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  1. Marcus, I will try that this afternoon. I know that my my airflow is set to the face vents.
  2. I will do some research for you. I will let you know what I find.
  3. I'm not Japanese, I'm actually in the States. What problem are you having? Your GPS isn't working?
  4. Johnathan, I see your point. In all honesty, I don't have the intentions of not inviting or allowing Caterham owners to participate in club events. I welcome them. Heck, we have members who own Sunbeams. It's always fun to see them.
  5. Islandbloke, This isn't a thread about being sniffy. It's just that I've heard this debate going on for years in my local groups and I just wanted to see what you guys think about it. As I said in my previous post, I'm not preaching segregation, just looking for some different point of views.
  6. Interestig replies. I see and feel all of your responses. Personally, some cars that bear a Lotus badge I find hard at accepting (elise). For some reason, I just do not like that car (personal judgement). The Caterham, I feel is a kit car just like you mentioned. Personally, I think I would accept a Noble (not knocking it, just using it as an example as it is a kit car) as being a Lotus before I could accept a Caterham. However, there are a bunch of individuals who show up to Lotus functions and portray their vehicles as being "true" Loti. I'm not preaching segregation, as everyone should have fun, but accept it for what it is and isn't. It is a kit car, it isn't a Lotus.
  7. For years this has been bugging me. Is a Caterham a Lotus? Yes, the car is based on a Lotus 7, but is it a Lotus? My local car club has been debating this for a few years if we should include them in Lotus only functions. I see a blurred line. What do you think? I mean, it doesn't carry the Lotus name, but was designed by Lotus. Sometimes I think yes it is a Lotus, sometimes I think if it isn't badged, it isn't a true Lotus.
  8. Bernie, Currently, the car is taken apart. There is no fan running when I turn the car on. Initially, I thought it was the fresh air vent in the bonnet, however, when I hear the noise, the vent is either fully closed or fully open. I heard it all of the time and when the car was running it went away. Now that the car isn't running and I place the car in IGN on, to listen to radio and roll the windows down, I hear it. Of course it stops when I turn the ign off and leave the key in for AUX power. Was just wondering. It's starting to annoy me; mainly because I have no clue what it is.
  9. Hey all! I hope things have well with you. I have a question. When I turn the car on (without starting it), I hear a grunting noise behind my stereo. It kind of sounds like Marge Simpson grunting at Homer (seriously). It'll go about after 3 or 4 grunts. Then it will start again after a few. Anyone know what this is? It sounds like it is below the center console vent.
  10. Paul, No, the piston damage was not a result of the broken belt. This was present before the belt broke. It just took the belt breaking for me to take the initiative to investigate the rest of my motor. I have about 34,000 miles on my car. When the belt broke, the car did not turn over at all. It cranked maybe once or twice. I realized that it wasn't going to start so I stopped trying to start it. That's what saved my valves.
  11. Paul, Well, my belt broke while the motor was trying to turn over. The motor did not start. I'm guessing hydraulic pressure in the cylinder head didn't build up yet. I'm using that theory for the valves not being damaged. The pistons however, 4 out of 8 were broken between the #1 and #2 compression rings. The only thing that was holding them in place was the liner. If I would have driven about another 5 - 10,000 miles, the motor would have been destroyed. Fortunately, not a lot of money has been spent yet. Excluding time, I've spent just under $5000US for all parts and a few extras like arp head studs and a new stereo head unit (Alpine IVA-D310).
  12. RH Cam Belt broke. I thought my cylinder head was damaged, but the re was no damage to the head. So, I decided to pull the botom apart and found major piston damage. It's been an interesting rebuild.
  13. Artie, Yes, I am doing the rebuild myself. I will take photos of the rebuild process for you guys and post it on a site. Hey Rob, Sorry, been away for a minute. Been very busy with work. I don't have JE, I went to a company named Arias. Great work. I've never used an inlet alignment tool for my car. However, the pin set I am definitely interested in how you guys made these. Also, how did you make the liner puller? You have a picture of it or some instructions as to how I can duplicate it? Hey, when you put your new pistons in, did you hone the liners? I'm getting mixed answers on this question. 50% (of the people I ask) are telling me I do not have to, the other 50% are telling me to do it. atgnat, I have a guitar tuning software on my laptop; I was going to use that. However, I could use a Clavis Guage. Hit me up offline. [email protected]
  14. Hey all! I received my pistons yesterday! YIPPEE!!!! Now, I'm waiitng for my gaskets and liner puller. Once I receive these last parts, I will start the rebuild process. Can't wait to get her back together. LET THE REBUILD BEGIN!!!!!
  15. Don't unplug the ECU or withdraw power from it. You may only make your idling issue worse. There is a procedure to have the ECU "re-learn" it's idle. You should be able to find the guide here or on Or you can simply google it. I know for certain someone posted the procedure on this forum in the past. Go through that procedure. After that if your idling problem persists, post it here and we can further diagnose your issue. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  16. I am not sure about Lotus's RED ECU. I know that Johan's ECU ignores the Lambda sensors, so it can be taken out.
  17. There is a donation from the U.S.!
  18. Alan, My email server is down. ONce I get it up and running, I will email you my contact info. Nathan
  19. Hey All! Hope everyone is doing well! So, this is the deal. I want to hear your battle stories. Regardless of what manufacturer the victim was. I have a few, but the best one involves a Lambo Gallardo, a Ferrari 355 and my v8. Let's just say that the 355 stopped playing when speeds got to 160mph. So, he backed off and left me and the Lambo to go at it. Well, the Lambo and I were neck and neck until we hit 170. Then he backed off also, which left me in the front. .
  20. Well, To go into you war story. I bought my car from a Lamborghini/Lotus Dealership in the Chiacgo area. When I was driving off on my wonderful road trip home, I came across a Lambo Gallardo and a Ferrari 355. My bout was Lambo 0 Ferrari 0 Lotus 1. The Ferrari dropped off once speeds hit 160. Me and the Lambo kept fighting up to 170. After 170, I pulled away from him. What a battle! Congrats on your purchase. You will have a lot of fun in it!
  21. Hi Alan! Welcome to the forums! Well, I own a 2000 v8, that I practically used for an everyday vehicle. I have 35k on mine now. Paul was saying ot call Lotus USA. Although, they have become pretty much lacking in the help department. They will probably tell you about recall and cambelt adjustments. That is probably it. They have become pretty Hush-hush on certain bits of information. My v8 has had none of the problem you mentioned aboutthe 99 v8 you've come across. The battery being replaced so often is indicative of an alternator problem (which is pretty easy to fix; check out my parts cross reference list it will tell you that the alternator is from a cadillac catera). The question at hand is are you a tinkerer? If so, this is a great car If you are not mechanically inclined, I would stay away from that car and go for the higher mileage one. The higher mileage v8 is, probably in better shape than the lower mileage one. The main question I would ask Lotus USA if you decide to go for that 99 is did it have piston liner sealent replacement. However, all of that information is in the v8 buyers guide and posts in this forum and Lotus Esprit World, and Esprit Fact file. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm on the East Coast, but I will be in Salt Lake City, in March thru April for business. I could look at a car for you, if you show me some hang out spots in LA.
  22. Jaime, You're my hero!!! Very interesting design and install. Can't wait to talk to you about the how.
  23. Johan, Who is Guy? I don't think I've ever ran across him. Nathan
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