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  1. Are there any tutorials on adjusting your shift linkage? I want to adjust the shift linkage on my V8. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have used Apex'i boost controllers with no problems. I have not installed the system in my Esprit, yet (Still looking for ecu pinouts). Apex'i is a little complicated installation. Greddy and HKS's are good. I've never seen anyone on the street racing scene using Blitz. I haven't heard bad thing about them
  3. All, Where is the A/C evaporator located on the V8s? Is in the Front Passenger side wheel well? I'm looking to replace my expansion valve.
  4. Outside of the Players and GumBall runs in the US; are there any equivelants to Terminal Velocity in the states?
  5. Gay Porn? Mr. T? and you wonder why they were called the A-Team?!?!?!
  6. Now, that saying equates to a man's masculinity.. Formula: Men = fast car extension of Masculinity Women = fast car enhancement of Femininity So, what do you equate as being a woman's femininity?
  7. Ok, Evil Dr. fish.. Are you male or female? Don't want any transgender issues.. To add to the other responses, yeah this has the potential to be a really funny thread..
  8. Don't know, between the Esprit, the travel costs between the states and the UK and Ms. Evil.. I may need to sell a few body parts..
  9. Err... Umm... I'm not sure Evil Dr. Fish is my type...
  10. Wayne, I guess you need to stay on your best behavior if you want ot keep driving hte Esprit.. LOL.. That's cool. Like i said I have yet to run into a woman who own a Lotus. I know they were out there. Just had to see who they are. I would definitely like ot hear their stories of people who drool over their cars. It would be interesting to hear ownership stories from a woman's perspective.
  11. See, If I went to a school in the UK, I would need them to provide a car. It would be too much trouble trying to get my car shipped to the UK for school. The price seems like a good deal. 200 pounds per car.. I guess that's about $250US.. Not bad..
  12. Ok, I've been a member for a little bit of time now. Viewing and posting messages on this board has me wondering.. Are there any female Lotus owners? I know a lot of women whom passions have been struck up when they see a Lotus, however I have never run across a woman who owns one. This is just my way of seeing who are the female owners. You ladies really need some appreciation! 1. Because you are women and 2. Because you are Lotus owners! There is a poll attached, so you can submit the answer to the poll and you can post to this topic.
  13. Hey all!! I am looking into a driving/racing school in the U.S. I know there are quite a few, but which ones have you guys experienced and what do you think of them? How affordable are they? How about U.K. schools? What are your opinions? can you provide contact information for the school your attended? Thanks.
  14. I saw a Yellow Elise this past weekend on Ocean drive parked in front of a club/restaurant in Miami, Fl. this past satruday (7/30). Does it belong to anyone here?
  15. I will be very interested in hearing the results on your research.
  16. Larry, Thanks for this info. I will change my trans fluid and have my shift linkage checked/adjusted. Is there a linkage adjustement section in the manual? If so, which section is it?
  17. Could you sendm e the documentation? I like that setup.
  18. Thanks.. I will order these parts. Hopefully it will help. That definitely makes sense. It has been very hot where I am at. Heat indexes of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  19. Hey all! havea problem.. When my car warms up or get really hot, when putting my car into first gear, It grinds. It only happens with first gear. I don't have this problem when the car is cold. Does my clutch need to be adjusted? If so, I thought the V8s had an automatically adjusting clutch? Any help is appreciated.
  20. Yeah, I got nods on my 916 all of the time from everyone.. Especially Harley riders.. Go figure..
  21. Before I got my Esprit, I've seen 2 or 3 on the roads, usually in the distance. Post getting my Esprit, I have seen 1 80's Esprit. However, it was sans pilot. It was parked in front of a restaurant in my area (one of the owners toys). So, I have not had the priviledge of waving to another Lotus owner.
  22. Can you send me the manual? I downloaded it from Lotus, but it was corrupted. I'll PM you with me email address.
  23. Well, I would definitely push the Esprit out first than run back in and get the Ferarri Dino, TVR Sagaris and a Noble M12 GTO-3R.
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