving car for a long time. No dramas really. Good day out. The main event this year was the Morris Club. At least I've met up with a few other Lotus owners. B) Actually now that I have all the pics there, I realise how many pics I didn't get. Michael. Us guys All the other guys The long and the short
  17. Pulled my RHS lift motor apart and have the crumbled bit problem. Some chunks and a lot of dust. Does anyone happen to know the diameter of the bushings that have to be installed? Thanks, Michael.
  18. An update Kimbers. How's your father? Michael.
  19. All the best Mike for a speedy recovery. Let someone else do the work for a bit. Push it too soon and you'll end up taking longer to recover. Another Aussie, Michael.
  20. Ah well, that's me well and truly stufffed then, because I looked at the wrong number and worked it out on the 'hits' number at the bottom of the pages. Can we run another competition? Huh Huh?
  21. Some awesome first cars guys. My Mazda doors had red vinyl on them which in 1980 just didn't cut it so I was off to Woolworths where I lived and bought myself two vivid blue (much the same as the outer colour) furry mats which got cut out and bonded to the masonite door inners. Cool. B) Seats were still red vinyl. No cassette player, just an AM radio which sucked, so I carted around a portable cassette player which ran on batteries which I had to hold on when getting exuberant in corners or it flew across the car and slammed into the passenger door or me. Rebuilt it with my dad from totally seized. Never got cuddly in it with anyone. No wonder really. ps Sorry I didn't do a big search before starting this up Alex.
  22. I'm with Bibs. Bit of TLC, some persuasion with a 4lb hammer (couldn't hurt) and park the car at the top of a hill and you'd get a couple more k's out of it. Is there any bit that isn't less than ordinary???
  23. Hmmm. Why doesn't the pic of my car load?
  24. I posted this in my thread about my S4, but got no responses so i thought it deserved it's own thread. Let's see pics of your first one. Minds out of the gutter folks. I'm talking cars. I'll start. The inimitable Mazda 800 Estate. Very similar to an esprit actually. 4 Cylinders, 4 wheels, gearbox behind the engine, rear wheel drive, windows. I wonder why I upgraded? Come on everyone, don't be shy...
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