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  1. An update Kimbers. How's your father? Michael.
  2. All the best Mike for a speedy recovery. Let someone else do the work for a bit. Push it too soon and you'll end up taking longer to recover. Another Aussie, Michael.
  3. Ah well, that's me well and truly stufffed then, because I looked at the wrong number and worked it out on the 'hits' number at the bottom of the pages. Can we run another competition? Huh Huh?
  4. Some awesome first cars guys. My Mazda doors had red vinyl on them which in 1980 just didn't cut it so I was off to Woolworths where I lived and bought myself two vivid blue (much the same as the outer colour) furry mats which got cut out and bonded to the masonite door inners. Cool. B) Seats were still red vinyl. No cassette player, just an AM radio which sucked, so I carted around a portable cassette player which ran on batteries which I had to hold on when getting exuberant in corners or it flew across the car and slammed into the passenger door or me. Rebuilt it with my dad from totally seized. Never got cuddly in it with anyone. No wonder really. ps Sorry I didn't do a big search before starting this up Alex.
  5. I'm with Bibs. Bit of TLC, some persuasion with a 4lb hammer (couldn't hurt) and park the car at the top of a hill and you'd get a couple more k's out of it. Is there any bit that isn't less than ordinary???
  6. Hmmm. Why doesn't the pic of my car load?
  7. I posted this in my thread about my S4, but got no responses so i thought it deserved it's own thread. Let's see pics of your first one. Minds out of the gutter folks. I'm talking cars. I'll start. The inimitable Mazda 800 Estate. Very similar to an esprit actually. 4 Cylinders, 4 wheels, gearbox behind the engine, rear wheel drive, windows. I wonder why I upgraded? Come on everyone, don't be shy...
  8. I couldn't resist doing this. Got home from work today after parking under the wrong tree. One of God's own decided that the windscreen needed a little something and the tree dropped flowers on it all day. So when I got home there was nothing for it but to wash it and chamois it and then it looked so good I had to take more pics. Had it four days and washed it twice. Enjoy. Also posting a pic of my first car. Other than a few differences, mostly the same. Engine, four wheels, windows etc. Actually, come on everyone. Post pics of your first car.
  9. Ok it wasn't an esprit but it was capable of 165km/h. I got a flat on my Yamaha RD250LC when I was younger. No spare on a motorbike of course, but did have a can of ZSHH. (read tyre foam). Sealed the puncture, inflated the tyre and stayed on the bike until the tyre wore out. Gave me no problem at all. And I used to ride the bike pretty hard. I have heard the 'you've got to bin the tyre if you use it' story as well. What does it say on the can? I can no longer find a tyre repairer over here that will repair a tubeless tyre. I actually had a tube put in a tyre on my commodore 'cos the shop said new tyre needed for a tiny tack puncture. Bollocks to that.
  10. Thanks everyone. Liz struggles with compliments, but thanks. I keep telling her for 52 she's looks great, but she just doesn't believe me. Oddly, going with reverse psychology doesn't work either. You try telling your partner "I agree with you. You're fat" Feels good Bibs. I envy the chance you guys have to catch up and go on drives with each other. I took it into work today. Lots of envious but well-wishing guys. The typical "Wow. It really is as low as the mark you put on the wall isn't it" There's some little odds and sods to sort out. I fixed the RHS light not coming up (relay contact) but the gearbox on the headlight motor is on it's way. Keeps running after lift or close. Need to take the RHS door inner off to sort out the doorstrap as it looks like the bolt may have sheared off as the door over-opens and the window motor seems to be stuggling a bit and a couple of noises while moving. My Holden did the same thing and it was sorted by a bit of lubrication on the mechanism. I might post a thread in the Stevens room as the manual says that both windows can be set up to auto-open or auto-close but my LHS will only do it. Followed the manual but no go. Other than that, the car is a joy to drive. And bloody gorgeous to look at. I said before that I preferred the squarer front end SE look in pics but the S4 is beautiful in real life.
  11. ramjet

    Time change

    Graham, We don't move 2 hours forward. Only one, same as you. Dan said in an hours time, it will be 1:10. We don't move forward in WA for another 2 months I think. Something about people saying your lawn will need more water???
  12. Hi Tom, I'm from Australia. Definitely not a Brit-only site. Michael. ps Like everyone else said. Pics please!!!
  13. The two mechanics over here in Melbourne both advise getting rid of the EBPV as they fail. Their answer is to remove the unit, remove the butterfly plate from the shaft and reinstall the unit. Problem solved and if the car gets looked at by anyone, it all looks legit.
  14. Saw a red S4 as I drove past some shop windows.
  15. Some pics once we got the new toy home. Tomorrow is a big wash and polish day as we've done all the fast sprints with the kids, neighbours etc. I have got to get that number plate changed!
  16. 5) Any regrets? Not yet. I just got it. 6) Do you still just sit and look at it and how often? Have already walked out into the garage twice tonight to look at it. Thinking about going and sitting in it. 7) Biggest suprise? That I've finally done it. 8) How long do you plan on keeping your present Lotus? I really can't see any reason to ever get rid of it. The PO actually said today when I was picking it up that if in the next two weeks, it doesn't turn out to be what I thought, he'd buy it back. Great offer, but I think he's got buckleys of ever getting it back from me.
  17. Evening folks. (well it's evening over here) :) I now own a gorgeous red S4. (mucho cheering from the gallery) Picked it up at about 2pm today. I think that's about 6am for you guys in the UK. Just had to go to a couple of mates to show them. First response "Bloody hell' Second response 'Bastard' I can't get any pics now as it's pitch black here, but I will post some tomorrow. Drive home was interesting. First a flashing Anti Lock light to which I thought 'Uh oh. So it begins.' But it was fixed by a brief shutdown and restart. Some minor confusion over the light switches but all good. It is amazing how quickly you can get used to a car that handles like these do. I do have a question. We plugged in my sons TomTom cable to run his TomTom and were greeted by smoke!! Lighter heats up fine, so I'm puzzled as to why the adaptor would smoke? Any ideas anyone? Michael ps did I mention I am pretty damn happy?
  18. bumpity bump ^ Only 15 hours to go campers.
  19. Mark, I can't promise anything, but have you tried a hobby shop that deals with radio control boats. I have used arms like this to connect a servo pushrod to a rudder post in boats before. Even down to the cable attachment shown in the photo. You should be able to find an arm like this in a specialist hobby store. Take your old one in with you. Michael.
  20. Simon, I was using them when I was working as a fitter for a contract firm. I bought them on behalf of the company. Have not had a need since with the cars I have owned, but will be getting a set again when I get my esprit. They look weird but trust me they are very good. Michael.
  21. 38 hours to go but I'm not counting! Really I'm not...
  22. ramjet

    Ten Million!

    2nd November 2008 at 14:08 GMT Michael.
  23. Don't know if anyone else has used these but there is a brand of sockets and spanners called Metrinch. Designed to drive on the flats of a bolt or nut and not on the hex points. Gives you more bite on the bolt or nut. They take some getting used to as they feel loose, but when I was using them I never cornerned a nut or bolt. For instance, the same socket that does 12mm will go stright onto 1/2" with no slipping. Can't do that with 6 or 12 side sockets and definitely not with an open end spanner. Michael.
  24. 46 and my first esprit. I have never had to wait this long for anything before. It'll all be worth it.
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