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  1. Been thinking about upgrading my engine internals to forged pistons. That is the easy part. However, I have received mixed stories about upgrading the stock con rods. Are the stock connecting rods very strong or should I upgrade them to Carrillo steel connecting rods? I've been told that the stock con rods are very strong. What is your take on this?
  2. Neal, In my mitsu eclipse days, I've actually had t-25s running at 19psi. Although the seals blew when it overboosted to 24psi.. ROFL... Small misconfiguration in my boost controller... There is nothing like turbo seals going while you are driving. Made me feel like I was driving the "Spy Hunter" car. Not sure if you remember the video game.
  3. Oh, most definately. I have an after-market boost controller. I wasn't going to let the ECU control this. Hell, I would be knocking nad pinging all over the place... lol With the stock internals, I only plan on running 12psi most. Once I get the forged pistons I'll up it a few more pounds to 16psi.
  4. Well, Since I have my tranny out, for a crown wheel and pinion replacement, I decided to go through my car and perform a general mechanical walkthrough. You konw, Check brakes, oil, sparks, air filters and such. During this process, I decided to test the wastegates. I found that my driver's side wastegate has broken. The pressure seal internally has been damaged. It cannot hold any pressure at all. It all seeps out and the actuator does not move. So, it will be new wastegates for me. Plus that explains the nasty dip in my Dyno runs.. LOL...
  5. Hey all! Hope things are going well in your worlds. I have a question about advancing timing on the v8s. 1. Is timing adjustable on the v8s? Or does it have a static setting? 2. Are any adjustable cam sprockets available for the v8s? I am thinking of converting my Esprit ot a race car and would like to benefit from using higher octane fuels. However, with the stock setup, I cannot take full advantage of 116 octane fuel as the fuel would not completely combust. That is why I am asking about timing advance. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Check out Johan's extreme esprit. He converted it into an instrument cluster.
  7. Are you using the power off the ECU or from another source? I tried connecting my 1st generation s-afc digital, but no lcd screen. I checked my grounds and the solder points seem fine. I used the power from pin 55 off of the ecu. I used 22 gauge wire to extend the power, grounds, rpm signal and map sensor wires. Is this a problem?
  8. I am trying ot figure out if the air-flow sensors on the v8s are Hot-wire, Flap, pressure or Karman. Can someone help me with this one?
  9. Those numbers are close. However, from what I was told, you have to use a 15% drivetrain loss for manual gearboxes. You, also, have altitude to take into consideration for runs like that with G-Tech's. I have one my slef and love it! It is very useful to me when tweaking suspension. I dyno'd my v8 and got 318.2 at the rear wheels with the car setup for about 3350 pounds. With a G-Tech, if the road isn't decently flat, any ascents or descents can play with your results. However,sounds like you had a really good run.
  10. Called Kevin. He seems to be cool. Someone else I spoke to recommended GTO to me. He qouted me a decent price for the primary shaft, the gears and the ring and pinions. What clutch are you using withthe new primary shaft upgrade?
  11. Dude, I jhust checked out that site and they have a ring and pinion kit for $590US. It is a 3.44:1 ratio. I am contemplating on purchasing this. Are you sure that this will work in my UN1-27? I figure they should be able to be transplanted, but do you know anyone who purchased from them and used it in their Esprit?
  12. Well, that little tag on my gearbox says that it is an UN1-27. I saw Derek's site before. I know he has modified the 5th gear shaft. I have tried getting in contact with him, but I have not received any responses as of yet.
  13. Bibs, Thanks for the info. It helped. I couldn't find this on LEW. Hmm, guess I need to look harder.
  14. Mike, I found that out. I am looking for a parts provider for the 21 Turbo. I broke my crownwheel and pinion gear. So, I am looking for an alternative means to source these parts. Do you have any ideas or do you konw of anyone who provides these parts outside of the Lotus community? Also, Are the v8's fitted wit ha 13 or a 25/26/27 version? Lotus Esprit World says it's a 13, but Derek Bells site claims that they are a 25/26/27 series tranny. Which is which?
  15. Hey all! Hope veryone's been well! Sorry I haven't been able to chat lately, but I've been faced with a very time consuming Esprit. LOL.... My question though, is this.... Does anyone konw of other cars that the Reanult UN1-13 gearbox has been fitted to? Just trying to cross-reference some parts. Thanks.
  16. Hey all! Here is the official part number for the V8 Air Filters.... << DRUM ROLL PLEASE >> The official K&N Part number is 33-2547.. CONFIRMED!!! It is from a 1993 Vauxhall Nova. Have fun!
  17. I'm approaching 36,000 miles. Could someone tell me what servicing is required in detail. As I may do it myself. Thanks.
  18. Hey all! Long time no chat to! I've been away for a while. Been in Manchester, Cheshire. I could not believe how hard it is to find Esprit parts in Manchester.. Oh well, the reason for my posting is this: I am considering installing some forged pistons and I need some data from those who installed then into their cars and some technical data. On cold startup do you have piston wobble (the piston wobbles in the cylinder until the piston is heated and expands to fill the cylinder walls). How much expansion is there in the piston material? What aluminum material was used? 4032 or 2618 aluminum? If you have a cold start piston wobble is that affecting the cylinder liners? Then again, are you still using the cylinder liners? Which manufacturer did you install? JE? Or another brand? Thank you.
  19. Hey molemot. Thanks. Yeah, The fuel level was standard. I don't normally have a passenger. I wasn't in the driver's seat. I'll pick up that book. i have a similar book for my motorcycle., here I come!! lol
  20. Ok, all.. I am perplexed.. Using a bubble level, I measured both sides of my car from the rear. The drivers side rear was leveled, however form the center of the car on the bumper the bubble is a bit to the left. i adjusted ride height on the passengers side, it helped the bubble move towards the center. My settings are: Stiffness: 12 clicks Ride height: 10 threads showing (drivers); 13 threads showing (passenger) Now my questions are: 1. Is there a weight bias towards the passenger side of the vehicle? 2. I am using Spax Adjustables. Are there any special caveats towards adjusting? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Mark, Have you checked the battery and charging system? Fuel filter? Could there be a fuel pump problem? I haven't taken my car apart yet, so I am still learning it. I am not sure what the Idle Air Control Valve does in the V8's. I'm just posting what I would check. If you haven't already. It sounds like fuel starvation to me. Then again, I am not sure what your 3k rpm problem is/was.
  22. Mark, I think you meant to address me.. LOL.. Once we're in there, we're in there. I don't agree on the "original" reason for going over there. If the US was to put forth some type of humanitarian reason than I could have accepted US going over to Iraq. Do we belong there? No. However, we are there and need to follow through on this effort and see it to the end.
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