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  1. I'm rebuilding my moter and need to borrow the liner tool. Does anyone, in the U.S., have one that they can lend to me for a couple of weeks?
  2. I need your help with answering a question. I am doing a speaker install and I have to run new speaker wire into the cabin of my car from the door. The problem I am having is that I cannot run new speaker wires from the door into the cabin. I used a wire hanger to try to find out where the wiring enters the cabin, but to no avail. Is there a way someone can send me pictures as to how to get the wiring into the cabin? I would like to do a clean install. I don
  3. All, I have a problem/question. Can someone tell me how to route speaker wire from the door into the cabin? I was trying to follow the path for the original wiring from the drivers side door through the rubber collet and into the cabin. However, when trying to find out where the wire enters the cabin it disappears. I tried using a straightened wire to follow where the wires enter, but it gets stuck behind a bulkhead of some sort. Without taking my interior out, is there a way to run the speaker wire? Any help is appreciated. Also, I'm installing an amplifier in the bonnet. I need to know a path to run the power wire to the battery. I'm assuming that I need to take the center console apart and follow the shift linkage into the boot of the car? Is there another way, without drilling holes? TIA
  4. Well, my car's been in garage since April. Tranny rebuild to a motor rebuild. I didn't get a chance to drive it for the most part of this year. It won't be drivable until February or March. This has been a painful hibernation for me. However, like everyone says.. Have something ot look forward to. Come on SPRING!!
  5. That's definitely the truth.. POLITICIANS FOR SALE!!!!! Get them while they're hot!
  6. Hey, one of my supports on my composite roof is broken. I'm looking for some guidance on fiberglass repair or someone who can do it. Any ideas/suggestions?
  7. Man, Things have been crazy! Finished rebuilding my tranny in June. Just for my right cam belt ot break. Now, I'm getting my cylinder head machined. While I'm doing that, I decided to take the pistons out and get forged ones. Well, I found out that 3 out of 8 pistons have disentegrated between the #1 and #2 compression rings. A lot of drama. I have not driven my car since March and it looks like I will not drive it until February. Waiting for my custom pistons to arrive. Other than that, someone put a voodoo spell on my and I got married in August. WHY?!?!? WHY?!?!?! [breaking down into tears!!].. Joking.. It's kool.... Have ot get used to the lifestyle change. How have you been? How's your car? Mr. Wayne!!! Hey guy! How is it up there in the Maple Leaf? My car had me frustrated and I started a new contract at Lockheed-Martin. I'm driving 1 hour each way. Traveling about 130 miles a day. crazy.. I'm busy all day, so by the time I get home, I'm trying to eat and go to bed. LOL.. Know Evil Dr. Fish, I'm sure I've missed a lot! , well I'm back. So LET THE FUN BEGIN... All over again..
  8. Hey everyone! I see the board has changed a little since the last time I've been on. I'm glad I'm back. Been away for a while. How has everyone been?
  9. My favorite funniest movies are: Snatch Clerks Undercover Brother Something about Mary The Waterboy Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels Much Ado about Nothing DodgeBall ZooLander Know what?? I can keep on... My list is crazy long.. There are way too many funny movies!
  10. Paul, Congrats! Actually, I just got married myself. I'm 3 weeks into it! My wife doesn't own an Esprit, nor does she want one, but she saw this Maserati she likes. Still trying to convert her!
  11. Personally, I would have had an RX-7, 96 or later Toyota Supra Turbo or Mitsu 3000GT. They would have been no where near the cost of the Esprit. Would love to be able to buy an Aston DB5.
  12. Hey all. Quick Question: Is the 918 motor an interference motor or non-interferance?
  13. Are you doing this job yourself? If so, where did you purchase your Clavis guage or are you using something else to take frequency ratings? If so, could you help me? I'm doing a cam belt as well.
  14. Does anyone have a borescope I can borrow or rent for about a week? I'm in the USA. I need to look into my combustion chamber. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Hey ALL!!! I hope all of you have been great! Gotta question; Does any of you know of an excllent cylinder head machinist in the States? I'm looking to get my cylinder head cleaned up and a radius valve job done on it.
  16. Hey all. I tried using my standard (Accutron) fuel pressure tester/bleeder. This unit does not fit my V8. Where can I get a suitable fuel pressure tester for my V8?
  17. Hey My B-Day was the 28th of April and no one wished me a happy B-day... Happy b-day renu, keith, marc and killboy.
  18. Here's something funny.. So, I decided to delve deeper into figuring out why this wastegate failed on me. I've found out that this wastegate has completely rusted through. It almost disintegrated in my hands while I was inspecting it. LOL.. Rust holes in the capsules, the plate that holds the screws on the capsule broke off immediately with very little force. The piston was completely rusted through and the internal seal was destroyed. I find this very interesting. I wonder how many other's capsules have rusted out like this?
  19. Mark, I know this isn't comparing apples to apples, but when racing ducati superbikes, I've had a number of titanium con rod failures. Went to steel and the problems went away. I'd rather have the heavier con rod and balanced with everything. I may not push my Esprit as hard as I pushed the motorcycle, but the potential is there.
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