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  1. Bibs, You guys are daft! LOL
  2. Dude, are you saying 900 Degrees Centigrade or kelvin??? The melting point for aluminum is 660.37 degrees centigrade. Now for iron it's 1535.0c, but the v8 block is not iron. Can you please add some clarity to this for me? Please correct me if I mis-interpreted your posting.
  3. If you drive a 4 cyl Esprit, think again. AFAIK, the v8's were the only motor that Lotus has designed and installed in their cars. So, from that piece of info, one can only assume that the Esprit v8's were the only true Lotus's made.
  4. They are legal in every state in the USA, except for Virginia and Washington, D.C.
  5. Yeah dude! 10:1 is rich, I would like to run 14:1, but I don't want to burn out my pistons. Yes, they are forged. Imagine trying to do this with the stock cast piston So, how have you been man?!?! Long time no hear from. How's that hyabusa 7? LOL...
  6. Thanks! I actually have an Apexi' S-AFC a/f controller instaled, but it only gives me ratios based upon the Air ratios I programmed into it. It doesn't pull it directly from the o2. I am also looking for a device that will record EGTs. Q: What is the max the EGT should be for an Esprit v8 without causing any problems? I'm trying ot run as lean as I possibly can.Right now, I'm running pretty rich at 10:1. I was thinking about a 14:1 ratio, but I'm not sure how much that will raise my EGTs (especially since I don't have a mechanism for monitoring it).
  7. Marcus, What do you recommend for a dual Wideband reader/logger? I was thinking about the Innovative brand product line. Possibly the LM-1. However, everything I have seen is only capable of reading 1 wideband unit.
  8. Does anyone have a lambda sensor connected to their V8? If so, which bank of the motor did you decide to install it on? I'm wondering which bank of the motor runs hotter? I plan on purchasing a lambda sensor to help me tune my fuel curve. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. How did you install your harness? I'm trying to install ham not sure how to do the shoulder straps. I am not convinced on using eye bolts through the firewall. I want the install of the belts to look clean.
  10. Hey all! Ok, does anyone have a rear bumper for a 2000+ V8?
  11. JOHAN!!! Hey there fella! Long time no hear from! How have things been?
  12. Paul, Or you could always go to your local motorcycle shop and pick up a Battery Tender (not the Junior). That's what I did. Battery's been perfect. Use it on my bike and my Lotus.
  13. I have all of your mods, except for the high flow cats (i've opted to remove my muffler). I had it dyno'd and it came in around 380RWHP on a Mustang Brand dynoThe only. Also, I have stronger wastegates installed in my car.
  14. Dude, Red tops are the only way to go. spend the extra cash, it's well worth it. My red top has been in 2 cars before my Esprit. LOL, If I sell a car my red top is coming out of it! LOL...... Plus, go to Any of the motorcycle shops (i.e. Crossroads, East Coast Cycles or Philly Kawasaki [castor and aramingo]) and get yourself a Battery Tender. It will save you some headache.
  15. actwon

    V8 @ 179.4

    Fifth Gear is filled with a bunch of biased idiots! If I can get my Esprit to 175mph on my own with no mods. I can get it over 200 with the mods they had. The only other mod I would have done was to raise the rear spoiler to create more,r ear, downforce. The rear end is to light and needs help with downforce at those speeds.
  16. I had 2's on my car. They were Sticky as hell, but SUPER soft. Got very low mileage out of them!
  17. Robin, That's normal. My Esprit does that. Like I said in an earlier post, all cars exhibit that behavior when it is cold outside. Don't worry about it. Start worrying if you see smoke all of the time whether your car is cold or warm.
  18. It's more than likely that the car is cold. This is normal for a cold engine. All cars have the smoke come out of the exhaust until it warms up. However, the vibration could be a loose mount in the engine bay or a loose metal manifold cover. I heard of this before, but I don't remember the solution. In the event that you, continuosly, see smoke while the car is hot and running, here is a small key: White: Turbo needs to be replaced Blue: Oil is getting past piston rings Grey: Coolant is getting into Combustion Chamber Hope this helps you.
  19. Hey Chris, I had the same issue earlier this year. I rebuilt mine for a little under 3k. However, that was just parts as I did the labor myself. I can get a new ring and pinion for you. You may end up spending close to the same amount including a LSD. I'm not sure how much Harry will charge you for labor to put everything together. If you want a quote on parts, contact me off list.
  20. Heat kills ANY engine. A radiator should not be a deal breaker as they are easily fixed/replaced. If ther car has a history of overheating, I would steer clear or use it as a bargaining chip.
  21. `Yeah, Andy! As my tagline says, I also own a 1995 Ducati 916. Been thinking about getting an mV Agusta F4.
  22. It is one of the best Bond films I have ever seen! I am so happy they did not do any of the typical, absurd and fictitious stunts. The beginning of the movie. The dude running around like an animal well, there are people who actually do that in real life. Great movie! I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.
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