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  1. I'm leaning toward buying his (GTO) UN1 upgrade because of proven fitment.

    Trying to convince myself to give Halloway a chance....but for $4,000 its hard to make a decision.

    The warranty seems to be the issue for me. I don't mind to pay $4,000 and 3mos warranty if the fitment and testing has been done by Halloway. We are the guinea pig!!

    Beside the $4,000 you have to make a decision replacing your clutch unit, synchros or maybe install a quaife. The amount will quickly jump to $7,000 or more. Its not an easy decision to make. I rather get the proven design.

    I have GTO Engineering's Ring and Pinion installed in my car. It is great. Definitely stronger than the stock one. As I have done business with him before I am very certain that I will do business with them again. Especially since I can get the tranny upgrade and a Quaife for ~4500 with the exchange rate.

  2. For those of you who know my car has been down over a year for a motor rebuild and some other modifications. Well, last night she breath on her own!! She started last night!!! However I came ot find out that the oil feed hose to the RH turbo was loose and created a pool of oil on my garage floor.

    Thank goodness for Oil-Dry and kitty litter! Today was a bit better. I resolved the loose hose issue and found a few others. I have a loose oil filter housing. This will be very difficult ot get to. I will need to lift the motor and remove the mounting bracket for me to tighten it up. Also, I have a leaking fuel pump and leaking coolant (light leak), not sure where this is coming from. I think it's one of my feed hoses to the turbo.

    Still, took her for a run around the block and WONDERFUL!!! I missed driving it! Thanks to everyone who has helped me along this road.

  3. WAHOO!!!!

    Ok, so it was a bad fuse for my ignition system.

    Let me explain how I came to this conclusion.

    My boost controller and external fuel computer are powered off of pin #8 (switched power for Idle Air Controller). This fuse had blown so I had to trace it back to the actual fuse. Thus referring to the EMM.4 section of the manual and the schematic. This pointed me to fuse B6 (rear fuse box; this is for the ignition system, which includes fuel pump, IAC, and a few other devices that is not mentioned in the owner's manual nor the Service manual).

    I'm happy I found this, because I was moving towards replacing the ECM. I am happy that it was only a fuse!

  4. Search my old post

    "HELP! 98 V8 Died after start up after sitting, 98 V8 ignition / ECU / power issues"

    It explains what happened to my car and all of the things I tested in detail.


    So, the irony of all this is that now my pump doesn't work. My car has been sitting for a year due to an engine rebuild and some modifications. I have the car completely together, turn the car on and no fuel pump noise.

    What was your end solution? The grounding sounds like my problem, as I have a 3rd party boost controller on my car. Which was working a few days ago (before I installed my plenum). Now, it's a no go. I have taken the plenum off to no avail.

    Did you have to replace your ECU? I have Johan's chip as well. I have checked the fuses, relays, ground points (the one to the engine block and the one to the tranny) All is ok. :)

    I have not checked the ground connector on the ecu (pin 35).

    Thanks to all for suggetions, Problem was bad pressure sensor. Replaced it and pupm car is now back on the road!! Next week i'm getting all new window/glass sealers placed, clear coat removed and paint buffed and then new clear coat and then i'll put some pics!!! Thanlks to all for quick responses and awesome insight for a new guy! jay t. tyler, texas black '99 V8


    There are a few different pressure sensors on this car. Which one did you replace?

  5. Because the ECM controls the fuel pump you must first prove it doesnt work by jumping it otherwise you may go through the trouble of replacing the fule pump only to find its a ECM issue. Sadly enough the fuel pump not working is a common sign of ECM failure.

    True... You have a point. However, I have never heard of ECM failures on the v8's.

  6. I had trouble starting my car, then it wouldn't start...Brand new engine from lotus, only 100 miles on it, so my mechanic said the fuel pump is not working, could it be some sort of easier fix than replacing the fuel pump? some sort of chip? or if the fuel pump does need to be replaced how much and where can i get one???

    Well, on V8's you can hear the fuel pump as soon as you turn the car on. Turn the car on, but don't start it. If you don't hear a whining noise, then your pump isn;t working. If you have checked all the electrics, release the pressure in the fuel system by connecting a fuel pressure gauge to the Schrader valve on the RH side of the motor. Once the fuel pressure has been relieved and the pressure gauge hooked up, turn the car on and if the pump is working properly it will pressurize the fuel system.

    If the system doesn't pressurize and the fuses and everything is fine then it is likely that the fuel pump is bad.

  7. Hi all, well it appears my AC compressor has bit the big one and is time to replace. Wondering if anyone has done this and or knows the proper removal procedure. Want to do this in the next couple of weeks once i have located a replacement compressor.

    The process is easy... Somewhat... You need us a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar to loosen the aux belt. take it off and loosen the motor mounts. You will have to jack up the motor a bit to get the A/C compressor off. There is an electrical connector, be very careful with this guy. remove it and remove the 1 bolt at the bottom and the 2 bolts on the top. Also, there is 1 bolt the attaches the High/Low A/C pipe. This bolt is an Allen bolt. Look at my sticky about cross-referenced parts, get yourself a new A/C compressor and install it.

    CAVEAT!!!! Install the High/Low A/C piping FIRST!!!! Then install the A/C compressor and the belts and you're done!

  8. Will,

    I have a question for you. What is your overall goal? If it is HP gain, then I would suggest the Water-air intercooler system. Someone mentioned that Buick Grand National's use a water/meth injection kit. If they have high HP, I don't believe that is the only thing they are using. They have to use a combination of both systems to keep the intake charge cool.

    Personally, having built high HP DSM cars. I've only ever used air-air intercoolers (although with forged pistons) I've had as much as 750WHP on my 98 Eclipse GSX and about a Grand on 3000GT VR-4's. There has been some major modifications to support this.

    To get to the point, if you are shooting for high HP (over 500hp) you don't have a choice, use the water-air intercooler system (and of course forged pistons!). If you want a small boost in HP use the water/meth kit. Either way, any modifications to these cars I feel requires forged pistons. You're fatal mistake in modifications will be relying on the cast pistons for these cars. I have found 3 of my 8 pistons broken between the 1 and 2 compression rings. This is not normal for pistons! If you're serious about modifying your Esprit, do it right.

  9. First and 2nd run, I've seen enough. Too many 10.1's

    Worse yet, I found all plugs being fitted and gaps are too wide. Original plugs @ 40,000 miles. Stupid me, I should have known better before I dyno. I will be back sometimes.

    Artie, at 13 to 15psi of boost, its safe to have an intercooler. I am not going to risk and boost 1 bar without

    cooling the charge. Not really a problem having intercooler. Buying Johan's chip and boost to 1 bar without

    intercooler is like Russian rollette. This is no brainer.

    I got Johan's ECU in my car. To offset his 10.1 ratio, I've installed an Apex'i S-AFC to control my air mixture. If you want to install one, I can get you the pin outs from my installation.

  10. I've resurrected this thread from an older one. I've ordered my new rubber grommet which looks like a common fault on later Esprits. The part arrived today and I will fit sometime very soon. Would anyone lile me to do an install guide?

    It looks like a 20-30 min job but until I start on it and take some photos I don't know for sure. It could only take 10 mins.

    Looking at the new part, the rubber sure is thin at the place where it splits? Everywhere else it's pretty thick until this area where it's wafer thin.

    Also SJ do a similar part for the Elan but Glyn Herron has confirmed that this part doesn't fit the esprit fuel filler neck despite it being OK for the Elan. It's used in a different place on the Elan. So until this is sorted out, I would recommend using a Lotus genuine part.

    I think we could all benefit from a fitting guide with photos.

  11. Nathan,

    Don't know about the V8 but why do you think the 4 cyl oil pump is not self-priming? On the engines I have taken apart I did not have to prime the pump and I've seen no reference in the manual to a priming procedure.

    Just curious....

    Then you're lucky! My buddy and I just finished rebuilding a Carb'd turbo Esprit and we used a pressure pump to pump oil through all ofthe galley's before we started the car. While I was gone my buddy and another associate cranked the car up and went for a test drive, well, his associate never looked at the oil pressure and ruined a con rod bearing. That's why I was asking about the priming procedure and if the v8's needed to be primed.

    Replaced the rotor and annulus in my oil pump last year and packed the pump full of grease to prime it (think you can use vaseline as well).Sounds a bit crude putting grease into your oil but I think it's a recognised method.

    Steve from SJ sportscars reckoned it would need to be primed, think it is common to quite a few cars/oil pumps.

    Disconnected the turbo feed pipe and turned the engine on the starter with the spark plugs disconnected till the oil started to come through , took about 40 secs. (and a bit of worrying) before any oil came through.

    Used the oil for about 200 miles then changed it.



    Thanks for the info. I hope to be starting the motor in about 2 weeks.

  12. Guess you guys have seen the ad for the V8 on ebay. What are your thoughts? Guy reckons it needs new clutch and small bodywork repair. (car located close to where I live) Worth looking at or pass by?


    Being a V8 owner, here's my take on this car. If that car was LHD and in the States, I would buy it.

    1. The color is very rare. Not as rear as the burgundy, but #2.

    2. Clutch is about

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