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  1. Well, does anyone know of a pc datalogger that records boost information? I use Alex Pepper's data logger (as I bought it when I had an Mitsu Eclipse GSX). It works great. My only issue is that it does not record boost information in its datalogging. I am looking for one that does.
  2. Hey all! I know it's been a while since I have posted. Been out of the country. Been in Jolly 'ole england! Hanging out in Manchester for a while! Had some fun. Anyway. I find this very strange. I have noticed that the center tread is very low compared to my right and left treads of my Michelin Pilot Sports. These are the rear tires. The center tread is almost bald while the left and right treads have at least 8/32 tread on them, perhaps more. What is the issue? Is this normal for Esprits? Or do I have a camber/toe issue? Could it be bad struts or tire pressure? I run my tires at 32psi all around. My driving style is aggressive street, but I do not do burnouts. Any help would be appreciated. Hope things been well for all of you! Happy to be back on the forums!
  3. OMG!! It's ALIVE!!! Dr. Fish's Frankenstein is alive!! Congratulations!
  4. I get alot of those to in the states. The one thing that really annoys me is people say that my V8 looks like a DeLorean. Especially since my car is that color grey.
  5. Ok all. I am giving you and opportunity to help me with color selection for my intake and cylinder head cover powder coating colors. Right now i own a Gunmetal/Titanium grey v8. The colors I was thinking of are a blue or a light purple. What colors do you think would go nicely with the dark grey of my car?
  6. Ok, Can I get a drumroll pleASe? <Drums Blazing> The K&N part number I found was 57-0018. This is for the kit. Hope this helps everyone. Ok, there is another part number for Nova's.. The above part # is for a cone kit. This part #.. 33-2547 appears to be a flat filter. However, it shows applications for Vauxhall Novas, but not for the GTE.. Not sure what the deal is here.
  7. My oil filter has huge 24 point LOTUS letters on them. Just changed it about 3k miles ago. did you get this filter from the dealer?
  8. I don't think WayneB has been any where near my car.. He could have scooped down from Canada, though..
  9. Where I am at, I don't need cats to pass inspection. so, if they are going, Imay just gut them all together and throw some 3" pipes on it..
  10. Hey all. I have this rotten egg smell in my Esprit. Now, there are fuel additives that will dry out the gas and remove that smell from the catalytic system. My question is what is the effect of the fuel additives to the V8s? I read somewhere (I think it was in the owners manual) that fuel additives such as octane boosters are not recommended. Has anyone added octane boosters to their v8's? If so, how has it behaved? Do you think it would be fine if I used the fuel additive to get rid of this rotten egg smell?
  11. Hi all. I was wondering what section of the manual describes how to flush the coolant system. I konw the basics, remove the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator, run waterthrough the system while the engine isd running, replace with coolant. However, knowing Lotus, I am not sure if there are some small idiosyncrocies (sp.? - Early morning here.. lol) that could turn this into a nightmare.. lol.. Thanks P.s. Oh, not to beat a dead horse, but woke up to an empty expansion tank this morning.. Not happy. So, block pressure testing, hose and cap replacements are in my future. I hope it's not the worst of things.
  12. I have the most horrific and terrifying story of all of you!! My story is: It took me 13 years to get my Esprit! There, that's it.. Where's my prize?
  13. To add onto the list, the High Beams (American V8's) are bulb model 5001. This can be picked up at any auto parts store.
  14. I hav a 2000 V8 and if I leave the doors unlocked for about a minute, the imobilizer kicks on. And I cannot start my car unless I activate it using the remote. To answer your question, All US bound V8s have the factory alarm. I'm shocked that you have been able to use your car for this long with the remote or the imobilizer key.
  15. Yeah.. Chrysler has made major improvements in Minivan technology.. LOL.. There up to 7 or 8 passengers now with Stow and go seating.. Community, you think Dave's going practical on us? I don't know what's worst.. Dave selling his GT3 or The United being bought. What is the world coming to?? Keep the GT3.. Or you'll be kicking yourself in the pills later on..
  16. Wow 50! Yeah, I every esprit owner in my are I think I know. There are not that many. Perhaps 10. Including myself. I will try ot make it over there. I would like to see the stoneliegh event. Must be a real nice venue for photos.
  17. When is the Stonleigh meet? I was planning on coming in Decmeber. I need to start making my arrangmenets.
  18. Hey all! If any can help me on this, I would greatly appreciate it. I plan on leaving from the states to go to Manchester to visit friends. I was thinking about flying into London. How would I get to Manchester from London? How far is it and what is the cost? I'm not sure if there are direct fllights to Manchester from Pennsylvania, PA. TIA
  19. Does anyone have a step-by-step doc that shows how to repair it for the do-it-yourselfers?
  20. Ok, I've been working on cars, as a hobby, for about 10 years now. I never inquired about the roles of vacuum hoses, I just disconnected them and reconnected them when I was fiished with motor work. Now, here are the questions: What roles do vacuum hoses play in internal combustion engines? Do they help air/oil/coolant flow through the block? I know some are used to open and close valves for emmission purposes. What damage could be caused if one of these hoses are disconnected/loose/cracked?
  21. actwon

    Why an Esprit?

    I bought my Esprit because of: 1) Rarity 2) Good Looks 3) Performance/ price ratio 4) Love the handling 5) Fell in love with it when I first saw it in "Basic Instinct" Took me 13 years to get mine.
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