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  1. Jonathan, That is a very interesting graph. I wonder what the negative spikes were. Anyway, I say i and thought it would be a good idea. You are correct about most of the body being plastic/fiberglass and it's conductive nature.
  2. All, I came across this unit on Apexi's website: Would this device help us Esprit owners with our charging system? Cleaner electricity will help our electronics run more efficiently, correct? I want to know what the community's take on this is.
  3. Nice looking motor.. How well does it work?
  4. WOW... I didn't know it was 7.0 liters. That's CRAZY!! Isn't the viper's 10 cyl motor 7.0 liters? Or is it 8.0? Gotta love America's motor philosophy.. To make it faster make it bigger!
  5. My Esprit has become my daily driver. Having to much fun driving it to let it sit int he garage! Heck, that's why I bought it!
  6. actwon

    V8 ECU Wiring

    I thought that was the abs control. I wasn't sure. I may relocate my iPod there. Thanks for the info.
  7. I've already done my fluid changes. I am just preparing for my next round. I was just wonderng if the 20w50 was to heavy of an oil for the Esprit during the winter months. 20w is pretty thick for winter driving.
  8. Hey all, I'm thinking about using RP for my car. However, the only grades close enough to Lotus's recommendation is 15w40 and 20w50. Which one should I use. If you are already running RP in your car, I would really like to hear from you. Thank you.
  9. actwon

    V8 ECU Wiring

    Nice photos! Where is your ipod mounted? In the front boot? I have an iPod adapter for my alpine unit. It's currently in the slot under theclimate control panel. It gets very hot htere though and I would like to change it's location.
  10. There is nothing little about a 5.7L V8 that weighs over 500lbs.
  11. actwon

    V8 ECU Wiring

    Thanks for the input. I, really, appreciate it. I hate to take my dash apart, but I guess I will have to do it hen I get some time. I was hoping I could get the wire colors for the items I'm looking for from the ECU. How is the SatNav thing working for you? have any pictures you can post?
  12. John, I understand you. I loved my Scooby when I had her. However, the Esprit just handles so much better and is a much more mature power plant. I wouldn't give up my esprit for a scooby. They may have more power, but the overall package and the attention I get is unreal!
  13. The Esprit has a tie down loop in the front that is used for Tow Truck chains. It is that steel loop in the front under the bumper. There is a gap in the screen in front of the radiator that it sticks out of. Can't miss it. You can use that loop to affix on of your tie downs. As with transporting of any vehicle with tie downs, you must make sure that the suspension is compressed before transportation. If the suspension is not compressed, the car could bounce around on the trailer if you hit a bump while driving. Make sure you have some high quality (read thick) nylon tie downs. Wouldn't want you to get into an accident. I hope this helps you.
  14. All, I am looking for the part number for K&N filters for the V8.
  15. bimmabimma, You have to do upgrades in steps. If superdavelotus is planning on future turbo modifications, he has to do other work. Upgrading the BOV's is just one of the first steps needed. So, saying it's overkill may be a bit pre-mature as a modification roadmap has not been posted. Although, superdavelotus didn't say if he is planning other turbo upgrades. Personally, my modification roadmap would look a little different..
  16. You are forgetting key elements to your statement. These elements are that these cars are modified from their STOCK configurations. If they are in professional races, there are homolgomation rules that the manufacturer has to follow in order for their "modified" cars to compete. That is why there are "limited production" series vehicles. Kick which Esprit's arse? 4cyl or 8cyl? I seriously doubt that a stock STi can beat me in my stock V8 Esprit. I definitely know, because I used to work for Subaru of America and have done plenty of "comparison testing" of this Vehicle. The US market gets a 300bhp version of the STi, but it is still weighs more than my Esprit. If we're going to compare vehicles, let's compare apples to apples. Any trim level above the base model (they have to have the same motor; i.e. STi, STi RS) of these cars I consider a modified series. If you want to compare modified vehicles, let's compare them to Johan's Esprit..
  17. Mark, Oh yeah.. Definitely forged pistons for the bottom end rebuild. Thanks for the input.
  18. CCMdoc, I'm going to run to AutoZone first to see if they can run a scan. If they are unsuccessful, I will, gladly, pay both ways for shipping. If the AutoZone thing doesn't work, I will PM you my address and phone number. Thanks!
  19. I was wondering if there is anyone in the Philadelphia, PA metro area who has a scantool fro the V8's? If so, may I use it? I have a CEL and my ISO OBD2 cable/software does not work on my Esprit. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. All, According to my owner's manual, the capacity for V8 is 6.9 US quarts. Does that include or exclude the filter capacity? I have changed my oil last Friday and I have just re-checked my oil dipstick andit is saying that I am a quart low. Now, does the filter accept a quart/litre's worth of oil?
  21. I'm not sure about the dash lights and your headlamps. The door locking issue, though. Not sure if you know this.. There is a manual door lock feature on the doors wehre if you were to use the key on the driver side and turn the key clockwise while the doors are shut, it restricts entry into the cabin. Use your key and open the lock (counter-clockwise). That may resolve your issue.
  22. The recommended weight for V8 Esprits is 15w50. That may be part of your issue. I use Redline 15w50 in my car. A lot of Esprit owners I know uses the same brand/weight. I've been told that 10w40 is to light of a weight for our cars due to the temperatures that the V8 motors can reach. It breaks down the viscosity of lighter oils very quickly. Hopefully when you change your oil, it will resolve the issue.
  23. Wow! What a response! Thanks. That was the info I was looking for. It's a shame though, I have 2 T-25's sitting in my garage that need new compressor nad exhaust wheels. I was going ot send them out to get rebuilt as T-28s, but since I can't use them it is pointless. It would have been nice ot have a spare set of turbos for modification purposes. The T-25s for my Mitsubishi would have been nice to use, because the housing was designed for use with an intercooler.
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