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  1. You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts..
  2. Wayne, If the US politician keep screwing up like this, I may be turning in My Stars and Stripes for a Maple Leaf!
  3. Ok, I'm 50/50 on that brits are asses.. I've met some really cool people through this list. I've met some assholes to (while I was in Manchester). My girlfriend is from Budapest. So we met in Manchester one day and stayed a week there. When I flew in is when I met Asshole #1. -- actual conversation -- Customs: "What brings you to manchester?" actwon: "I'm visiting, doing the tourist thing. Never been here before." Customs: "Why Manchester?" actwon: "??? Umm.. Just want to visit" Customs: "Why?" actwon: "I have friends here and my girl decided to meet me here" Customs: "But why Manchester?" actwon: "Look, obviously I don't know what you are trying to ask me. So, can you word it differently so I can answer your question properly?" Custom: <Stamped Passport> Well, honestly. He was the only one. Everyone else was pretty friendly to me. Although there was this one old Lady from Northern Ireland who looked at me like she wanted to stab me in the throat. I wonder if it was because I'm black? Oh well.. Hung out with some guys and gals from Liverpool who were visiting. The pubs were very friendly. My girl and I actually had a good time. That wheel is huge! Will be going back to Manchester in March. HEY! This was post 69 to this topic! LOL!! Sorry everyone... LOL...
  4. I'm going to keep this short and quick without dwelling into political parties here in the USA.. I'm American and the problem is that our President is a bafoon! His cabinet is telling him what to do. Al-Qeada and WMD's? In Iraq? Now, I believe that Saddam was a horrible man, but that doesn't justify going and completely destroying a country in a war that was "Officially over" 2 years ago. Now there's specualtion of going into Iran? He's trying to kill us all and Blair? He's just sitting by supporting him. Due to the nature of the relationship between Parliament and the US Government, they will ALWAYS support each other regardless of the activity. "A parent will never turn its back on their child." Now the world is in a position whee we cannot pull out of Iraq and it will take at least 15 years to get that country back on its feet. Hopefully then it can be used to a democratic way of life. That has to be taught to them. Personally, I'm not a believer.
  5. Lisa, Blame it on the kids! That usually always work. Sorry to hear about the mishap.
  6. Oh, that is way to funny!!! Dumb parents!
  7. Well, I'm on 32k on the original build. however, that will change once I getthese frged pistons and con rods.. Higher boost here I come!!! B)
  8. LOL.. I guess I will play Dr. Frankenstein this weekend! Transplants!! [[Evil Doctor's Laugh]] I will let you know how it went.
  9. From racing I was told to measure these 3 places to make sure the sides are equal height. Now, I;m sure if the person who instructed me on this was just anal or if it is really necessary. It makes sense to me.
  10. So, I have just fitted some SPAX adjustables on my car. Now, I am wondering what the proper way to emasure ride height is? I wasthinking of taking 3 measurements. 1 on the drivers and passenger's side of the car and 1 from the center hoop on the chasis below the motor. any ideas?
  11. Hey all! I have 2 old DSM T-25 turbos left over from my Mitsu Eclipse days. I want to take the wastegate (which is stronger than the ones on the Esprit) and transplant them. These wastegates should be rated for 1bar. Any caveats?
  12. Hey all I was wondering where in the Service Manual is the torque specs for bolts and nuts? I an searching for the torue numbers for the coilover shocks.
  13. I have that dip in power myself. I don't have an upgraded ecu, just stock. I blame my wastegates. My numbers are not as impressive as Matt's, but I got 318.2RWHP and 318.2ft/lbs. On my graph, there is a dip in power then it jumps up again. That is with the stock turbos and wastegates. I used a Mustang Dyno, that determines data different than dynojets.
  14. Hey anyone in this area trying to meet up to hang out for a minute? Next Saturday? Meet at a Nifty Fifty's, or a FuddRuckers or some type of Burger joint.
  15. Nice. I'm sure you will get the HP you're looking for, probably more. Where did you get your water/meth injection kit?
  16. Well, I will ad to this myself. I work for myself I provide IT Professional Services. I focus on storage implementation, disaster recovery and other IT related serves. Check out my site:
  17. Vulcan, Thank you for that last bit of info! I completely neglected the fact that the left of the car sits lower because of the engine and driver. Thnaks for that info!
  18. Hey All!! This has been a great day for me. Well, I had my car dyno'd today. The only modification i have done ot it was removed the exhaust and am running only stock cats. Well, my dyno results are as follows: The dyno run was taken in 4th gear starting at 3000 RPMS: HP: 318.1 @ 5963 RPM Torque: 318.1 @ 4208 RPM Talking about being happy that I saw those numbers! Since this is my baseline, I am going forward with other modifications. Needed to do this so I can see how much the added parts increase the power and torque. What were your results?
  19. Hey all! I hope things been well. I haven't spoken to you guys in a while. Well, my question is this: I am installing some SPAX adjustables on my V8 and was wondering if any of you have them installed and what are your rear damping settings (how many clicks you have on your rear) and if you changed the rear ride height? If so, can you let me know what your settings are and what conditions you drive (i.e. spirited street driving, road race, etc.)? Thanks.
  20. Theengine speed is quite funny. I've noticed that when I am cruising the heat gets warm.. Bearable. Not very hot though. If I an really pushing the car, the heat is gone. It just gets cold. Through some experimentation, I figured that no heat comes through the face vents. which is a shame. My car does have coolant in it. I konw this because my radiator Tell-tale light came on, and I would just fill the expansion tank up until the light went off. I need to get the system pressure tested. I think there maybe a hole somewhere in the system. My coolant tell-tale lamp comes on a bit to frequently. It comes on every several weeks.
  21. Hey all.. Have a question.. It is -13c where I am at in the states. I have the heat balsting in my esprit. It does not get anywhere near as hot as in my other car. Do, I have a problem or is it that the heating system is very weak? before you ask, the A/C control knob is set to off and the heater temperature is set to full hot. Coolant temperature is between 80c - 90c. Thanks
  22. Ok, well I have my next set of ires on order. When I get them installed, I will run 29psi (I think that's 2.2 bar) in them. It's to late for the rear tires that are on the car.
  23. Here in the US, the sticker on the door tells that it's 29psi for MPH under 150 and 32psi for cars that constantly do 150+. Ooops.. I guess I just told on myself, huh? LOL.. I will lower it to 29psi with the new set and see how it performs above 160mph.
  24. I check my pressure regularly. It has been consistent. I have been thinking it is tor-in/out. As my inner and outer treads are not wearing down as quickly and the center tread. How do I check the toe-in/out and where can I find the specifications for toe-in/out? Needless to say, I need to get new tires now.
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