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  1. The crazy thing is that I have the same rattling, except i hear mine as long as I am driving. Then again, the engine and exhaust noise usually drowns it out after a while. I can't hear it, but I know it's still there...
  2. Ok, I will try to explain this as best as I can. Using my blinkers, I hear the relay clicking very fast. Now, this is indicative of a blown blinker bulb. My bulbs are fine. Usually if I press on the lever a little harder, the blinkers will work. Right now, my left turn blinkers are the real problematic ones. although it appears that I am starting to have problems with my right turn blinker also. Is there a problem with the contacts in the steering column? Anyone know how I can fix this?
  3. Well, I have always used valentine 1's. They are wonderful. Now if I can only find a good laser jammer, I will be happy.
  4. Depends, Is it worthwile information or are they requests for help? Like Teigan, if my question goes unanswered, I will post it to another forum. someone has to know the answer and there is no gaurantee that the person who may know is a member of this forum.
  5. Brian, I was looking into the entire set myself. I know a few people who does custom molding of plastics. However, the cost to create a mold is so expensive, it's rediculous. If I had them made and sold them, they would be around $300 - $400. That's just to break even.
  6. A fork in the road, huh? Looks like you split the 5-way spoon.
  7. I'm taking it that you are talking about us V8 drivers as well, huh?
  8. Ok, This has been a question that has bugged me for years! What was the deal with the M100 Elan? I know they co-branded this car for Ford when they badged it as a Mercury Capri. What was the history behind this vehicle. It was not a "typical" Lotus in my eyes. Was this Lotus's first attempt to hit the middle class market?
  9. Being a V8 owner, I am not trying to get involved in this debate of similar bumpers. I'm just here to spectate and to, possibly, antagonize the situation... FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!!
  10. Oh, I definitely hate the looks. The light cluster looks like it came right off a Chevy Camaro or a Geo Storm. [Crying voice] Why would you do that?!?!?!
  11. Any pictures of the Raid steering wheel? <- duh, there is one in the post above.. What are the prices for these steering wheels. I missed the group buy posting.
  12. Mak, It may be easier to sleep with the wife then driving a guys Esprit.. LOL..
  13. Ok, I have accepted the fact that I need to drill out the rivots to get the lip spoiler off. How do I secure when it's time to put it back on? I plan to do the horn replacement. I was thinking about using DZUS fasteners. They are quick connect/disconnect fasteners. Any ideas? If you have taken off your front lip, what did you use to secure it?
  14. Actually a size 6 or 7mm Allen wrench fts in the cylinder. It tightened up like a charm! Thanks for the help!
  15. I removed it to replace my alternator. Could not get the alternator out without jacking up the engine. Couldn't jack it up without loosening hte motor mount. I was told that an allen key will fit in the cylinder to help tighten it up. I will look at it further when I get home. Thank you for your input.
  16. Cruise control?!?!?! Did I miss something here in my Esprit V8?
  17. There's nothing in my glovebox. As a matter of fact, Lotus decided that i didn't need one and deleted the option all together. Put a dang SRS bag there instead..
  18. Everyone, Here is an addition to my list: The A/C Compressor is from GM's 3.1L V6's. 1998 Buick Skylark V6 1998 Pontiac Grand Am V6 It is a Delphi 1135153. The receiver/dryer is a Parker-Hannifan unit. It can be obtianed from (no affiliation) According to it is from a 1975-1984 Volvo 240/260. The Alternator: This is special. It can be rebuilt for around $150US. I do not know where the casing (aluminum) is from. The internals are from an Isuzu Rodeo. -- New information: According to sources on this forum; the Alternator is from a Cadillac Catera (US) I'm not sure what this car is in Europe. Perhaps Opel? Wiper Blade refills should accept 24" refills (according to the Wiper Blade posting from Jun 2006 in this forum).
  19. Ok gurus! Please help! My passenger side motor mount will not tighten. It just keeps turning. How do I tighten it? I noticed a cylinder that the bolt is connected to thhat keeps turning. Please help. I needto drive it to the dealer to get my cam belts adjusted. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  20. Brian, This is what you do.. Run to East Coast Cycles (off of Street Road in Bensalem) and pick up a Battery Tender. There is another motorcycle shop in that area, I can't remember the name of it. Should be around $50... Use that to trickle charge your battery while the car sits in the garage. When you're not driving your car, it should be on the trickle charger.
  21. Teigan, It does look like the "Goldmember", but chrome.. Guess it's the Chromemember..
  22. Oh, I'll bite.. What is it? Looks like a receiver/dryer. Is it a master cylinder?
  23. Brian, Check your battery.. If your battery is really low or if one of the terminals is loose or disconnected, it will cause hte ppods to open up like that. Once it has power they will retract. It happens to me when I take the battery off and reconnect it.
  24. No, unfortunately. I wish that was mine. I was at my cousin's house for a family get together when I took this photo. My next house will have land like that though. teigan, Nah, Paul C, isn't hiding in there. LOL.. Here is an anology for you: Monster's, Inc. is to closets what Paul C is to sheds.. LOL..
  25. Well, I know all of you have been waiting. Here is a picture of me.
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